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Affixation in English Language, Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes of English Language

Counting prefixes: quantify the root
Involvement Prefixes
Judgement Prefixes
Locative Prefixes
Measurement Prefixes
Negative Prefixes
Temporal prefixes
English Suffixes
Deriving adjectives from nouns and verbs
Prefixes and Suffixes of English Language

Counting prefixes: quantify the root

a-an: lacking assymetry, amoral
ambi: both, around: ambians, ambiguous, amphitheatre
arch: chief, principal, high archbishop, archduke
bi: twice, double bilingual, bycicle, bipolar, biennial,
di: two dichloride, dioxide
mono: one monograph, monosyllabic
multi: many multilingual, multifaceted
oligo: few oligarchy, oligotrophic
omni: all omnipotent, omniscient

pan: all, comprising or affecting all panorama, pandemic

poly: many polygamy, polyangular
tri: three triangle, tridimensional
uni: one unisex, univocal

Involvement Prefixes: say somehing about the kind of involvement of the participants in
the action
Anti- opposed, instead,against antidote, antacid
Auto- self automation, autobiography
Co-con- together, jointly cooperate, coexistance
Contra- against, opposite contradiction, contrary
Vice- in place of, instead vice-president, vice-consl

Judgement Prefixes: judgement about the root

Dis- disturb, disgruntle
Dys- bad, badly dyslogistic
Eu- good, well euphoria, evangelical
Extra- outside the scope of extraordinary, extraterrestrial
Mal- ill, evil, wrong malnutrition
Meta- changed, transcending metaphysics, metalanguage
Mis- badly, wrongly misuse, miscalculate
Pro- on behalf of pro-education
Proto- first, chief protolanguage
Pseudo- false, deceptive, resemblance pseudonym

Locative Prefixes: place or direction

Ab-, a-, abs- from, away abnormal
Ad- toward admit, advance
Ana- back anatomy, analogy
Apo- away, from apology
Cata- down, away, back, opposite catastrophe
Circum- around circumcise
Counter- against, opposite counterfeit, counterargument
De- away from, down deny, depend
Dia- across, through diachronic
Ecto-, exo-: external ectoderm, exocentric
En- in, into enclose
Endo- internal endoscopy
Epi- on, over epiderm
Ex-, ec-: out from, away eccentric
In- in, into, within intransitive
Infra- below, beneath, within infrastructure
Inter- between, among internet
Intra-, intro- inside introduction
Ob- toward, against obfuscate
Para- beside, along with paramedic
Per- through, thoroughly performance

Peri- around, nearby perimeter

Pro- in front of proverb
Pros- cencerning, toward prosody
Retro- backwards, back retrospective
Sub- under, below subway
Super- over, above superlative
Sur- over, beyond, above surrealist
Syn- with, together syntax
Trans-, tres-, tra- across, surpassing transgression
Measurement Prefixes
Crypto- secret, hidden cryptography
Hyper- over, to exess hypermedia
Hypo- under, slightly hypoglossal
Is-, iso- equal isotope
Macro- large, broad scale macroeconomics
Micro- tiny, small scale microscope
Mid- middle midnight
Semi- half, partly semifinal
Ultra- beyond, extreme ultraviolet

Negative Prefixes
Dis- apart, reversal, lacking displace
In- negative incredible, illegible

Non- not nonsense

Ob- inverse, in the opposite directions object
Se-, sed- apart seduce, seperate
Un- not, opposite uneven

Temporal prefixes: time and duration

Ante- preceding ante-Norman
Fore- before foreword
Neo- new, recent neolithic
Post- after, behind postpone
Pre-, pro- before, infront of preface
Re-, red- anew, again, back rehearse, regenerate

Deriving adjectives from nouns and verbs
-able fit for doing, fit for being done comfortable
-al (-ial, -ical, -ual) having the property of facial
-an, -ian belonging to, resembling reptilian
-ary having a tendency or purpose secondary
-ate full of passionate
-ese belonging to a place portugese
-esque having the style of X picturesque
-esc become coalesce

-ful full of X skillful

-iac pertaining to the property of maniac
-ic having the property of medic
-ish to become like X girlish
-ive characterized by passive
-less without, free from fearless
-ly appropriate to, befitting timely
-oid having the shape of, resembling humanoid
-ory connected with, serving for obligatory
-ose full of, abounding in verbose
-ous of the nature of X religious
-some like, characterized by, apt to awesome
-y full of, characterized by mighty

Forming abstract nouns

-asy, -acy state or quality ecstasy
-age condition, state, rank, office of coinage, postage
-ance, -ence state, act, fact of emergence
-ade general noun salad, parade, lemonade
-al act of local
-ation state of being X-ed information
-ery, -ry collectivity slavery
-hood state od, condition of fatherhood

-ia condition of inertia

-icity abstract noun from ic felicity
-ism doctrical system of principles constructivism
-ity state, quality, condition of unity
-ment condition of being X garment
-ness state, quality, condition of innateness
-ship state, condition of friendship

Forming agentive nouns

-ant, -ent one who agent
-arian member of sect, holding to a doctirne authoritarian
-ast one assiciated with X enthusiast
-er agent worker, baker, teacher
-ist one connected with, often agent artist
-ician one skilled in some art or science politician

Forming verbs from roots and stems

-ate cause X to happen terminate
-en to become liken, darken
-ify to cause to (be) X rectify
-ize to cause to be X realize

Miscellaneous suffixes

-arium locative, a place for of connected with aquarium

-ess feminine of X tigress
-let diminutive booklet