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Blueberry cheese cake

I cup crushed graham crackers
1/4 cup dairy crème (if you're feeling rich, use real butter...hehe)
1 pack cream cheese
1 pack all-purpose cream
1 pack Mr. Gulaman unflavored
3/4 cup/pack condensed milk
1 egg
Blueberry filling (blueberry jam will do)
First, dissolve 1/2 tbsp. gulaman in 1/2 cup tap water for around 5 to 10 minutes.. (If
you want you can dissolve it in milk)
Mix butter and graham and press it in the pan...
Mix condensed milk and all-purpose cream
Add cream cheese.
Mix together until smooth criminal
Beat the egg
Pour the cream cheese, condensed milk and all-purpose cream in a pan and bring it
to simmer. Medium fire (hangang umuusok usok)
Add gradually the gelatin mixture....and mix until boiling (hangang bumula bula)
After, remove the pan from fire...then while it’s still hot, mix the egg
gradually...don’t worry the egg will cook because the mixture is very hot
Pour everything into the pan...
Then pour the blueberry tasting ok! And no licking.❎
Put it in inside the fridge...for best result, overnight but if you’re really want to eat
the cake wait for minimum 3 hours....
Remove it from the pan...i used spring form pan by the way... This is just affordable.
If you don’t have one, it’s okay. You can use any container that you have
Blueberry Cupcake with Cream cheese Frosting
1 pack yellow cake mix (200g)
4 tbsp. spring vegetable oil
2 medium eggs
1/2 cup water
Around 1/4 cup blueberry filling
1/4 cup cream cheese
4 tbsp. powdered sugar
Mix cake mix, eggs, oil and water in a bowl...
Then add two heaping tbsp. of blueberry filling
Fold blueberry into the batter...please don’t over mix ok...
Now, pour batter it into our molds lined with...i forgot what it is called. Cupcake paper Fill only
3/4 of the mold..

.. Let the strawberries absorb the sugar.If you don’t have a steamer.. Cook in stovetop.less messy... Divide in to two. Then steam cupcakes for 5 to 10 mins or until cooked. Sprinkle some toasted rice flour on aluminum foil Pour everything then roll into a giant espasol Strawberries n' Cream Jelly Recipe. Cook the remaining strawberries in a pan.. gulaman unflavored red 1 cup milk 2-3 drops green leaves strawberry essence Around 20 pcs strawberries Dissolve first the gelatin in 1/4 cup water. Mr.... Let it stand 10 mins. cream.. Combine milk. Put the other half at the bottom of the mold. Add in the milk mixture and simmer in a low fire. Whip together well...i prefer this than piping bags... get the cream cheese Soften it then mix with powdered sugar.. Now get the cupcakes and let it cool Hihihihi.. Put the cream cheese filling into the plastic sa yelo. There... Choco Espasol Recipe Ingredients: 1 box green leaves espasol mix 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup cocoa powder unsweetened 1 1/4 cups water Mix all dry ingredients except the toasted flour (inside box) Add the water and mix gently. condensed in a bowl. Chop strawberries. Ingredients: 1 pack all-purpose cream 2/3 cup condensed milk 2 tbsp..... Mix well.. I added 1 tbsp brown sugar and let it simmer... While the cupcake is steaming. just pour water into a big mouthed pan then put a metal stand..continuously stir to avoid burning the bottom .....set aside.. You can steam there directly or you can put a pan. low fire while stirring constantly Keep stirring constantly until thick like this.

get the pan and the spoon used in cooking and lick it. Whip and whip until fluffy and soft peaks form like this Grease the mold first with oil. There.. put some water in it and put something metal as a stand for our mold.. Robinsons.. Once thick..Its ok if it’s not perfect were going to cover it anyways. Then beat the egg white.. While waiting..Now add the dissolved gelatin and mix...) Separate the yolk from egg white. Remove carefully and finished!!!!Yummy! Enjoy eating ʘ‿ʘ No-bake arm of Mercedes Ingredients: 1/3 cup powdered sugar 1/3 cup condensed milk 3 medium sized eggs 1/3 tbsp. On a low fire cook the egg yolk and condensed until thick After let it cool and pour onto of the white base. cream of tartar ( PS this is not the one on our teeth. use a large pan. Puto-Pao Recipe Ingredients: 1 pack green leaves puto mix (available at sm..chill inside fridge for 30 minutes...appetizer. Add two to three drops of green leaves strawberry essence to give it extra yummy flavor. pour the mixture into our mold.. Boil chicken breast 2... pure gold) 1/2 cup sugar (i used powdered sugar cause i don’t have the regular table sugar) Flaked chicken adobo Cheese for topping 1 cup water How to make the adobo filling 1.. if you don’t have a steamer. And the cream of tartar I used to hate whipping but now i kind of enjoy it.. Let it cool and flake the chicken meat .. remove from steamer Cool it first then transfer to a plate .. It’s therapeutic. I forgot we need to wrap the mild with foil to keep then water out of the mixture...add the sugar gradually while whipping. So it won’t stick to the pan. Steam fir around 10 minutes Mix then condensed milk with egg yolk well After 10 minutes or after the mixture is firm.

