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DeGrood 1

Dylan DeGrood
Yeyna (1)
British Literature
1 December 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Melamed, Megan L., Tong Zhu, and Liisa Jalkanen. Urban Air Pollution: A New Look at an Old
Problem. IGBP, 19 June 2013. Web. 30 Nov. 2016.
Within this article, Melamed, Zhu, and Jalkanen explore the ways in which to measure
the urban air quality of many cities in order to tackle the air pollution problem in a more twentyfirst century way. Using information from both the World Health Organization (WHO) and
World Meteorological Organization (WMO) the authors analyze the current problems and
solutions that come from the measurements on urban air pollution of cities all around the world.
The authors explain that even though air quality has improved in certain places over the years,
with the current measurements of major cities the problematic case is not closed and many more
people are realizing that. This article has helped me to realize that the easiest and best way to
decrease air pollution within a city is to look at how other cities are handling it and adopt the
same ideas. It enhanced my Capstone by showing me how I can begin to inform myself and
others of better ways our city can handle air pollution in hopes to encourage the passage of city
laws on preventing the increase of air pollution in our city.

DeGrood 2
Mimuba. "42 Cool Ways to Control Air Pollution Together." Pollution Pollution, 2015. Web. 30
Nov. 2016.

In this article, Mimuba highlights how different groups of individuals can come together
to do simple tasks that will help decrease the amount of air pollution being emitted as a long term
impact. Coming straight from listing the sources and causes, Mimuba uses certain categories to
explain the various possible solutions to air pollution with her own research and knowledge of
air pollution. In great detail, Mimuba describes 42 simple ways that various groups, from people
in the government down to individuals, can use to help fix the quality of the air. She makes it an
important point that simple and easy things can lead to a bigger outcome. Mimubas article is
playing a key role in the development of my Capstone because it will help me understand the
basic things that will help with the air pollution problem so I can get as many people as I can to
follow these easy ways listed in order to prevent the air pollution from getting worse. Mimuba
has helped me to gather information on air pollution that other people will be able to understand
more so that more people can take action along with me.
"Millennials: We Help The Earth But Don't Call Us Environmentalists." Weekend Edition
Saturday, 11 Oct. 2014. Student Resources in Context. 30 Nov. 2016.

DeGrood 3
In the broadcast made by the Weekend Edition Saturday, the broadcast station analyzes
the reason why millennials are not so attached to being called an Environmentalist although
millennials have been the leading group in fixing the environment. The broadcast station
examines the reason behind millennials not wanting to be called environmentalists by using an
eco-friendly family of three generations to ask why the youngest generation of this family
would not take the title of an environmentalist. The station goes on to ask the youngest of the
three why she declined to state herself an environmentalist while the older ones accepted it. All
in all, the youngest explains that she is a social entrepreneur because of the fact that many see
environmentalists as people who scold others. The broadcast provides me insight on the reason
why millennials do not seem as active in the fight against air pollution and climate change in
general as many would have thought. It helps me to understand that it may be easier to get fellow
students and young adults to aid me in my Capstone on the fight against air pollution.
Sewell, Marilyn. "Top Ten Reasons We Don't Talk About Climate Change." The Huffington Post., 20 Apr. 2015. Web. 30 Nov. 2016.
In this article, the author Sewell analyzes her own ten reasons on why people do not talk
about climate change as much as they should. Through novelists like Jonathan Franzen, activists
like Martin Luther King jr., and her own opinion, Sewell examines the real reasons why people
have trouble facing the major problems in front of them just like climate change. Sewell lists out
ten reasons why many people brush off climate change like it isnt a problem where the main
point is that people have just given up over the fact that it is unfixable. This article is very
important to my Capstone because it shows me the main problems that I need to address on how

DeGrood 4
to make air pollution become a priority to many people and to show them that it is fixable in the
long run. It reinforces the idea of a documentary in being a very effective final product for my
"The California Air Resources Board Awards Funding To San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution
Control District To Deploy 15 Proterra Buses." PR Newswire, 16 Nov. 2016. Student
Resources in Context. 30 Nov. 2016.
The author of this article states that San Joaquin Valley received funds to provide 15
buses that are fully electric, which would replace gasoline powered ones. Through accounts of
various officials in the San Joaquin Valley and information from Proterra, the company providing
the busses, the author explains the purpose of the deployment of these busses and what it means
for the future in decreasing air pollution. San Joaquin Valley received these busses to improve
their air quality and to continue the motive for California as a state to cut greenhouse emissions
and improve the air quality of the state. The accounts of the officials show that this company that
now has a factory in California can play a major role in the next step in cutting emissions with
bigger vehicles. This article provides key information that clean air is a priority in California and
gives me a motive to maybe get Riverside county to come up with the funds to provide for fully
electric bussed to replace the gasoline powered one that we have on the streets currently.