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Genicon is considering entering one of four potential markets: Brazil, Russia, India
or China. On the following page are listed websites and sources for three different
types of country data or information: 1) Qualitative Data; 2) Quantitative Data; and,
3) Management Instincts. Each student has been assigned to look at one of these
types of data. After reading the Genicon Case, consult the data for the data type
you have been assigned and then rank the four countries in order of their
attractiveness as a market for Genicon (1 being most attractive).
Type of Data Assigned to You: Qualitative

Rank Order of Countries


1. What are your primary reasons and evidence supporting your top
ranked country?
Brazil is within the range of 40-49 for level of public sector corruption
o Tied with China for the highest amongst the group of 4
Large, rapidly growing market
o U.S. accounts for 50% of its import market
o Few large-scale domestic manufacturers
Low import tariffs, no import duties, no value-added taxes
Politically speaking, much easier to approach
o Government committed to expanding access to essential healthcare
International standards are generally accepted, meaning swift registration
o 10 months and relatively cheap
Geographically speaking, closest region
High demand/consumption for innovative disposable and surgical products
2. What are your primary reasons and evidence supporting your lowest
ranked country?
Public expenditure on health is lower than other three countries
o Low priority by government
o Within range of 30-39 for level of public sector corruption (2 nd lowest)
Price sensitivity/currency exchange may cause India to turn to cheaper
o Population is still rather poor

Registration is still rather ambiguous

o Public sector is largely bureaucratic
Ranked 130th as for easiest to do business in
Private sector accounts for 75% of health care spending
IP laws are lacking

Quantitative Data
GDP growth:
Population growth:
Health care expenditure: case data
Medical Device market forecasts: case data
Qualitative Data
Ease of Doing Business: case info, plus:
Corruption & Transparency:
Cultural Norms:**
**Using this website, you may make a quick assessment of the cultural distance
between GENICONs home country (the U.S.) and the potential target countries.
From the website mainpage, select the Compare Cultures button. You can select the
United States as your first country and then run individual culture comparisons
with each of the 4 potential country markets. National Culture tab on the left and
then select Countries.
Management Instincts
Understanding of the firms history, size, experience, culture (based on case);
Your own individual experience, knowledge, and preferences;
Gut instincts;