Mango Pana Cotta Recipe . crushed crackers to the melted chocolate and mix well. Cut into bars.Same procedure with the babies but just add more filling at the center. These are our baby putos. I also made big putos.. That will make us a serial puto stabber. sugar and let it boil 7. The chocolate i used was very thick so i added 1 tbsp..3.. Then cool it completely before removing from the mold.. Fill 2/3 of the mold Add cheese on top Steam for 10 minutes. butter to soften it. Now fill around 1/4 of the molds with the puto mix. just like me.. ENJOY EATING!!! Hihihi Watermelon popsicles Just crush watermelon. Pour into mold 5.. Continue cooking until thick and.. You can stab it with a knife if you dont have toothpick. It should come out clean. You can check if its already cooked by inserting a toothpick. Melt the chocolate 2. Pour around 1/4 cup soy sauce 6... Remove from heat and let it cool Mix well all the dry ingredients Add 1 cup water and mix. Ingredients: 1/3 cup chocolate chips 10 pcs ritz crackers (fita will do) 1 heaping spoonful peanut butter Procedure: 1. Add chicken 5.. No-Bake Choco-Nut Energy Bars.. Add peanut butter.. Now pour again puto mixture on top. Dissolve cornstarch in 1/4 cup water and pour it on the chicken 8. pour into mold. remove from steamer. 7. Put adobo filling at the center. Add 1 tbsp. Crush the crackers 3. Put in the fridge for about an hour 6. freeze overnight and presto. 4.. Sauté finely chopped garlic 4.our mama and papa puto After 10 minutes.

.. Once simmering adds in the remaining gelatin and continues stirring for a minute Pour on top of the first mixture. Should be the original. 1 pack all purpose and half of the mango puree On a medium heat.. Once already simmering. No-Bake Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe Ingredients for the cupcake base: 1 pack Maya cake mix 1 medium egg 3 tbsp. prepare the frosting. Let it sit for 10 minutes Pulp the mangoes. vegetable oil 1/2 cup water Pour all ingredients in a bowl... Chill After just an hour it’s ready to eat! This is very delicious. gulaman in 1/4 cup water. powdered sugar 2-3 drops green leaves vanilla essence . water and 1 tbsp. Meanwhile while the cake is steaming. I just scraped the mango cheeks with fork back and forth. You can use smaller ones if you want to produce more cupcakes.. It should be lump-free. I used very big cupcake molds. sugar if you want it sweet. Ingredients for the Vanilla Buttercream frosting 1/4 cup butter 6 heaping tbsp. or smoke starts to rise.put in the fridge for 30 minutes. Dissolve 1 tbsp. Continue stirring for around 2 minutes more then turn off the heat Pour in a mold. Now put the remaining mango puree in a pan. Fill it around 2/3 of the cup. add 4 tbsp. pour it once the bottom layer is already firm or else it will sink like titanic. pour in 3/4 of the gelatin mix and again stir continuously while pouring.. Then mix 1 cup fresh milk.. cook the mixture while continuously stirring to avoid burning the bottom..Ingredients: 1 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk) 1 pack all-purpose cream 1/4 cup condensed milk 2 medium sized ripe mangoes 1 tbsp. 1/4 cup condensed milk. just a reminder. The good thing about the gulaman i used is that it sets fast. put it in the steamer and steam for around 15 to 20 minutes. like our breasts. Hihi Pour the batter into the cupcake mold. Mix well... Mr. I love it very much i ate a lot. Then. Gulaman.

