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Our USP- We are the first magazine in print version for start-ups.

There are numerous magazine which are quite hit, famous and successful in this sector who are our
very strong and tough competitors like yourstory, inc42, but they are all present only in
online version, they are not even registered with RNI as they are only available in online version.
We will be the first magazine in India in print version in the same segment with proper RNI and
media license registration.
Due to the wonderful policies of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, there are so many start-ups
prevailing in our contry now and they need their stories to be told to the world.
Magazine Circulation- The magazine will be circulated in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & bangalore
along with B-Cities Like Indore, Nagpur, Lucknow, Agra, Amritsar, Pune. Our Pan India team of
Share-holders, Investors will take care of the magazine circulation and ad collections.

Promotion Strategy
Campus Ambassador Campus Ambassador would be a person from each of the college, who
would be assisting us to get the news about the new ventures, entrepreneurship and create stories
about the same from the college, universities and other education institutions.
The campus ambassador will also assist us to conduct programs in their organizations during their
involvement with us.
The campus ambassador will also be working closely with the sales team to increase our
subscriptions and also to get the ads for the magazines from their circles. The campus ambassador
will be paid a incentive for the same on the sales part. He/she will also be helping us to collect the
stories from various channels like online, offline and will also assist in magazine promotion and
sales through personal channels as well as social channels.

Promotion through Linkedin- The company will have a company profile on linkedin and will post
regular updates and news on linkedin.
The social media person will also take care of our promotions, involvemnt and coordination with
CXO, Founders, Entrepreneurs and start-ups on linkedin. They will make their own sales channels
through linkedin.
Facebook- Facebook has become a great channel for online marketing and promotion- Social
media person will promote our stories and articles through facebook and will post the messages on
this daily.
The person will also be responsible to create a group on facebook and will be involved in active
discussions via facebook groups and pages.
Youtube Channel- The company will maintain a youtube channel on youtube where we will post
the video interviews of the large companies CXO and we will post these vidoes on youtube and

these videos will also be the part of our website, along with this we will also increase the userbase
for these videos.
Promotion Via Startup Groups and yahoo and google groups- There are multiple identified
groups in yahoo and google which has a userbase of more than 10-15K in each group. Our
marketing person will be responsible for sending regular updates, news-articles, videos and other
related media and content to these groups. We will also be seeking the ads for small and medium
brands from these groups.
Promotion Via Email Marketing- We already have a database of almost more than 15 lac emails
which we are going to use for ourself for the promotion of the magazine. We will be sending the
mass emails to those databases for
1. Ads on our website, print magazine, mobile apps.
2. Promotion of the content on the website.
3. Seeking the start-up stories.
Ad Agencies- We will coordinate with Several ad agencies present in the above cities for the
promotion & distribution of the magazine, collection of the ads for the magazine.
The ad agencies will act as collection agencies, sales satellite offices as well as distribution office
for our magazine.
NSIC, MSME & ITPO - The magazine will also coordinate with NSIC & MSME to collect ads,
editorial, marketing , stories, write-ups for various agencies associated with them.

Sales Material1. Quarter Page Ad

2. Half Page Ad
3. Full page ad
4. Cover page back side
5. Last page front and back side.
6. Subscriptions
7. News-letters advertising
8. Youtube Advertising on our youtube channel.
9. Ads on our websites
10. Pop Up ads on our website.
11. Ads on our mobile apps.
12. Push Message ads.
13. Designing of Ads- Usually many companies especially the start-ups do not have ads for print
magazine and we can charge them for the ads for our magazine, The cost of the ad will depend on
the size of the ads.
14. Advertorial

Content Strategy
The content for the magazine will be collected by
1. Our own internal reporters.
2. Through linkedin contacts and marketing
3. Facebook page and groups as well as facebook connections.
4. Guest writers who are avid bloggers as well as write for business and strategies.
5. News agencies, ad agencies, media coverages.
6. Campus Ambassadors
7. Interns
The individual magazine cost will be 150 INR with initial promotion cost of only 120 INR. The
yearly subscription cost for 6 magazine as this will be a bi-monthly magazine comes to be around
150*6= 900 INR but the same will be given only for 600 INR.