I, the undersigned Sheryllize C. Welmans ID. No.: 820630 0086 08 4 Do hereby state under oath as follows: 1. This affidavit is to the best of my knowledge both true and correct, and, the contents here-of falls within my personal knowledge, unless otherwise indicated, or unless the contrary appears from the context. 2. I am a 28 year old woman and have been living at the same residence; 142 Johann Ave Raslouw Centurion, for many years now. I have also been working for the same company; Sodexo SA, since 2007. 3. I now have the opportunity to get a better, higher paying position in my company, but, due to the fact that I have a default listing from Foschini, which has already been settled in full, I will not be counted among the acceptable short list of candidates. 4. It is therefore my request that Foschini do a special application on my behalf to have the default listing removed from my credit reports before the 2 year data retention period is complete as the position I want to apply for will no longer be available by that time.

Thus signed in ________________ on this ____ day of ________________ 20 ____ ____________________ Mr. JC Teixeira I certify that, before administering oaths/affirmations, I asked the deponent the following questions and wrote down his/her answers in his/her presence: 1. Do you know and understand the contents of the above declaration? Answer: ______________ 2. Do you have any objection to taking the prescribed oath? Answer: ______________ 3. Do you consider the prescribed oath to be binding on your conscious? Answer:______________ I certify that the deponent has acknowledged that he/she knows and understands the contents of this declaration which was sworn to/affirmed before me, and the deponents signature was placed thereupon in my presence. ___________________ COMMISSIONER OF OATHS

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