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uk 16th OCTOBER 2007

Year long blockade

is far from the end
Nearly two hundred George Binning
protesters were arrested in one day
during the concluding demonstra- the shift changes at the base. When
tion of a year long campaign at the we arrived we headed for the south
Faslane nuclear base. side but unfortunately there were
The final day of the Faslane not enough people to fully block
365 Project saw police arrest a total the south gate. It was frustrating as
of 171 people, with all involved we witnessed coaches and lorries
released the following day without entering the base."
charge. It is estimated that 1000 But according to Jane Tallents,
people travelled to the facility, just one of the organisers behind Faslane
miles from Glasgow, to blockade all 365, numbers swelled later in the
of its gates. morning.
The project began on October 1st She told Guardian: “It was very
2006 in opposition to the decision to successful – for the first time all
replace the Trident nuclear missile the gates to the base were blocked.
programme. Protesters attempted to People were also demonstrating at the
blockade the naval base every day for Coulport base where the warheads are
one year. Since it began, demonstra- stored. We certainly had an impact
tors successfully blockaded the gates on the base, despite what the navy
Nearly 7000 protesters marched through central London last week, demanding an end to the British military of the base for a total of 188 days. will tell you.”
presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the first occasion that they had been allowed to breach a 19th century ban More than 1000 people were arrested Protesters used a range of innova-
on protests directly approaching Parliament.
tive techniques to blockade the enter-
However, the marchers were still prevented by police from entering Parliament Square itself. The student bloc
responded by blocking a major central London road junction for around an hour.
"For the first ances and exits. These included the
use of superglue, cement and cara-
Among the crowd was a delegation from the University of Glasgow, including activist Julie Sherry.
Describing her reasons for protesting, she said: "We are proving to the police that they don't have the upper hand, time all the binas to join themselves in chains
and that we will fight attacks on our right to protest. The world needs us on the streets – we won't back down, we
won't retreat." [Photo and reporting: Raymie Kiernan] gates to the base across the road.
Religious ceremonies, academic
were blocked." seminars and musical and theatrical
Native Arabic speakers/translators for taking part, and 51 cases have
performances were held in the gate-
ways, and several members of the
gone to court. Estimates place the Scottish Parliament attended the day
needed for documentary film total cost of policing at £5 million. of events.

Over 131 autonomous interest According to Annie Straus, the
Are you a native Arabic speaker? groups contributed to Faslane 365. day had a “carnival atmosphere”.

• Are you concerned about the ongoing Palestinian refugee issue? The nuclear arms debate has attracted “I found the police quite friendly,”

protests from organisations ranging she said, “And many were interested
Are you interested in documentary filmmaking? from Greenpeace and Friends of in why we were there and how we
the Earth, to faith groups such as felt.”
I am a photographer who worked in Lebanon over the summer of 2006 and the beginning of Buddhists Quakers and Christians. A spokeswoman for Strathclyde
2007. During that time I started a film project to cover the recent conflict and resulting political Unity, the union of asylum seekers, Police agreed with Ms Straus.
turmoil. This film is likely to be funded by Scottish screen, and your help will contribute to the also took part in the campaign. She stated: “The protesters were
final production. Three coaches full of activ- all in good spirits and it's some-
ists travelled from Glasgow to thing they believe strongly about.
the Faslane base. Annie Straus, a Obviously the police have to take
student at the Glasgow School of action if they commit an offence.”
Art, described the atmosphere at the Ms Tallents stressed that the
‘Big Blockade’. campaign is far from over.
She said: “We met at four in She said: “We’ve still got nuclear
the morning, hoping to arrive at weapons here, so the protest will
the base for seven, to coincide with continue.”

You will be involved with a documentary making team, working on a word to word basis to
translate approximately 5-7 hours of footage (shot mainly in Palestinian refugee camps from
December 2006 to January 2007).
Work time is entirely flexible and studio location is in the west end of Glasgow.
Most footage is set in Lebanon, and local dialect will be heavily involved in the translation.
Personnel at this stage (including the director and other editors) would be working on a non-
paid basis. However, once the film moves beyond the pilot stage there will be monetary reward,
and your name will be also credited in the film.

Please feel free to contact me for further details:

Name: Ke Cai
Mobile: 0796862001