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Salient points of the key note address on January 20, 2017

A S Ahluwalia
1. Lucky to have a job in which they are exposed only to well
educated experienced teachers and young students who are
bubbling with positive energy.
2. Every lab staff should ensure that the lab has updated first
aid box for any emergency kept in a designated place to be
known to all teachers and studnts. In addition contact
number of principal, head of deptt and incharge health
centre of college must be displayed to be visible to all.
3. Log books must be kept and should be filled by all the
students using the equipment.
4. Lab staff should learn about the basic working knowledge of
all the instruments kept in the lab.
5. During working hours, lab staff should remain in the lab
attending to requirements of the students in the best
possible way.
6. Lab cleanliness and keeping all the glassware, charts and
materials in an orderly fashion is one of the duties of the
7. All the electric points, including light and fans, exhaust fans,
instruments etc should be put off before locking the lab.
8. All the chemicals, museum bottles and glassware containers
should be labelled for convenience and easier access.
9. We must take our duty in the lab in a pious and effective
way keeping in view the famous saying that work is worship.
Learning some basic computer activities are important
in the present scenario of emerging technologies.
Stock and issue registers must be maintained properly
to avoid any problem at a later date.
As for as possible, all the equipments and facilities of
the lab must be in good running/ working condition.
Disposal of waste material of the lab must be done in a
proper scientific and healthy environmental friendly manner.
Keep a good rapport with the teachers and the
students for a peaceful congenial atmosphere in the lab, and
the college, learning new things in the process and thus to
keep/ remain happy throughout.