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Reflection Lesson Plan 3- Melayna Blassingame

For my third lesson plan, I taught the students how to subtract with regrouping
using the algorithm. For the anticipatory set I taught the students three sayings. The
first one was More on top no need to stop! The second one was Numbers the same
zeros the game! and the final one brought us into our lesson for the day More on the
floor go next door and get ten more! After this I used the document camera to show the
students how to borrow from the tens and add it to the ones. Once I did a couple with
them I then wrote a practice problem on the smartboard, the students completed this in
their journal and I picked a student to do it on the smartboard. After a couple of practice
problems, I then gave each table a spinner with four numbers. I wrote the number 62 on
the board and had each table spin the spinner and complete 62- the number they spun.
They completed this twice and then we moved on to their independent work. They
completed their worksheet that had subtraction problems on it. For the closure I gave
each student a notecard with a subtraction problem on it. I asked them to answer the
question How do you know when to borrow from the tens place?
The best part of my lesson was the guided practice. The students really
understood what I was teaching and they knew how to subtract with regrouping. They
all wanted to pay attention and complete the equation because they wanted to be the
one to show the class on the smartboard how to complete the problem. The worst part
of my lesson was the closure. The students answered the subtraction problem without
any questions but they did not understand the other part I was asking them to complete.
They did not answer the question the first time, I had to remind them multiple times that
I wanted them to answer the question. This took up a lot of time and it confused the
class as a whole.
Next time I will allot time for confusion and questions. I did not give enough time
for the students to ask questions and not understand instructions. I should have given
the students more time to ask me questions about instructions or the content they were
learning. Next time I will make sure that I give them enough time to where I do not run
over time, to answer any questions they may have.
The students responded very well to my lesson. They understood that if the
bottom number is bigger than the top number they have to borrow from the tens and
add it to the ones. They were the ones telling me the steps after the first time teaching
it! I felt frustrated during the closure because the students were not understanding that I
wanted them to answer the subtraction problem and the question I had posed. They had
asked me many times what they were supposed to do which was frustrating. The
students liked writing on the smartboard the best. They liked showing their classmates
that they knew how to subtract and they liked getting it right. They paid more attention
because they wanted to be called on.

I would give myself a 92 because I know that the lesson had some rough patches
and it wasn't perfect. I know that the class became a little out of control but I also feel
that the students really picked up on the concept that I taught. The concept was not an
easy one but they knew how to do it and they listened very well throughout most of it. I
could have done a better job of telling them the instructions. I am excited to teach my
7th lesson plan and gain more knowledge and experience.