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Date of Birth
Place of Birth


May 24, 1964
Banaba West, Batangas City


Banaba West Barangay High School





1. Basic Offshore Safety (BOSIET)
2. Basic Safety Training


Nov. 6, 2004
Dec. 20, 2001


Grand Isle Shipyard (GIS)
18838 HWY Galliano Louisiana. L.A. USA
Pipe Structural Fitter
December 2005 to May 14, 2012
Responsible to follow safety rules and regulations. Platform policy, helicopter landing officer policy and
maintain housekeeping before and after a job.
Layout and fabricate assembles as per blue print drawing. Install structural steel work such as platforms,
decks, catwalk, deck, support steel, ladders, handrails, deck gratings kick flats, cable tray support form various
system, and modules. Layout and fabricate and fit up of pipe spool, pipe support and guides, renew, install valves
and gasket, assist vendors in pre-com of various piping system, leak testing.
Modified of new pipe line. Changing any kind of valves, changing, gasket, hot bolting, using hydraulic
torch for a new bolts. Using air impact wrench for bolting demolition of old gratings, air impact wrench for bolting,
demolition of air line, water line, fire hydrant. Remove and install of generator, Asset for repair of raise boom
crane, cutting of boom rest, install a new one. Cutting of hellidect plate install a new peace of plate. Install
diagonal support in hellideck.
Bonga Deep Water Nigeria
Snepco Project Shell Nigeria
Exploration Production Co.

March 2005

Duties and Responsibilities
Reassurance of safety before starting on the task.
Reading and good interpretation of isometric drawings details and support datum for punch list items.
Tracing of pipelines for modification.
Fabrication and installation of pipes during modification period.
Installation of pipe shoe and its standard components.
Reinstatement of cuni (copper nickel), stainless steel, carbon steel and chrome flanges and valves
during leak testing and commissioning period of the project.

2. Kenana Sugar Co. Ltd.
Kenana Sudan Africa

June 10, 2000 to Dec. 10, 2003

Duties and Responsibilities

MO: AL-MOJIL GROUP P. Analyzed and interpret isometric drawing to ensure that spools are in proper position. Initiate work assignment in the fabrication shop. Checks all pipe and fittings on its class and size. ABB Lummus Global San Nicolas Aruba PIPE FITTER June 12. pipe support calibration of pneumatic valve. DUBAI DRYDOCKS P. Full time supervision Implement safety rules and regulation Prepare activities report and percentage of completion. 1996 to March 18. repairing of heat change and plushing repair.O. dismantling of leaking.O. 1996 to March 18.          Interpret blue print and plan Received assignment from supervisor before starting works. 1988 to May 30. Box 360. co-ordinates to foreman/supervision and working with safety job. 7. dismantling of different kind of values and fitter. 1999 to January 2000 Duties and Responsibilities Fabricate / Installation of pipe and valves such as Diverter Rotary valves fixing of all Bolts and nuts as per specification performing layout of dummy pipe support fit-up different sizes of spools as per isometric drawing. Maintain good housekeeping 3. 1992 to April 19. fabrication an installation of pipe support and fittings./ AYTB PIPE FITTER P. Check all pipe and fitting on its class and size. . erection of Pipe Bridge. 4. equipment and tools to be used. fabrication of pipe. rigging. 1999 Duties and Responsibilities Fabricate and installation of pipe for water line dismantling of different kind of valve and filter cleaning and repairs. pipe and support and installation of pneumatic valve support.O. Box 8988. Box 31411. grinding. PIPE FITTER P.O. Analyze and interpret to ensure that the spool are in proper position as well as the other fittings before and during fir-up was executed. interpret to ensure that spool are in proper positioning. May 25. Leaking valve performing hydrotest and plushing repair work suction and discharge pipe for dismantling of leaking pipe. As well as the other fittings before and during fit-up was executed. Hauling. 1999 Jubail Industries City 3961 Duties and Responsibilities Preparing materials for Pipe Bridge. Installation of tube for airline. Fabrication of different kind of pipes and fittings as per isometric drawing. Brief and discuss to all workers of what activities to be done Coordinate with operation group regarding safety rules and regulation and respect their standards. Solenoid switch cylinder. 1993 Duties and Responsibilities Prepared material takes off needed by the foreman / supervisor. January 20. Conduct safety meeting once a week. BELLELI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. 1991 Jubail KSA Duties and Responsibilities Fabrication of different kind of pipe and fitting as per isometric drawing. Prepare hydrotest installation of box for sensotic and panel board for switch button and monitoring equipment. cutting. PETROMIN SHELL REFINERY COM. Prepare all then materials. Prepare material take-off. Dubai UAE PIPE FITTER January 20. checking of line class and involves in punch listing. Box 10138. buffing acid cleaning of pipe. 6. 5. performing layout of pipe. Damman Airport 31932 KSA PIPE FITTER March 19.