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TOEFL Prediction Test 1

Rentang Waktu Tes : 16 17 Januari 2017 Pukul 11.59 Malam WIB

Bagian/Waktu tes : Listening/ 30 - 40 Menit
Jumlah Soal
: 50
*Rekaman hanya satu kali dimainkan. Tidak boleh diulang.*

Mari jaga kejujuran dan keseriusan dalam belajar

Lets break the limits..!!

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Section 1
Listening Comprehension Test
In this section of the test, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to
understand conversations and talks in English. There are three part to this section with
special directions for each part. Answer all the questions on the basis of what is stated
or implied by the speakers in this test.
Directions: In Part A you will hear short conversations between two persons. After
each conversation, you will hear a question about the conversation. The conversations
and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible
answers in your test book and choose the correct answer.
1. (A) The nal exam was harder than the others.
(B) There were no exams rather than one.
(C) He thought the exam would be easier.
(D) The exam was not very difcult.
2. (A) In a department store
(B) In a stationery store
(C) At the post ofce
(D) At the airport
3. (A) Jason Daniel isn't home right now.
(B) The caller dialed the wrong number.
(C) Jason Daniel cant come to the phone right now.
(D) Jason Daniel doesnt want to speak to the caller.
4. (A) There was a scarcity of fresh fruit at the market.
(B) All of the fresh fruit in the market is hard.
(C) She hardly ever goes to the market to buy fresh fruit.
(D) It is hard for the market to sell its fruit.
5. (A) The man needs to pay attention to every detail.
(B) The man doesnt really need to apply for the scholarship.
(C) The man needs to fill out the application with dots and crosses.
(D) The man needs to improve his penmanship.
6. (A) The client presented his case to the lawyer.
(B) The client made the lawyer unhappy about the case.
(C) The client was annoyed because the lawyer returned the suitcase.
(D) The client was upset about the lawyers rejection.

7. (A) Write a message to the man.

(B) Respond to the mans questions.
(C) Make some phone calls.
(D) Get a new phone installed.
8. (A) The pipes did not need to be cleared.
(B) The plumber would be late.
(C) The plumber had already cleared the pipes.
(D) The pipe were not clear.
9. (A) It was hard for her to hear Jane last night.
(B) She played the harp last night for Jane.
(C) Jane was playing hard while she was hurt.
(D) Jane gave a harp recital last night.
10. (A) Neither Tim nor Sylvia is taking care of Art.
(B) Sylvia likes modern art even less than Tim does.
(C) Sylvia and Tim agree in their opinion of modern Art.
(D) Sylvia doesnt care for anything Tim does.
11. (A) Mary should visit the man.
(B) They should go to the hospital.
(C) The woman should try not to break her leg.
(D) They should go on a trip with Mary.
12. (A) He wants that job very much.
(B) No one is going to get the job.
(C) Everybody else wants that job as much as he does.
(D) He is not sure about taking the job.
13. (A) The students pointed at Max.
(B) Max was chosen by his classmates to represent them.
(C) The class representative suggested Max to the other students.
(D) Max was present when the other students made the appointment
14. (A) She knows that she is not really for intermediate French.
(B) Shes not sure if she should take a trip to France
(C) She is not sure which course she should take.
(D) She wants to take neither beginning nor intermediate French.
15. (A) They attended the concert even though the tickets were expensive.
(B) They wanted to attend the concert, but the tickets were sold out.
(C) The tickets were so inexpensive that they attended the concert.

(D) They couldnt afford the tickets for the concert.

16. (A) She enjoys violent movies.
(B) She would have preferred a more violent movie.
(C) She enjoyed the movie.
(D) She thinks the film was too violent.
17. (A) The class thought the demonstration was too complex.
(B) The professor canceled it.
(C) The professor didnt show up.
(D) Too many students showed up.
18. (A) Her family is unable to come to graduation.
(B) It is possible that her family will come.
(C) Her parents are coming to the ceremonies.
(D) She is not graduating this year.
19. (A) He will buy the car as soon as he gets the money.
(B) His friend is buying the car for him.
(C) He has already made the down payment on the car.
(D) He cant afford to buy a new car.
20. (A) Borrow their friends glasses.
(B) Leave the room.
(C) Move to the front of the room.
(D) Sit together beside the room.
21. (A) The woman should announce the names of the committee members.
(B) The woman will serve on the committee.
(C) He is sure about the time of the appointment with the committee.
(D) He is thankful to be appointed to the committee.
22. (A) Lawyer - client
(B) Doctor - patient
(C) Dentist - patient
(D) Bank teller - costumer
23. (A) Its probably not going to rain.
(B) It will rain later.
(C) Its raining, but will probably stop.
(D) The rain has already stopped.
24. (A) She thinks his lectures are boring.
(B) She doesnt like his choice of test question.

