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Book Fair encourages youth to read

Leader & Times
Parents and schools are
constantly trying to convince young
students to read for entertainment,
and next week will provide the
perfect opportunity to foster that
love for reading.
Prairie View Elementary School
and Cottonwood Intermediate
School/MacArthur Elementary
School will be hosting Scholastic
book fairs next week for students
and their parents to do some literature shopping.
This will help the library, and
help the students be able to get
books for the family, and for the
families to come together and help
with the literacy problem,
Cottonwood/MacArthur librarian
Pamela Donald said. This is also
about helping the students read
more. The past two or three years,
the fair has seen a lot of customers
come through, and have made a lot
of Scholastic dollars. Theyve also
had a lot of activities at the fair, and
were able to get a lot of turnout and
raise a lot of money.
For the Cottonwood/MacArthur
fair, that will be open 10 a.m. to 4
p.m. Monday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday, and 8
a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4:30 to 7 p.m.
Cottonwood/MacArthur library at
1100 W. 11th Street. There will also
be a family night from 4:30 to 7
p.m. Thursday.
With the Prairie View fair, it will
be open for teachers starting today,
and the teachers will get to come
in, preview the books, and pick out
their favorites, kind of make a wish
list of what they want. Then for
students, it will be open all week
next week Monday through Friday
during school hours, and then for
the parents who want to go in,
there will be a parent night starting
at 6 p.m. Thursday, during which
they will get to come in and go
through the fair. Then there also be
a Pioneer Music Program from
6:30 to 7 that evening.
Were the Prairie View Pioneers,
so this year, were going to have a
pioneer theme this year for the
book fair, and its going to be
decorated, and were going to have
just a great atmosphere for the
fair, Haskell said. Theres going to
be a lot of books available from
Scholastic for students of all ages,
because we are a K-5 building.
Well have books for pre-K level to
the higher level readers since we
have such a wide variety of students
here. And the programs going to
be fun too, so I would encourage
everyone to come listen to the
music too, since its all going to be
old-time pioneer music, which

Hillary ...
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what I knew or remembered from

history in high school, he said.
Wester said the future under
possible Clinton leadership is a very
bleak one.
Faith Tabernacle Pastor Rex
Petty said Hillarys America was a
powerful journey into the past,
present and future of the Democratic Party.
It was a good revealing of whats
going on in the political scene
today and how theres a lot of
corruption in politics today and
how you have to sort through it to
truth, he
Sometimes, thats not always easy
to do.
Like Wester, Petty knew a good
portion of the history presented in
DSouzas documentary.
Id known from back in history
that Abraham Lincoln had freed
the slaves and was a great leader of
the Republican Party, Petty said.
Today, things have changed in that
area. It looks as though a lot of
people dont always recognize that
or realize that, I think.
Petty said the documentary
showed how important is to vote
not only for the presidential
election, but also in the battle over
whether to retain judges on the
Kansas Supreme Court.
Theres a lot of things going on
in the courts today, he said.
Theres too much legislation going
on from the bench instead of
through the legislation through the
Congress and the will of the

One Prairie View student happily gets an early book from the display at Prairie View Elementary School as part of the schools book fair. Prairie View principal Kendra Haskell said she hopes this years
fair will see a lot of turnout. Courtesy photo

FRONT: Students get an early look at the display for this years book fair to be hosted at Prairie View Elementary School next week. The library at the Cottonwood/MacArthur school will also be
hosting a book fair next week, and the community is encouraged to browse at both fairs. Courtesy photo
people of all ages can come and
enjoy. And the book fair helps
support Prairie View so the
teachers can get books for their
classrooms, and it just builds up
our library here too. So it not only
supports the school but its also a
great time for people in the
community to get books for their
own personal libraries at home for
their students.
Both fairs will be offering books
for younger readers and more
advanced readers, and will range
for beginner books to more
challenging novels and series.
I hope this year, we have a large
turnout, and help the students, the
community, and the library gain
more books. I also hope a lot of
people come out to this and help
students obtain their wish lists and
also help the teachers with their
classroom wish lists, Donald said.
Were also going to have a
fundraiser where well ask students
if they would like to donate their
loose change as they come in for
the book fair for children who cant
buy books. Once we get those

books, it goes into a bigger

foundation for the Scholastic book
fair. Scholastic then matches those
donations with a donation of up to
$1 million in books through the
Scholastic Possible Fund, which
gives out the books to children in
need through organizations like
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc.,
and the Kids in Need Foundation.
So its also helping national
Were hoping to have really
good participation at the fair this
year, Haskell added. I think
having the students of all ages is
going to be helpful because were
going to have not only the younger
students like weve had in the past,
but we also will have the more
advanced readers who really enjoy
those more challenging books. And
engagement here, weve had a lot
of parents be very supportive. I
hope all the schools book fairs go
well, the most important thing is to
get books in their hands and see
the students reading.
Overall, both Haskell and

Petty said that no matter what
happens with Tuesdays general
election, his hope is that American
will turn to what God has for their
If we fall away from that and
continue a path away from the faith
that made this country great and
our country was founded on, were
going to experience a lot more
problems, he said. The faith in
God is the cure for our problems,

and we seem to be trying to run

from that and to ban faith from the
public. Its okay if you keep it in the
church, but they dont seem to
want it outside of there. Its vitally
important that the faith is spread.





Donald said they are excited for

their respective book fairs.
Im really looking forward to just
seeing everyone come out, having
the families come together and
help the students get books in the
classroom and at home to promote
literacy, and raise literacy scores,
Donald said. I hope the families
come out to help encourage the
students to read more.
Im really excited just to have a
great display and setup going with
our pioneer theme, I think the
students are really excited. We have
some displays set up, and were also
going to see some characters come,
I believe Clifford the Big Red Dog
will be coming, which weve never
done before, so having different
book characters involved and
getting the students excited, along
with the pioneer theme and having
them learn the old pioneer songs, I
think all the students will be so
The community is encouraged to
come out and support the fairs.
I would just encourage the
community to come out on Nov.

10, even if they dont have students

here, Haskell said. Theyre
welcome to come, shop the book

fair, listen to some music, see the

school. Wed love to see everyone
come join us.


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