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19 August CITIZENSHIP 1947 :


PhD in “Decomposition of Poverty and Inequality”, University of East Anglia, UK, 1977 (Commonwealth Scholar) MA in Economics (First Class), University of Calcutta, India, 1969 BA in Economics (First Class), University of Calcutta, India, 1967 Indian Economic Association Indian Association for Research on Income and Wealth


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CV for Dr Tarun DAS


International Seminar on 'Microeconomic Foundations of Economic Policy Performance in South Asia' by NCAER and East Asia Bureau of Economic Research, Delhi, April 2008. Lecturer for Training on Official Economic Statistics, UN-SIAP, Japan, August 2007. Regional Workshop on interrelations among MDG-PRSP-PRGF and National Development Plans in selected Asian economies including Bangladesh, UN-ESCAP, Bangkok, 16-17 October 2007. Workshop on Contingent Liabilities, World Bank, 2000 UNDP and Harvard Institute Workshop on Budgeting, Population Growth and Economic Development, at Dhaka, Bangladesh, 22-25 April 1998. UNDP and UNICEF Regional Workshop on the Public Expenditure on Basic Social Services, at Bangkok, Thailand, 30 July-2 Aug 1998. Regional Workshop on the Impact of the Budget on the Economy, IMF Regional Institute, Singapore, 1998. Conducted training programs and courses on macroeconomic forecasting, public policy, monitoring and evaluation of Public Finance Reforms and Performance Budgeting, applied econometrics and economic statistics in the Gambia, Mongolia and Nepal.

8. COUNTRIES OF Cambodia, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Lao WORK EXPERIENCE: PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Samoa, Senegal, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Uzbekistan 9. LANGUAGES: English Hindi Bengali 10. EMPLOYMENT RECORD: To: Present Various government and international organizations, including the World Bank To: May 2007 Institute for Integrated Learning in Management
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From: 1990 Employer: From: Feb 2006 Employer:

CV for Dr Tarun DAS

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Professor (Public Policy and Research Methodology) and External Consultant on Development Policies to the UN-ESCAP To: 2006 Government of India Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance (1989- Jan 2006) Advisor on Modeling and Policy Planning, Planning Commission (1987-1989) Chief Economist, Ministry of Steel (1984-1986) Chief, Economic Division, Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices (1982-1984) Deputy Adviser, UNDP Policy Planning Project for India, Planning Commission (1978-1982) To: 1974 Government of India Research Officer, Economic Division, DEA, Ministry of Finance (1973-74; 1977-78) Assistant Director (On-the-job Training), Indian Economic Service (1971-1973)

From: 1978 Employer: Positions held:

From: 1971 Employer: Positions held:



General Responsibilities:  Manage all activities stated under component 4.  Actively support the implementation, coordination and dissemination of components/sub components/activities of the project.  Assisting the Component 4 Advisor in preparing time bound work plans against project milestones and coordinate project implementation activities of all relevant ministries/agencies including identification, design, and implementation and monitoring activities under the project.  Provide periodic support to the counterpart Component Coordinators and its Implementation units.  Assist the Implementing Agencies in administering project support staff that will provide project-related support to the component coordinators or Additional Project Director.  Ensure co-ordination of the activities of all components of the project, internally and with other areas of Government and other reform initiatives  Ensure that the implementation of project fits with Government procedures, plans and aims  Attend all relevant meetings as and when required. Specific Activities:
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CV for Dr Tarun DAS

Provide technical assistance and assist in the implementation of, and reporting on, all activities under three key subcomponents, including:  Develop capacities for economic forecasting, modeling and analysis to support country’s long term economic development framework, especially related to a strategy for achieving economic growth and poverty reduction  Develop capacities in the Planning Committee (PC) to help/guide line ministries in formulating sector policy frameworks that support prioritization cross-sectorally and within the sectors  Improve procedures for capital investment management focusing on all stages identification, screening, preparation, appraisal, selection, approval and monitoring  Review and improve the institutional structure for managing investments  Build capacity for better project evaluation, especially as they relate to linkages with the policy priorities  Reviewing the current processes and institutional responsibilities for monitoring and evaluation (M&E)  Building monitoring and evaluation skills of relevant staff in the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (combined with relevant staff in the MoF and Line Ministries) 12. WORK UNDERTAKEN THAT BEST ILLUSTRATES CAPABILITY TO HANDLE THE TASKS ASSIGNED

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CV for Dr Tarun DAS

12.1 Name of assignment: Institutional Economic and Financial Governance Year: December 2008-Present Gambia Client: African Development Bank (AfDB)




