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Patrick Beaucamp Data & Process Management in the Cloud Open Source Bpm & Bi Platforms
Founder & Leader of Vanilla, the Honest Open Source Business Process Intelligence Platform Mail : Skype : patrick_beaucamp

Shaking presentation with slides !
BI is expensive ! … and now, Bi editors have gone ! … what is the solution ? Bpm (process) is difficult to extend at enterprise level New BPI (Business Process Intelligence) offers are available on the market Why Should I go in the Cloud with BPI Platform ? What are Bi & Bpm ? What is Bpi ? What are the pro and cons to run in the Cloud What is available today a tomorrow ?

Why should I go ?
Decrease cost & simplify architectures
Bpm & Bi platform are too expensive, difficult to maintain

Insure worldwide access & availability

Process are inter-related with customers, suppliers, subsidiaries … Access to information has to be unlocked

New backup strategy & security policy

By getting data out of your company, you need new backup stratégy & security policies

What Bi stands for ?
Making data from various Erp consistent & available Answer to legal subjects « data publication » Various Architectures & Concepts Ods, Staging Area, Dwh, Datamart Olap database, Column database … Fact & Dimensions tables to analyze data Bi components : Etl, Reporting, Olap, Dashboard, Kpi

Bi Concepts
Building new data model for data publication Providing a stable source for data (Erp are

Data transcodification & data cleaning Abstraction layer with Oltp Erp & database BI model is not tied to any technology (S-

nowflake schema !)

Open Source Bi Platforms
3 platforms & 3 stratégies : marketing versus product Pentaho
They took available projects and built platform


They took Ireport, built Web Reporting & Dashboard, and signed agrement


We did it from scratch, by our own

Open Source Bi Components
Etl Talend, CloverEtl, Xaware, Apatar Reporting Ireport, Birt Olap Mondrian, Palo

What BPM stands for ?
Tools & Method to standardize internal process at enterprise level
Automatic Process versus Manual process Insurance for good quality process Process is not tied to a single employe Employe has no responsability 2 standards languages : XPDL, BPEL

Open Source Bpm Platforms
Intalio : BPEL, with complex offer and Cloud platform Bonita : product turned recently into a company Shark : oldest Xpdl offer RedHat Jbpm : RedHat BPEL platform Alfresco Activiti : just arrived on market

Intalio Bpm Designer

Large Bi needs Bpm → BPI
how to manage the development cycle, and how to move application from development to production how to manage data flow between large databases how to ensure good response time when dealing with large database available through Ad-Hoc Web Reporting services modules how to automate processes such as data transformation, load of BI databases or report production & delivery how to have a global orchestration of a BI application, along with management tools for administrators

Business Process Intelligence (1/2)
Business Process Intelligence platforms offer best of bread combination of standards services you can find in Bi & Bpm solution Globally, it can be seen like a Bi platform with additional services such as Workflow services & Forms Services, for end users, for process developers and for administrator

Business Process Intelligence (2/2)
BiWorkflow Designers can design workflow that manage standard Bi documents,such as reports, Etl process or Kpi comparisons (common subject is automatic delivery of report in Pdf format) Forms can be used to allow end users to enter additional information, such as filter criteria, budget information or to validate running process

Vanilla WorkFlow Designer – Pool View

Pro & Cons of Cloud
Worlwide availability versus local architecture management (servers) Data Trafic out of the Company Alert : Where are my strategic data …just rethink your first Cloud Bi application objectives

Cloud Basic Constraints (not only in Bpm & Bi area)

Basic Services

MultiThreading Service can be duplicate Servers management Mapping of servers for services allocation

Going to Cloud offers

Cloud Framework for ressource management & dynamic allocation, invoice of ressource usage … Cloud & SaaS / IaaS / PaaS … don't confuse Cloud & Hosting ! Sorry … there is no Cloud Ready Platform available today (Bpm or Bi) … and Bi can't go on the cloud without Bpm

Focus on various Cloud Offers
 

Intalio (Bpm) : more a PaaS offer Pentaho (Etl) : Kettle, without service management at platform level JasperSoft : Marketing announcement with Etl, Database & Bpm vendors, more a hosting solution (interesting : they added a Bpm service)

Futur of Bpi : Vanilla 3 « Cloud Ready »
Vanilla v3 : september 2010
Multithreading management Admin Console for Server & Services Embeded Forms Editor Document Management (Ecm) Bi Xml extension for Bpm language ?

Thanks for your Attention !

BpmHandbook 2010

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