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ExifToolGUI v5

ExifToolGUI can be saved anywhere on disk, but to avoid troubles, I recommend yo
u to create new directory (outside Windows system directories) and put ExifToolG
UI.exe there; for example:


However, for exiftool.exe, the BEST place is inside C:\Windows directory.

ExifToolGUI files
-GUI for exiftool
-this file, which contains various GUI settings, will be automatically created/u
pdated on closing ExifToolGUI. If you delete this file, next time you run GUI, i
t will appear in "fresh" default state. Do not manually edit this file.
-this folder contains two exe files, which are used for rotating jpg files. If y
ou think you might use this in ExifToolGUI, then copy both files (not folder) in
to C:\Windows directory. Otherwise, you can delete jhead_jpegtran folder.

Workspace ini files

These files are not needed for GUI to work -they are there, so you have somethin
g to start with. Anyway, it is expected, that you will modify them (inside GUI)
according to your needs. To use them, use menu:
Program > Workspace definition file > Load
This file contains (minimal) default GUI workspace.
This file contains about 60 most used metadata tags from various metadata sectio
ns. As you will see, there are many tags having very similar purpose. So, it's e
xpected that you will remove unwanted tags and only keep those you wish to modif
y regulary.
*NOTE: After you load some Workspace.ini file and modify it inside GUI, you don'
t need to save it: current Workspace is saved automatically everytime when you e
xit GUI, and loaded when you start GUI next time.
That is, you only save Workspace for backup purpose.

This is a metadata file (same as image file -but without image in it), which con
tains metadata tag example values for WorkspaceRef.ini file.
That is, after you load WorkspaceRef.ini file into GUI, just click on this mie f
ile to see tag values for each tag in WorkspaceRef.