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Starting the Purifier

1. Ensure the lines are set and respective valves are open. Usually the lines are set from settling tank to
service tank.
2. Start the purifier feed pump with the 3-way re-circulation valve in a position leading to settling tank.
3. Open the steam to the heater slightly ensuring the drains are open so that the condensate drains.
close the drains once steam appears.
4. Start the Purifier.
5. Check for vibrations, check the gear case for noise and abnormal heating.
6. Note the current (amps) during starting. It goes high during starting and then when the purifier bowl
picks-up speed and when it reaches the rated speed, the current drawn drops to normal value.
7. Ensure the feed inlet temperature has reached optimum temperature for separation as stated in
the Bunker report and nomogram ( bunker delivery note gives the density of the fuel and using this we
can get the separation temperature and gravity disc size from the nomogram)
8. Now check whether the bowl has reached the rated speed by looking at the revolution counter. The
revolution counter gives the scaled down speed of the bowl. The ratio for calculation can be obtained
from the manual.
9. Now, after the bowl reaching the rated RPM, check for the current attaining its normal value.

De-sludge Procedure
10. Open the bowl closing water/operating water, which closes the bowl. (Ensure sufficient water is
present in the operating water tank)
11. Now after 10 seconds, open the sealing water to the bowl.
12. The sealing water should be kept open till the water comes out of the waste water outlet.
13. Once the water overflows through the waste water outlet, stop the sealing water.
14. Now open the de-sludge water/bowl opening water. (This is done to ensure the bowl has closed
properly). During de-sludge we can hear a characteristic sound at the opening of the bowl.
15. Repeat the steps 10, 11 ,12 & 13.
16. Open the 3-way re-circulation valve such that the dirty oil feed is fed into the purifier.

17. Wait for the back pressure to build up.

18. Check for overflowing of dirty-oil through waste water outlet & sludge port.
19. Now adjust the throughput to a value specified in the manual. Correspondingly adjust the back
pressure, too.
20. Now the purifier is put into operation. Change over the clean-oil filling valve to service tank.