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Big Data and Hadoop Developer Certification

Course Agenda
Lesson 1: Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

Data explosion and the need for Big Data

Concept of Big Data

Basics of Hadoop

History and milestones of Hadoop

How to use Oracle Virtual Box to open a VM

Lesson 2: Hadoop Architecture

Use of Hadoop in commodity hardware

Various configurations and services of Hadoop

Difference between a regular and a Hadoop Distributed File System

HDFS architecture

Case Study

Lesson 3: Hadoop Deployment

Steps to install Ubuntu Server 14.04 for Hadoop

Steps involved in single and multi-node Hadoop installation on Ubuntu server

Steps to perform clustering of the Hadoop environment

Case Study

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.Lesson 4: Introduction to YARN and MapReduce  YARN architecture  Different components of YARN  Concepts of MapReduce  Steps to install Hadoop in Ubuntu machine  Roles of user and system  Case Study Lesson 5: Advanced HDFS and MapReduce  Advanced HDFS and related concepts  Steps to decommission a DataNode  Advanced MapReduce concepts  Various joins in MapReduce  Case Study Lesson 6: Pig  Concepts of Pig  Installation of a Pig engine  Prerequisites for the preparation of the environment for Pig Latin  Case Study © Copyright 2015-2016. Simplilearn. All rights reserved.

Lesson 7: Hive  Hive and its importance  Hive architecture and its components  Steps to install and configure Hive  Basics of Hive programming  Case Study Lesson 8: HBase  HBase architecture  HBase data model  Steps to install HBase  How to insert data and query data from HBase  Case Study Lesson 9: Commercial Distribution of Hadoop  Major commercial distributions of Hadoop  Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine or VM  Hue interface  Cloudera Manager interface Lesson 10: ZooKeeper. Simplilearn. . All rights reserved. and Flume  ZooKeeper and its role  Challenges faced in distributed processing © Copyright 2015-2016. Sqoop.

All rights reserved. . Install and configure ZooKeeper  Concept of Sqoop  Configure Sqoop  Concept of Flume  Configure and run Flume  Case Studies Lesson 11: Ecosystem and its Components  Hadoop ecosystem structure  Different components and their roles in the ecosystem  Case Study Lesson 12: Hadoop Administration. Simplilearn.simplilearn. and Security  Command used in Hadoop programming  Different configurations of Hadoop cluster  Different parameters for performance monitoring and tuning  Configuration of security parameters in Hadoop  Case Study For information on the course. visit: http://www. © Copyright 2015-2016.