Location: Banjul, The

1. Main project features: (a) Support the National Panning Commission (NPC) for the implementation of the IMF supported Poverty Reduction Growth Facility (PRGF), and assist the Ministry of Finance in incorporating PRSP priority programs in the national budget, and in providing advice on maintaining consistency with other national and subnational budgetary agencies. (b) Develop, test and calibrate a medium term macroeconomic model for planning, budgeting and policy analysis and conduct the policy simulations and scenarios analysis using alternative methodologies. (c) Produce annual policy background papers on current macroeconomic and related structural or microeconomic (sectoral) issues. (d) Work closely with the Central Bank and other agencies in developing coordinated monetary, financial, fiscal and real sector policies. Key areas of support will include liquidity forecasting and management in the context of government debt obligations. (e) Monitor and support the macroeconomic programs of the donors, particularly the programs of the African Development Bank, World Bank and IMF. (f) Work closely with the Gambian Revenue Authority and advise on tax and fiscal policies. (g) Work closely with the Debt Management Division and conduct debt sustainability analysis (DSA) in the Fund-Bank DSA Framework. (h) Advise the honorable Finance Minister on macroeconomic policy, development challenges and overall macroeconomic management issues as needed. Positions held: Macroeconomic Adviser Activities performed: Providing technical assistance in macroeconomic modeling, analysis and projections. Also provided specialist advice on public financial reforms, Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF), Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), debt management, and provided training on macroeconomic forecasting, public policies and economic statistics. Prepared reports on (a) an operational macroeconomic consistent model for the Gambia- data base, test and calibration techniques, projections and development issues; (b) trends and projections of sectoral growth rates for the Gambia and some policy issues; (c) impact of the global financial crisis on the Gambian economy and development prospects; (d) guidelines for strategic planning and medium term expenditure framework for pilot ministries; (e) interrelations among macroeconomic policies, public
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CV for Dr Tarun DAS

12.2 Name of assignment: Macroeconomic Modeling in Nepal Year: (Aug-Oct) 2009 and April 2010 Location: Kathmandu, Nepal Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB) Main project features: (i) update the Nepal Macroeconomic Model (NMEM) based on the new system of national accounting and changes in the structure of the Nepalese economy; (ii) develop a new dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) type model suitable for Nepal; (iii) develop software for updated NMEM and DSGE-type macro models; (iv) develop a user manual for both the NMEM and DSGE-type model that includes devise a model consistent with the data linkages and reporting systems required for an efficient modeling exercise, and ensure the sustainability of efforts in the area of macroeconomic modeling in Nepal; (vi) undertake growth and macroeconomic projections for the Nepalese economy and compare the consistency of results from both the models; (vii) provide training to the stakeholders on features of the models and software to enable them to undertake the modeling exercise independently; (viii) work closely with the national consultants and supervise their work; (ix) Facilitate organizing workshops, training, seminars, and dissemination of the knowledge; (x) undertake consultations with all stakeholders and incorporate their feedback; (xi) work closely with the Executing Agency (EA) and the technical committee, and other relevant stakeholders for developing the models; (xii) oversee overall TA implementation and prepare required reports; (xiii) coordinate procurement of hardware and software needed for upgraded NMEM & DSGEM; (xiv) Integrate these models with annual budgeting and national five year plans; and (xiv) Undertake other tasks as required by the steering committee and ADB. Positions held: Team Leader and Macroeconomic Modeling Specialist Activities performed: Produced Inception Report on Macroeconomic models for Nepal- model structure; database; computer algorithms; and calibration techniques. The Model contains sub-models on the management of external debt and overall public debt. Helped in procurement and installation of hardware and software, Tested and calibrated the Models and conducted Multi-stakeholders Workshops on economic planning models and forecasting, and their integration to the annual budgeting.

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CV for Dr Tarun DAS

12.3 Name of assignment: Capacity Building Project on Governance Reforms Year: May 2007- 10 July 2009 Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Client: ADB Main project features: Preparation of manuals, guidelines and provided training/workshops on Strategic Planning, Program Budgeting, Financial Planning and Medium Term Expenditure Framework, Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance Bused Output Budgeting, Macroeconomic Modeling, Public Debt Management, Needs Assessment for MDGs. Positions held: Strategic Planning Expert Activities performed: Produced manuals and guidelines on Strategic Planning, Program Budgeting, Public Debt Management, Monitoring of MDGs, Interrelations between MDGs, PRSP and National Development Plan, Identification of Core and Non-core Functions of the Government, Financial Planning and Medium Term Expenditure Framework, Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance Bused Output Budgeting, Macroeconomic Modeling, Public Debt Management, Needs Assessment for MDGs. Conducted a number of workshops and training programs for multistakeholders. Undertook the role of resource person in international workshops on capital markets in Mongolia. Also worked as Resource Person for inter-governmental training program on Official Economic Statistics organized by the UN Statistical Institute for Asia and Pacific (UN-SIAP) at Chiba, Japan during 15-30 August 2007. 12.4 Name of assignment: Public Debt Management Year: (Sep-Nov) 2008 Location: Uzbekistan Client: World Bank Resident Office at Tashkent, Uzbekistan Main project features: Provide high-level technical assistance in the management of public debt in Uzbekistan. Positions held: Public Debt Management Adviser Activities performed: Responsible for macroeconomic forecasting and conducting a debt sustainability analysis for the government of Uzbekistan and acting as a resource person for the workshop.

