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Authorities investigating suspicious infant death

L&T staff report
Liberal police are looking into
what has been ruled a suspicious
death involving an infant.
In a press release Thursday,
Capt. Pat McClurg of the Liberal
Police Department said on


said. Despite vigorous life-saving

efforts by emergency room
personnel, Zaiden did not survive.
As is standard practice for child
deaths, McClurg said investigating
officers responded to begin investigating the circumstances.
An autopsy was performed by

District 26 Coroner Dr. Hubert

Peterson later that day, he said.
Preliminary investigation and
autopsy results indicated the death
was suspicious.
McClurg said Wednesday, the
19-year-old male was arrested
pursuant to the ongoing investi-

An affidavit will be submitted to
the Seward County Attorney
seeking charges of murder in the
first degree and child abuse, he
McClurg said the investigation
of this incident is ongoing.




Wednesday, Oct. 26, at about 6:30

a.m., 911 operators received a call
from a 19-year-old male who was in
route to Southwest Medical Center
with his infant son, Zaiden
The male told the operators that
his son wasnt breathing, McClurg

nov. 4, 2016

Book Fair
encourages local
youth to read

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Leader &Times
Thursday, a district judge
found the man accused of setting
a suspicious fire in June at the
Liberal Inn guilty.
That finding came after the
defendant, Robert Hildreth, had
waived his right to a preliminary
hearing in September and subsequently pleading no contest to
one count of attempted arson
Thursday at his arraignment.
Before entering the plea,
Judge Clint Peterson told
Hildreth by entering a plea of no
contest, the judge would then
find him guilty or not guilty
depending on the evidence
presented via an amended
complaint from prosecutor
Ehren Penix.


in the


Kansas woman
sentenced to 14 years
in toddlers death
ABILENE (AP) A Kansas woman has been
sentenced to more than 14 years and four months in
prison in the death of her 13-month-old son.
The Salina Journal reports that 30-year-old Jessica
Stinnett, of Enterprise, was sentenced Wednesday
in Dickinson County for reckless second-degree
murder and child abuse in the death of Maddox
Jones. Stinnett pleaded no contest to the charges in
Dickinson County Attorney Daryl Hawkins says
Stinnett indicated in court that her drug problem
contributed to the toddlers death in May.
The boy died at a hospital where he was taken
with bruising and obvious signs of trauma. He had
been home with his mother at the time he was

Reserve a spot in the

Food Court for 2016
Christmas Parade
L&T staff report

The Food Court will be open from 3 to 6 p.m. at

Kansas Avenue and Third Street, across from the
fountain, during the live entertainment prior to the
2016 Green Christmas Christmas Parade
Saturday, Dec. 3. The parade starts at 6 p.m. from
N. Kansas Avenue and Seventh Street.
The Food Court is open to non-profits, school
and church organizations so they can raise funds
for various causes, as well as provide concessions to
the public during the entertainment.
Groups must provide their
own electricty if
spots are on a
fi r s t - c o m e ,
fi r s t - s e r v e
reserve a
spot call
Crawford at
the Leader &
Times at 626-0840.
Limited spaces available.

Lady Warriors,
Lady Apaches hit the
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Seward County GOP gives

sneak peek at Hillarys America
Leader &Times Senior Reporter
Todays Democratic Party has tried to
paint itself as the picture of racial
harmony and tolerance, and just as
many on the other side of the political
aisle have thought, the partys history
shows anything but that.
Thursday night, the Seward County
Republican Party hosted a viewing of
Hillarys America: The Secret History
of the Democratic Party, a
documentary by Dinesh DSouza, who
in 2012 took a similar exploration into
the current administration with
Obamas America.
In Hillarys America, DSouza went
into the complete history of the
Democratic Party going all the way
back to the early 1800s and President
Thomas Jefferson.
In the documentarys beginning, the
author/filmmaker looked into the presidency of Andrew Jackson, in particular
the removal of many Native American
tribes from their homes to relocate
them elsewhere.
DSouza said Jackson himself owned
hundreds of slaves, and he said since
that time, the Democratic Party has
proved to be racist through and
DSouza later looked at the Civil War,
particularly the issue of slavery, and he
said while it is thought that only
southern Democrats wanted slavery,
northern members of the party wanted
to keep the institution as well. Not only
that, they wanted to spread it
DSouza said the Republican Party
was founded by President Abraham
Lincoln as an effort to stop slavery. He
said as Democrats like to paint
themselves as the party of social justice,
they were the party that fought to deny
the passage of the 14th and 15th
amendments freeing slaves.
DSouza also reminded viewers it was
Republicans that gave women the right
to vote later in Americas history.
DSouza talked to a lifelong black
Democrat who after studying the

Vol. 131 Iss. 175 14 Pages

Locals watch the documentary Hillarys America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party Thursday night at the Seward
County Ag Building. The viewing was made possible by the countys GOP party and was quite an eye opener for some of those in
attendance. L&T photo/Robert Pierce
history of the party turned to the
Republican Party.
In the later 1800s, DSouza said
blacks were becoming the majority in
the southern states, and based on this,
the Klu Klux Klan was founded as the
military arm of the Democratic Party.
DSouza later focused on the exploits
of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to
continue this racial bias. He said FDR
could not get his famed New Deal
passed, and in order to do so, he
promised to block any legislation
against the lynching of blacks.
Later in the documentary, DSouza
said todays Democrats use blacks for
political gain, and they also do not want
to hear about their own history because
of the picture they are trying to paint for
themselves that of racial harmony.
After looking at Planned Parenthood
founder Margaret Sangers efforts to
extinguish the black population,
DSouza lastly looked at the life of presi-

dential candidate Hillary Clinton, the

primary subject of his documentary.
DSouza said as a young lady, it was
Clintons aim to take over the
government. She had also run a
campaign to keep sexual assault victims
from being silenced.
DSouza later looked at the controversial Clinton Foundation, in
particular why Clinton herself ignored
calls for help in Benghazi when aide was
needed there a few years ago. DSouza
said Clinton could not find a way to
make a buck off the situation and thus
ignored the calls.
DSouza ended the documentary by
stating that if Clinton is elected, it
means the theft of America is complete.
He said Democrats have put voters in
ghettos, and it is their goal to keep them
Earlier in the film, DSouza said the
label of progressivism many Democrats
like to use today is simply progress away

from Americas founding. He added

those in power are the only ones likely
making progress.
DSouza, who was jailed temporarily
after the release of Obamas America,
can no longer vote, but he advised
voters to take this election seriously
because America cannot be taken from
them without consent.
Liberal resident Richard Wester said
Hillarys America confirmed much of
what he already believed he knew.
It clarified everything I thought, he
said. In a way, its worse than I thought.
Ive always considered myself a person
who likes history. It comes down to the
bait and switch tactics in the Democratic Party.
Wester said the DSouza film brought
to life a lot of what is not talked about
in Americas history.
It went into deeper thought than

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Liberal, Kansas