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Mini Blues Rock Guitar Licks
By Shawn Bradshaw

In this video guitar lesson I’m going to show you a few short blues rock guitar licks.
It’s really just taking the same guitar lick idea and applying it to di韚�erent sets of
notes. Using small blues guitar lick ideas and moving them to di韚�erent sets of
notes is a powerful idea you can use in your guitar solos.

Blues Rock Guitar Licks
(Video Guitar Lesson)
Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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All of the rock blues guitar licks in this lesson are going to be in the key of C, and

Guitar Lick Factory
A system for creating rock & blues guitar licks

will work well over a C7 chord in bluesy context.
I will go over what scales are used in each rock guitar lick, but the main thing you
need to know is were the root is. In this case the root is C which is indicated in the
tablature for all of the blues licks.

What’s New
Rock/Blues Lead Guitar Hand Position
Which Basic G Chord Should You Use?

So if you want to play these blues rock guitar licks in other keys, you will just need

How to Play a B Major Guitar Chord

to move them up or down the neck to where you want the root. So if you wanted to

Cool Chord Progression in D

play these guitar licks in the key of D, just move them all up 2 frets.

The Sultan’s Triads: Guitar Triads for Soloing

Blues Rock Guitar Lick #1 Tablature­guitar­licks/mini­blues­rock­guitar­licks/


That’s where you pre bend up a half Blues rock guitar lick #1 comes out of a combination of a C Major Pentatonic Scale and a C Minor Pentatonic Scale. C Major Pentatonic – Guitar Scale Chart C Minor Pentatonic – Guitar Scale Chart Blues Rock Guitar Lick #2 Tablature Blues rock guitar lick #2 is really just the same ퟌ�nger motions as the ퟌ�rst lick. For more on reading guitar scale charts like below. C Blues Scale – Guitar Scale Chart Blues Rock Guitar Lick #3 Tablature http://www.1/11/2017 Mini Blues Rock Guitar Licks |­guitar­licks/mini­blues­rock­guitar­licks/ 2/4 . check out my video guitar lesson “Intro to Scales on the Guitar“. but now playing them with a di韚�erent set of notes out of a Blues Scale. After that is a pull o韚� to the 8th fret. It starts with a half step reverse bend at the 10th fret on the 1st string. and the release it back down.

com/lead­guitar­licks/mini­blues­rock­guitar­licks/ 3/4 .120 BPM http://www.cyberfret. C7 Bluesy Jam Track – 90 bpm Bluesy C7 Guitar Jam Track . One at 90 bpm (beats per minute) and the other at 120bpm.90 BPM   C7 Bluesy Jam Track – 120 bpm Bluesy C7 Guitar Jam Track .1/11/2017 Mini Blues Rock Guitar Licks | Cyberfret. This is the same ퟌ�ngering as the Blues Scale. Not changing keys. or the minor 3rd. but just changing scales in the same key. C Major Pentatonic with added b3 – Guitar Scale Chart Jam Tracks Here are a couple of jam tracks to put your new blues rock guitar licks to the test. They are both just a groove over a C7 chord. but the notes take on a new character against the C7 chord in this Blues rock guitar lick #3 is exactly the same as lick #2. but with 1 note from a C Minor Pentatonic Scale. So the notes now come out of a C Major Pentatonic scale with an added b3. Don’t worry about all of the music theory at the moment. and learn where the root is in the guitar lick. But you are going to play it down 3 frets. What is known as a 埌�at 3. Just know that is works over C7. So it’s just a C Major Pentatonic Scale.

com http://www.cyberfret.Free Download Filed Under: Lead Guitar Licks Home Support Contact About Us Terms of Service Aôliate Disclosure Privacy Policy Online Bass Lessons Copyright © 2017 Cyberfret. (Right Click the links below and choose “Save As” or “Save Target As” or “Download Linked Files As”) [wpsharely id=”5056″] C7 Blues MP3 Jam Track – 90 bpm C7 Blues MP3 Jam Track – 120 bpm[/wpsharely]  17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF .1/11/2017 Mini Blues Rock Guitar Licks |   MP3 Jam Track Downloads Here are the same jam tracks in MP3 format that you can­guitar­licks/mini­blues­rock­guitar­licks/ 4/4 .