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CV for Dr Tarun DAS

12.5 Name of assignment: Debt Sustainability Analysis Year: July-August 2008 Location: at London, the Commonwealth Secretariat with two field visits of one week each to Banjul, The Gambia Client: UK Commonwealth Secretariat Main project features: Macroeconomic Modeling and Debt Sustainability Analysis for The Gambia. Positions held: Consultant (Debt Sustainability Analysis and Macro Modeling) Activities performed: Produced a Report on the External Debt Sustainability Analysis for the Gambia. 12.6 Name of assignment: Mainstreaming MDGs into Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) and the National Development Plans (NDPs) for 14 ESCAP counties Year: Jan-March 2007 Location: Bangkok, Thailand Client: UNESCAP Main project features: Preparation of a report on Mainstreaming MDGs into NDPs for 14 ESCAP counties including China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Thailand. Positions held: External Consultant Activities performed: (a) Produced a Report (in two parts) on Interlinkages between UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) and the National Development Plans for 14 selected countries in Asia and Pacific viz. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Thailand, and Timor Leste. (b) Presented the report at the Regional Workshop organized jointly by the ADB, UNDP and UN-ESCAP at Bangkok during 15-18 October 2007. Main conclusions of the study have been published in a Report entitled “A Future Within Reach”, 2008 published jointly by the ADB-ESCAP-UNDP.

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CV for Dr Tarun DAS

12.7 Name of assignment: Training in Monitoring and Evaluation at the International Institute for Learning in Management Year: Feb 2006- April 2007 Location: New Delhi, India Client: Government of India Main project features: Training on monitoring and evaluation of social cost and benefits for the rural employment and poverty alleviation programs financed by the government of India Positions held: Professor (Public Policy) Activities performed: (a) Delivered training programs on economic and social cost-benefit analysis and evaluation methodology for poverty alleviation programs of the Ministry of Rural Development, March 2007. (b) Conducted a training program on Applied Econometrics for the Indian Statistical Service, May 2007. (c) Conducted an evaluation of the implementation of the Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 12.8 Name of assignment: Public Debt Management Year: 2005-2006 Location: Nepal/Lao PDR/Cambodia/Samoa Client: UN-ESCAP Main project features: Debt Sustainability Analysis, and suggest policies for public debt management Positions held: Public Debt Management Adviser Activities performed: Produced Report on Legal, Institutional, Regulatory Set-up and Policies for Management of External debt, Public Debt, Contingent Liabilities, and Medium Term Expenditure Framework for Nepal, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Samoa.

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12.9 Name of assignment: Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, India Year: 1989-2006 Location: India Main project features: Employment Positions held: Economic Adviser Activities performed: a) Provided advice to the Finance Minister on management of public debt, contingent liabilities, monetary-fiscal and other macro stabilization policies and financing infrastructure projects and poverty alleviation programs. b) Also responsible for developing Public Finance Reforms and policies; Medium Term Macro-economic and Fiscal Framework and Expenditure policy. Monitored government obligations under the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act. c) Provided advice on the India’s economic relations with World Bank, ADB and IMF. Acted as Country Coordinator for the IMF Government Finance Statistics (GFS), Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS), the World Bank Global Development Finance (GDF) and the Commonwealth Secretariat Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS). Acted as a Member for IMF/WB Expert Groups to finalize Manuals for GFS 2001, External Debt Statistics and Public Debt Guidelines. Acted as Government Director and Members of the Audit, Accounts and Management Committees in four Nationalized Banks in India. d) Worked as the Project Coordination for the Institutional Development Project on Public Debt Management funded by the World Bank, Main project features included Research, training, strengthening institutions and organizing workshops on the management of public debt. Major activities performed: supervised research and acted as members of various Working Groups on Debt Management. e) Conducted training at the Centre of Excellence for External Debt management at Pune. Organized five international multistakeholders workshops at Kathmandu in Nepal, and Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Kovalampur in India, on the management of Public Debt, External Debt and Contingent Liabilities, and produced four books on proceedings and edited papers. Provided advice on evaluation of food, fertilizer and petroleum subsidies, poverty alleviation and employment generation programs. Conducting training programs and refresher courses on macroeconomic forecasting, public policy, economic statistics. f) Acted as Member of High Level government delegation to the ADB, Commonwealth Secretariat, Debt Offices in UK and Ireland,
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Client: Ministry of Finance

CV for Dr Tarun DAS

12.10 Name of assignment: Management of Contingent Liabilities Year: Feb-March 2002 Location: Manila, Philippines Client: World Bank Main project features: Define and measure contingent liabilities, and review process, law, legal and institutional system. Positions held: Consultant Activities performed: Produced Reports on Legal, Institutional, Regulatory Set-up and Policies for the management of contingent liabilities (relating to external debt and public debt, government guarantees to public enterprises, social security and social welfare measures, insurance, provident and pension funds). 13. CERTIFICATION I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes myself, my qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged. Da 29 June 2010 te: Full name representative: of authorized Dr Tarun Kanti Das

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