maja Blanca mix and 3 cups water until emoticon just make a big fat hole at the bottom of the plastic.. You can add 1 tbsp.. Add grated cheese ehem. It should come out clean. Add 2-3 drops of vanilla essence After around 20 minutes.. Ingredients: 1/2 cup cream corn 1 pack green leaves maja Blanca mix 3/4 cup condensed milk 1/4 cup margarine/ butter 2 cups crushed graham Grated cheese (had a bad experience with the cheese i used. Doesn’t need much time in the fridge an hour or two will do No-Bake Ube Cream Pie Recipe Ingredients: 1 pack green leaves ube halaya mix 1 1/2 cup milk (if no milk.hihi. whip it till your arms i wont promote it. Now get the frosting. put the frosting once the cake is already cool.... You can pour some of the remaining cream corn on top for design. any plastic will do. Pour it to the pan and let it cool... I just melted Choco in a heart shaped mold and put it in the fridge.then put it in the fridge. water will do) 1/4 cup margarine/ butter 1 pack all-purpose cream 1 1/2 cup crushed graham .Soften the butter in a bowl.hehe Put some more decoration.. sugar if you want.. It should be fluffy after and the color turns pale.I’m a cheese lover so i put a lot... taray) Mix together 2 cups crushed grahams and 1/4 cup butter and press into a pan. Cook it in a medium heat until thick.. No-Bake Maja Blanca Pie Recipe.hehe. I sprinkled some cocoa powder and i decorated the top with heart shaped chocolate. Then gradually add the powdered sugar.ouchu. remove the cupcake from the steamer.A lot. If you don’t have one.. Put it inside piping bag. condensed milk. i don’t have a toothpick so i stabbed the pretty cupcake with a damn knife... And the frosting melted. What i did was i frosted the cake while its still hot cause i couldn’t wait anymore.. Then chill Mix together cream corn. As for me.. Also just a tip.feeling endorser.sorry still needs to practice my decorating skills... Now decorate the cupcake as beautiful as you can. You can tell if its already cooked by inserting a toothpick..

Mix together well. Press to form the base Pour all-purpose cream in a can add more depending on your desired sweetness..Ooops one more thing. cost: 86 pesos) 1/4 cup dairy crème/butter (i know dairy crème is not butter please don't point out anymore ) I whole egg Ingredients for the cream cheese filling: 1/4 cup cream cheese 1/4 cup powdered sugar (regular table sugar is okay as well) Soften the butter at room temperature and mix with the egg and brownie mix... mix 1 1/2 cup graham with 1/4 cup butter melted in room temperature. just mix a little hot water until it is easy to spread. This is optional.keep stirring until.. margarine/butter.... That’s what is inside the ube mix...just wanted to show you. Add 1 more tbsp. We need both mixes. Now heat the pan and pour in the ube and cream mixture. overnight After chilling overnight.mix together well and simmer in a pan :) Set the heat to medium fire only and keep stirring until desired thickness is achieved. Put inside the fridge again.. if you have questions about the mix. Mix together well. After around an hour remove from fridge and spread the top with a thin layer of ube halaya... ... Ohhh yeah we still have a lot of ube halaya.. Put some inside the. How to Make No-Bake Chocolate Cookie Sandwhich with Cream Cheese Filling....if the ube is hatd it spread.hehe Now add 1 cup ube halaya to the cream... Whip the cream till your arms nae nae already. 1 1/2 cup milk. and 2 tbsp.. Ingredients for the cookie: 1 pack brownie mix (inside the box there are two packs i used only 1.. Whisk together the ube mix.. Once the mixture is simmering.. you can message the green leaves page on fb...... After done licking the pan and the spoon. You know what it is..... You can put this in a jar and store inside your fridge. remove from mold carefully Now get the cream and design the top as best as you can... For best result. And put it in the chiller. I tell you this is very yummy. water.1/2 sachet Mr.. Gulaman dissolved in 1/2 cup water. add in the gelatin and mix well After pour it into your mold.Yummy. Just did this for the topping..

