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Certificate of Mailing # _______________

To: Office of Iowa Treasurer
U.S. And Iowa Treasury Governmental Secrete Stockbroker
Att: Mr. Michael L. Fitzgerald
Capital Building
1007 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines. Iowa 50319
IF this Office cannot process it; it is required to forward it to the Correct Office and to then inform the
Acceptor/Drawee" of the Correct Office for all future Payment Withdrawal Orders.



(the Ficticious Cerrtificate of Live Birth Stock-Obligor)

PATRICK PAUL DEVINE(was to be a noncommercial employee by WILL)
Record on file at the Keokuk County Courthouse
Sigourney, Iowa, 52591

Office of the State of Iowa - Board of Directors

(as an Individual Managing Owner/ Director.)
c/o Owner/Director, Patrick Devine
18463 208th Avenue
Sigourney, Iowa, the U.S. of A.
Post Office Rural Box # 52591-8236
Phone: (641) 541-0035

(Where the Drawer is a Fictitious Stock-Holder and he has issued the Certified UNITED STATES SCRIP
for withheld Credited assets to be paid to the Stock Owner/Director Drawee in order to
Cancel-Out the US Bankrupt Commercial Debt Owed)


as a WARRANT PUT ORDER upon the United States Treasury.
Per the Owner/Director's Certificate of Live Birth Unilateral Contract as a Secrete Stock account
#______________ and Transmitting/Routing SSN# _______________
No. _______________________

Date of PUT ORDER: ___________

PUT Cash Amount: $____________

Settlement within 24 hours: of the PUT ORDER date.

Payable To: __SELF___________________
For ___________________________________________________________ in Asset backed Dollars.
(The OBLIGATION is now in the hands of the Iowa Treasurer; as a Brokering Agent for the U.S. Treasury.)

Deliver To:
Office of United States and Iowa Board of Directors
Individual Managing Stock Owner/Director
c/o Owner/Director; Patrick Devine NON-COMMERCIAL
18462- 208th Avenue
Sigourney Iowa
Signed by: ________________________________
Post Office Rural Box # 52591-8236
Stock Owner/Director; Patrick Devine
Phone # (641) 541-0035