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Health is the only sector which increases with the

increase in population and so does the demands for
health personnel. There is a high demand for quality
nurses around the world these days. Working as a nurse
is challenging as well as exciting. But for being a quality
nurse, a quality education is a must. In order to become
one, I, Preshna Manandhar resident of Mahottari would
like to state that I want to continue my further studies in
I have passed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from
Paragon Public School in year 2008 with 68.75% and my
Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) nursing with 67.04%
from Dhulikhel Medical Institute, Kathmandu University
School of Medical Science. Since English is not my first
language therefore I have given Pearson Test for English
(PTE) to prove my English proficiency where I score 64.
I believe after completing my Proficiency Certificate Level
it is very necessary to gain the experience at the field of
nursing thats why I join Kathmandu Medical College as a
staff nurse. I work in Postnatal and Integrated Critical
Care Unit (ICU). I have had multiple experiences that
have enhanced my knowledge over the past 5 years to
manage and care for critical, acute and chronic patients
varying in ages from infants to the elderly with different
cultural backgrounds.

I prefer Australia as my destination for further studies as I

believe Australia offer an educational experience that
help me to differentiate among others . I believe it
Australian education encourage student to be innovative,
creative and think independently. Graduate from Australia
are very successful in finding the good job in my country
Nepal and hold prominent positions. Australia is a
dynamic , vibrant country where international student ate
heartly welcome and more importantly it is English
speaking country with safe and friendly society.
Australian approach to vocational and technical is now
recognized as among the best and most innovative in the
world. Furthermore, courses and training undertaken in
Australia are covered by Australian qualification
framework (AQF) . It is a system of learning which is
authorized by the Australian government. Moreover, it
provides international student with the protection through
Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) which
will assure the parents and sponsor that their investment
are safe and at a same time student can fully concentrate
on their study. Unlike United Kingdom (UK) where many
college were blacklisted once the student have make the
payment which has created a panic situation for the
international student.

Why IHNA ???

(Compare the cost with the college and make sure IHNA
offer lower rate )

Ali dheraie lekhnu parayooo

(Add above mention thing )I choose to study in institute

of Health and Nursing as it is one of the best nursing
colleges in Australia which is globally recognized. The
transportation, emergency contact number and so on. it
also provides orientation programme with orientation
pack including IHNA student handbook, E-learning
information guide, course timetable, etc. The airport
pickup and transportation is also available. It provides
counseling service as well and has facility of past time
employment service. The tuition fee is also reasonable
with a total of $ 30,000.00.
The sponsor for my study in Australia would be my
maternal uncle.
I would be grateful for your kind consideration and
cooperation if you would grant my study in Australia, I
would be highly obliged if you would permit me to study
in Australia.

The sponsor for my study in Australia would be bear by

my mother, father and my maternal uncle . The

supporting document regarding the property , bank

balance , balance certificate
and other supporting
document is attached with the application .

Address each of the following points providing detailed

reasons and showing evidence for all research you have
done to support your choice of course and university.
- Why are you applying to study in Australia and
specifically at IHNA?
- Why did you choose this course? .
- Have you considered studying a similar course at
other universities in Australia or Nepal? What are
your reasons for choosing IHNA over these other
- How does this course relate to your previous study
and work history? (Please ensure that you have
listed all relevant employment on the application
- How will the course benefit your future career and
provide opportunities to increase your potential
future earning capacity? How will your recoup the
expenses you will outlay by studying this course at

IHNA? You should nameat least three companies or

organisationswith which you can gain employment
in Nepal after graduation.
- Do you plan to live in IHNA for your study?

WHY MELBOURNE ????????????????