(C) She thinks his tests are too long.

(D) She doesnt think he prepares well enough.
25. (A) The woman should look through a number of journals in the library.
(B) The woman must ask the professor for a copy.
(C) The article was placed on reserve.
(D) He has reservations about the information in the article.
26. (A) Start typing immediately.
(B) Find a different typing service.
(C) Change her topic.
(D) Have the paper typed by somebody else.
27. (A) He went to the concert because he didnt want to work.
(B) He never goes to a concert if he has work to do.
(C) Although he has a lot of work to do, he went to the concert.
(D) He didnt go to the concert because he had too much work to do.
28. (A) She cant bear to try.
(B) She is a daring person.
(C) She is challenging the man to make the effort.
(D) She doesnt want the man even to try.
29. (A) In a photography studio
(B) In a biology laboratory
(C) In an office
(D) In the library
30. (A) He cant attend the game because of his schoolwork.
(B) He wishes he could work on his term paper for sociology.
(C) Hed like to work on his social skills at the game.
(D) Sociology is less important to him than football this weekend.

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear longer conversations. After each
conversation, you will hear several questions. The conversations and questions will not
be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your test
book and choose the correct answer.
31. (A) All kinds of pollution
(B) How acid rain has harmed the earth
(C) Pollution from cars and factories
(D) The cause and possible effects of acid rain

32. (A) Nuclear power

(B) Electricity Burning
(C) Coal and oil
(D) Solar power
33. (A) From sulfur dioxide and water vapor
(B) From sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide
(C) From nitric acid and sulfur dioxide
(D) From water vapor and nitric acid
34. (A) Only in North America
(B) At the North and South Poles
(C) In parts of sevelal northern continents
(D) In equatorial areas
35. (A) She should protect her self from the rain.
(B) She should clean up the water supply.
(C) She should read a novel.
(D) She should get more information about acid rain.
36. (A) To request an extension on a deadline
(B) To receive advice about time management
(C) To ask for help in writing a term paper
(D) To explain his absence from history class
37. (A) He was arrested by campus police
(B) His mother has a serious illness.
(C) He caught the flu and missed school.
(D) His dog ate his history term paper.
38. (A) She is condent that the students excuse will be reasonable.
(B) She is positive that the student is about to tell him a lie.
(C) She is angry that the student is asking him for a favor.
(D) She is skeptical that the student really has a legitimate excuse
39. (A) He is cynical.
(B) He is servile.
(C) He is compassionate.
(D) He is unsympathetic.
40. (A) The student has nlshed a rough draft of his term paper
(B) The professor agrees to let the student turn in his paper at the end of the week.
(C) The student is writing about the Civil War.

(D) The student asks the professor to check his writing.

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear two long talks, and you will hear some
questions. The talks and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question,
read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the correct answer.
41. (A) To compare diamonds and gold
(B) To discuss types of gems
(C) To discuss the formation of diamonds
(D) To review the elements of carbon
42. (A) Carbon
(B) Carat
(C) Color
(D) Cut
43. (A) In a manufacturing plant
(B) In an electrical insulator
(C) Deep in the Earth's mantle
(D) Alongside metals such as gold
44. (A) They can create heat.
(B) They can hold heat in.
(C) They can damage insulators.
(D) They can conduct electricity.
45. (A) No body will want to buy diamond computer chips.
(B) Advertisers will have run marketing this type of product.
(C) Computers will take interest away from the jewelry Industry
(D) Jewelers will be competing with programmers.
46. (A) What caused the Ring of Fire
(B) The volcanoes of the Ring of Fire
(C) Hawaiian volcanoes
(D) Different types of volcanoes
47. (A) The Ring of Fire
(B) The characteristics of volcanoes in the Ring of Fire
(C) The volcanoes of Hawaii
(D) Mauna Loa
48. (A) In Hawaii

(B) In the United States

(C) Along the Ring of Fire
(D) Within the Ring of Fire
49. (A) They are not so violent.
(B) They are located along the Ring of Fire.
(C) They contain a lot of gas.
(D) The contain thick lave.
50. (A) A volcano on the Ring of Fire
(B) An island in Hawaii
(C) A long low volcanic mountain
(D) An explosive volcano