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M 2 ONOLOGUE DISCUSSION PAPER IN THE NAME OF FAITH AND FAMILY Introduction : This monologue discussion paper adheres to the the monologic type of communication that aims to involve manipulation or if not. I saw this family come walking in. here are my reflections: What do I see in myself now? What do I really want to be a few years form now? Is it really impossible to have a picture-perfect family? Can I be a great provider for my family? Body : In the name of the Father. For this discussion paper. I want to explore the path of my family. the ones that get attached to your arms so you won’t lose your balance and you can walk. conquer. control the discussion of the subject that is the practice of euthanasia in the medical profession. but as I may become—for at least 5 to 10 years from now. manipulate. Other persons are viewed as "things" to be exploited solely for the communicator's self-serving purpose: they are not taken seriously as persons but as a medium for expressing ideas and ratiocinations. You know. I was about to dig in to a nice big breakfast. They seemed worried.that my family is an extension of my loving and caring self. Then a moment goes by and I see this little boy come in. I had my paper. I had my coffee. not as I am. my omnipresent Almighty Father have the utmost understanding in deciphering my sentiments. What struck me was the fact that he was wearing those hand crutches. I would like you to do some personal soul-searching with Him. or exploit ideas about a particular issue. of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. As pondered on previous discussion. Now. They sat down right across from me. that I need my family to fulfill my dreams and that my family is your gift to me. dazzle. deceive. I was feeling great to face the new challenge of my life. Lord. . coerce. This kid must have been about eight years old. I want you to meditate about yourself with my family and with my Divine Creator. May You give me your divine providence in reflection these personal realities. As I was trekking for work. a mother and a young boy. I try to communicate my sentiments regarding my struggles with God. monologic communication involves a speaker that seeks to command. may You.

He was usually punching his mother because of some family issues like household tasks. may you heal all broken families in your precious blessings and remove all the sorrows they have for each other and fill them with your constant love. Lord. I believe that with this situation Lord. they left his father. decided to go away having this great love among each other and that was so remarkable to me and special. have pity on families where they . Lord. Whenever I think of my life taking a hard turn. proving me to be a fool. I cried not because of pity but my Lord. I felt blessed to see this because I know that this is a message You’ve given to me. I tried my best not to show it in public. I broke down right there. here was this young man.a message of self-transformation and a message of love and forgiveness. Father.M 3 ONOLOGUE DISCUSSION PAPER IN THE NAME OF FAITH AND FAMILY The boy begged me for food because I looked at him and I could witness his embarrassment. Therefore. instead. may you have your eternal mercy on those families where they have no time for Prayer. We should all learn from that boy. His father was not a good provider for his family said the said. anger and the desire to hurt each other. I cried because I know that You touched my life. Lord. I admit that there were days when I complained and got aggravated about things that happen in my life especially when I engaged in conflict with my ever-loving mother and with my father but now. I used my newspaper to hide my face and then I went to the bathroom to try and get a grip of myself. He was asking for alms because he and his mother were starving. Later. The boy with her mother was abandoned by the father. I humbly offer this prayer for the healing of his family and also for the guidance of my own family. May they grown strong in your love. you enlighten my soul. May they come closer to you through daily family prayer.Lord. he was and is an angel of Yours. I’m going to think about that little man I was lucky enough to see. take away from them all bitterness. I cried as quietly as I could.

Lord my greatest realization with this situation is that Living in a happy family is important to mold each and every human being into responsible social beings. have long-term commitments to one another. Lord. a good job. Families range from all sorts of races. A well-organized family will be able to function smoothly and easily in . financial problems. give us real sorrow for all our sins and give us the strength to live a virtuous life and to always glorify you. a house to live in. Lord. Mutual understanding. and where there is no real sharing of all that you have given to them generously.M 4 ONOLOGUE DISCUSSION PAPER IN THE NAME OF FAITH AND FAMILY live only to gratify the flesh. have mercy on all families from all these bondages and help them to believe only in You – one God forever and ever. Home and families are places where kids and elders live with a feeling of security and also places of sharing. May they grow spiritually through building better relationships despite of fear and anger. love. any family can be made a happy family. strength and the courage to accept their and to wait patiently for deliverance. adjustments and love creates the unbreakable bond between family members and if taken care of certain aspects. we pray that all families may give the first place to Jesus in their hearts and thus become your witnesses. Lord bless them in your kindness and mercy. Give to all who are affected. Lord. Lord we pray for all those who are struggling with sickness. forms and sizes. have mercy on families who live in selfishness and pride. Lord. Lord. With order there is no chaos or confusion in the home. Lord have mercy on families who suffer because of alcoholism or drug addiction. and usually live in the same house. what makes a happy family? There are many important factors that make a happy family. care and concern. and other sufferings. May they live their lives for you. Lord have mercy on couples who do not have a child. Lord touch them and heal them. So. be merciful to them and help them in their needs. Families differ in various ways but each one has its own definition of a happy home and family. Conclusion : A family can be two or more people who share goals and values. Order is one of the important factors that make a happy family.

An open communication between parents and their children will help increase trust and decrease the problems of drug and alcohol abuse. Finally. Not only will this strengthen ties. trust and much more. it will provide you with charitable memories of times spent together. Being “open” with each other is something that is essential in a happy family. Quality time is definitely one aspect to having a happy family. being sad.M 5 ONOLOGUE DISCUSSION PAPER IN THE NAME OF FAITH AND FAMILY completing various tasks that each individual must do. happy. It is important that each member of the family is heard. Also an open communication between a husband and wife will bring much understanding. Quality time helps to develop a bond between family members. In addition. appreciation. teen pregnancy and crime. having faith with Him is best way to make a family more spiritual and more contended. This quality time spent together as a family no matter what the activity is will surely strengthen a family’s relationship. whether it is having fun. sharing good news or just because that person is there. Discussing our feelings among each other can help us to have a stronger bond. When each individual knows his/her own responsibility. or bad. but may be very hard to do. Everyone is important enough have their own opinion. . a happy family must have an open communication between each individual. either it be about a problem. he/she is capable and able to bring more harmony and peace in the home.