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Site Preparation Guide

for the 44U Dense Storage Cabinet

P/N 300-005-849

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The weight must be distributed over four floor tiles: Front: 673 pounds (305. 1 .6o F) site temperature* 40 percent to 55 percent relative humidity* Approximately 2.AC power • Package dimensions and clearance requirements Environmental Requirements +15o C to +32o C (59o F to 89.Altitude .500 ft) above sea level operating altitude* * Recommended operating parameters.362 pounds (1.Physical space . Contents of the cabinet may be qualified to operate outside these limits.About This Guide This document includes information on: • Environmental requirements: .1 T metric) of floor support is required.Humidity . Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) Environment Standard Handbook.Temperature .3 kg) per fixed caster Rear: 508 pounds (230.286 m (0 to 7. refer to the product-specific documentation for system specifications. Air quality should meet the requirements of the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating.4 kg) per swivel caster 0 to 2.

Environmental Requirements You must provide adequate clearance for the installation process and to service and cool your system.1 m) x 24. When fully extended. some component upgrade/replacements may require 42 in.61 m).0 in.1 m) x 43. 25. to provide room for servicing your system. Depth 43. Once configured.3 in.1 m) to accommodate a standard mechanical lift. You must provide adequate clearance beyond this 25 in.44 in. H (2. CL4439 2 .625 m) outside of the cabinet. the 44U cabinet dimensions will be: 82. (. Width 24.0 in. D (1.44 in. W (. Height 82.3 in. (1. a drawer will sit 25 in.0 in.

0. 8.13 in. The front two tiles will each hold approximately 673 pounds (305.16 in. 46.Environmental Requirements The weight of the system must be split over four floor tiles. CL3784 If you intend to secure stabilizer brackets to your site floor. 1.16 in.63 in.47 in.46 in.4 kg). prepare the location for the mounting bolts.92 in. Rear 44. 0. 23. CL3992 3 . 16.25 in. The rear two tiles will each hold approximately 508 pounds (230.3 kg).

200-240 V AC input power. Japan 200-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 32-Amp service. single phase North America.Power Requirements The cabinet requires receptacles that will match one of the receptacles shown below. single phase International 240 V AC 50/60 Hz 32-Amp service. All source power feeds are routed through the cabinet bottom. Highly available performance configurations require a second discreet power circuit with another three connections to the cabinet. Contact your EMC® representative if you are uncertain about your system’s power requirements. 4 . single phase Australia NEMA L6-30P IEC-309332P6 56PA332 Right Angle Each AC circuit in the 44U cabinet requires three source connections that can support a minimum of 4800 VA of single phase. Power cord connector Operating voltage/ frequency Service type Site 200-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 30-Amp service.

The packaged dimensions are 42 in.1 m) x 52 in.1 m) 5 CL3793 . (2. Use a mechanical lift or pallet jack to position the packaged cabinet in its final location. (1. (1.3 m) 42 in. (1. 90 in.3 m) with a height of about 90 in.3 m).3 m) 52 in. (1.Package Dimensions and Clearance Make certain your doorways and elevators are wide enough and tall enough to accommodate the shipping pallet and cabinet. (2.

96 in.43 m) EMC2840 6 .43 m) of clearance at the back of the cabinet to unload the unit and roll it off the pallet.Package Dimensions and Clearance Leave approximately 8 ft (2. (2.

Your Next Step The 44U Dense Storage Cabinet Unpacking and Setup Guide (which is attached to the outside of the unit) provides instructions for: • Attaching the unloading ramp • Releasing the cabinet from the pallet • Unloading the cabinet • Setting up the cabinet in your environment 7 .