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AAA – More Employee Engagement
The American Automobile Association of Northern California, Nevada and Utah, the second-largest regional member club of the national organization, serves more than 4.5 million members spread across three states. Established in 1907, AAA NCNU offers a wide array of automotive, travel, insurance and financial services. In early 2010, the AAA Yammer network began its rapid growth toward the thousands of users on the network today, catching executive attention and prompting them to upgrade the network to Yammer Gold for the additional compliance, security, and control.

“People feel more connected to the company, more engaged, and more empowered. At the end of the day, that can only be good. It's been amazing Yammer is a bit of a celebrity at our company.”

Organization Industry Employees Founded

AAA NCNU Insurance 6,000 1907


- Jaimee Clements, Sr. Online Product Manager, AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah

Only a small portion of AAA NCNU used Yammer before an all-hands meeting where the COO encouraged all to sign up and begin Yammering. He understood Metcalfe’s law: adding users to a communication network increases the network’s value exponentially. Since that time, Yammer has taken off within AAA, quickly growing to thousands of users. Yammer has become an idea hub for AAA employees: a place where questions are answered quickly, new and innovative ideas are discussed, and policies are debated. Even those that do not post messages every day report that they derive value from Yammer simply by listening to the conversation. Perhaps the most important effect Yammer has had on AAA is a cultural shift toward a flattened hierarchy – employees are more engaged and feel that their voices are heard.

Results and Benefits
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Faster Communication: Questions are answered and problems are solved in a fraction of the time it would take using email. Connecting a Dispersed Workforce: Employees from California, Nevada and Utah are kept in the loop, and employees on the road stay connected through the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android applications. Cultural Shift: Employees feel empowered to share opinions and advice with executives, breaking down communication barriers and flattening hierarchy.

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