costs only 75pesos/box) 1 egg 1/4 cup butter/margarine 3 pinches salt In a bowl... Heat the pan and grease it with butter....hehehe Mix together.. Cover Repeat mixing after every 5 minutes... mix together egg.Note: this is not the actual pic because i accidentally deleted it...repeat on other cookies Arrange and done smile emoticon you can make around 16 to 18 cookie sandwiches. Meanwhile grease heated pan with butter.if you’re not using non-stick pan. Now while it’s still hot.. make sure everything sticks together Sprinkle a pinch of salt... grease it with butter first Then press it.. Cover..just recycled this from my other recipe. I just wanted to show you.. tasting.. You can tell it’s already cooked by my favorite part.. Mix the 1/4 cup cream cheese and 1/4 cup sugar. Then put a teaspoon of mix into the pan... If it tastes like the real thing already.. brownie mix and butter (should be softened at room temperature) Mix together well.we'll cook it like a pancake After around 2-3 minutes flip.. No need to but it at expensive price because now we can make it by ourselves! Enjoy cooking! How to Make Salted Caramel Bars (no-bake) Ingredients: Brownie mix (2 packs inside box use only 1... it’s done.mixes in just one direction.Don’t forget low fire only or it will burn Turn around every now and then i get a little bit terrified and then i see the look in your eyes. Spread the filling on top of the cookie Put another on top.. Pour the batter into the pan.. Optional: decorate it with whatever you have inside your fridge.. Let it chillax until cool .. Not a fan but ONE DIRECTION.. Until cooked.. we're going to ruin the big cookie and mix everything together to make sure it’s all evenly cooked. Now were going to make the filling. Don’t overcook or else it won’t stick together.turn around (bright eyes) Please if you want to taste it just eat only 1 cookie okay. pour everything to a pan. And let it cook for around 5 minutes.make its low fire or else it will burn... Mix well... The brownie mix should be brown... Make sure to put cover to cook the center Now it looks like a big cookie! Now.then cook again for another 5 minutes.

I was making this for a family kakahiya gumamit ng plastic sa yelo. Create border.. Low fire only and cover the pan to cook the toppings for around 5 to 10 minutes until crust is crispy..make sure that the fridge is really cold or else it won’t form. Add in crushed snow bear candy.i bought it from takatak boys of Pasig city mix well until the candy is dissolved. I used mozzarella and parmesan here. How to make no-bake black forest cheesecake ..mix together until smooth. adds in melted butter... You can use any easy melt cheese..lols Add in the softened cream cheese.. then pour everything to the cake pan....hehe. you can use any pan that you have in your house Sprinkle Choco chip on top.88 only Next.. Until fluffy. Mix and press in to pan. Add in the chocolate chips.mix it....... I used around 20 cookies for this. Btw i bought this cake pan at japan homes.. at a time and whisk and whisk and whisk and whisk and whisk. Easy no-bake stove top cheesy bacon pizza. Pour some in a separate container for our topping. or you can just chop any chocolate that you like.chill in the fridge. Hehe.. After chilling remove it carefully...the cold doesn’t bother it anyway.around 4.. Then add fried bacon..... pour chilled all-purpose cream in a bowl (it was not totally chilled in the pic i was in a hurry) and add the sugar 1 tbsp.... Ingredients: Pita bread (you can buy it at any malls 60pesos 6 pcs) Tomato sauce Easy melt cheese Bacon Spread tomato sauce on the pita bread. The e nd... Grease pan with vegetable oil turn on the heat then put the pita bread at the center.... Don’t worry.....i used piping bag here already.and chill in the fridge. Then sprinkle grated cheese.How to make Chocolate Chip Mint Cheesecake (no-bake) Ingredients: 1 pack all-purpose cream (chilled) 1 pack cream cheese 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup powdered sugar/regular white sugar 1/2 cup Chocolate chips 1 pack Oreo cookies 4 pieces snow bear candy Crush Oreos.....

You don’t have to grate everything.. Hihihi Now get the mixture inside the plastic. So that will do Chop some cherries and add it to the mixture.. Set aside some for our toppings and put it inside plastic sa yelo. Hands up for the lazy people. Cut a small hole and more. But i don’t drink..... Grate the chocolate on top.. spread white mixture on top... Next pour 1/2 of the mixture with cocoa.pour the all-purpose cream in a bowl.just thin layer Spread evenly. you can save a piece of chocolate and it eat. Gradually Add in around 4 tbsp...refrigerate.then chill for around 3-4 hours. Add in cherries on top. How to Make No-bake Banoffee Pie . Put it in the pan..... And lastly. of condensed milk then whisk. Around 3 tbsp. Add in some cherry syrup. Then the brown again.. Add in condensed milk gradually until your preferred sweetness is achieved. Mix with melted butter then press to form our base. yeah! But don’t be lazy whipping the cream together!!! Separate into two.hehehe.. Okay... Add in cocoa powder on the other half.. Spread again Add in another layer of white mixture.btw.. Spread some of the mixture without cocoa into our base. You can add rum instead for more authentic black forest... For this i just added 4 tbsp.i have piping bag but i prefer using this I’m a feeling a little lazy so i just added the cream cheese right inside the bowl.. I added 3 tbsp. butter Chocolate for garnish Oooppps. cocoa powder First.. Whip it until sweat trickles down your armpits. thanks jasmine for helping me whip and nae nae...Ingredients: 1 pack cream cheese 1 pack all-purpose cream 9 pieces Oreo cookies Preserved cherries 1/3 cup condensed milk 4 tbsp..... crush Oreos....

We’re just going to thicken the consistency.. melt it in low fire. Then put inside the chiller for several hours.. Sprinkle crushed graham on top.. pour 1/4 pack condensed milk into pan to make toffee..lols mine got burnt a little. You have to whip it like you mean it. Pour it on the crushed graham... I’ve been using same pan since day 1 Melt the butter at room temperature.. There i didn't have patience. unsweetened cocoa powder Nuts 1 pack kitkat You can also add marshmallows . Make sure its low fire or else it will burn. Hehehehee. Add gradually the remaining 1/4 pack condensed milk...whipping when i said that beat the hell out of it..we need to set aside some cream for our topping. Please don’t be like me Cut the banana Arrange it on top of our base...put the cream inside my beloved plastic sa yelo.....You know the drill.. i was not kidding. Then whip it again Pour the cream all over But don’t put everything.... I turned the heat higher so it will cook faster.Yema in Tagalog.Ingredients: 2 cups Crushed graham 1 pack Chilled all-purpose cream 1/2 pack condensed milk 1/4 cup Butter/margarine 2 banana Pour crushed graham into your pan. Mix it then press to mold our base. How to make home-made cookies n' cream and rocky road ice-cream Ingredients: Ice-cream base: Chilled 1 pack all-purpose cream 1/4 cup condensed milk For rocky road flavor: 2 tbsp. But if you don’t have patience just like me.. Pour in the toffee on top Pour the chilled all-purpose cream in to a bowl Okay so here's my hatest Next..

. crush the ice...... Divide the mixture into half and pour it to a container..For cookies n' cream: 6 Oreo cookies With special participation of ice and salt. at a time then whisk again. Let it sit inside freezer or you can let it stand. then put inside freezer again.. 3. Eat. Drain oil. 7.. Filipino style by smacking it against the wall.. After you’re done licking the bowl.. Eat more. Then beat it Pour to another container then put it inside freezer.. Fry each side for 3o seconds (to mars) 6. 9.. Pour chilled all-purpose cream in a bowl. Put inside freezer after. Drench the leaves in cornstarch. Ingredients: Kangkong leaves from Pasig river (jk✌) 1/2 cup cornstarch 1 egg Spring vegetable oil Salt and pepper to taste Procedure: 1. Beat it like there's no tomorrow.hehe 4. Mix cornstarch..lols Crush the Oreo. 8... Gradually add condensed milk. salt and pepper 2.. PS. Dip washed kangkong leaves from Pasig river in the egg.then pour to another container. CHECK ONLINE Whip it again back and forth. SLeep .around 2 packs Pour it.1 tbsp. Beat egg... the salt makes the ice to grow colder... don’t smack it into someone's head Put the ice in a deep pan and add plenty if salt.. CHECK ONLINE Mix it. 5. Crispy Kangkong Chips.

. then mix with condensed milk..cover the pan while waiting for the cupcakes. check if already cooked by stabbing it with knife... now. . now fill 3/4 of the mould with batter..Chocolate Cupcake with Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Ingredients for the cupcake base: 1 pack cake mix (550grams) 3 eggs 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1cup water mix all the wet ingredients first. pour the cake mix to a bowl then pour the wet mix. remove the cupcakes from steamer....... whip till it turns to pale yellow then slowly add the cocoa powder. swirll... whip till fluffy like this.dont worry we're going to cover the stab wounds with frosting later get the frosting and put some inside our pseudo-piping bag..but make sure it looks like a choco swirl not pooop ok..... we're going ti make the frosting soften the butter at room temp.. steam for around 10 minutes. mix well. decorate with whatever you have inside your fridge.