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Hill & Knowlton - Better Connections
Hill & Knowlton, Inc., a subsidiary of WPP plc., is a communications consultancy company specializing in marketing, corporate, digital, public relations and public affairs services. With over 2,000 employees and a network of over 80 offices in 44 countries worldwide, the company needs its dispersed teams to have fast and easy access to its global organizational knowledge.




“Employees from one continent ask a question and employees from another continent respond with crucial real-time information and suggestions. Our client service has improved through Yammer: as it’s demandled, these connections wouldn’t occur otherwise.”
- Niall Cook, Worldwide Director of Marketing Technology, Hill & Knowlton

Company Industry Employees Founded

Hill & Knowlton Communications 2000 1927

As a communications company, Hill & Knowlton takes pride in understanding and using the latest communication tools in order to credibly advise their clients. The company deliberately began Yammering without a formal corporate push, and the network has grown organically at a rapid pace. Because the company is spread across so many countries, organizational knowledge can easily be confined to specific regions or groups. Yammer has helped make Hill & Knowlton’s tacit knowledge easily accessible to employees across the globe. As employees find others with shared interests and expertise, invaluable connections are made and information is shared. These connections improve client service, boost business performance, and foster a global sense of community.

Results and Benefits
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Increased knowledge flow and access: tacit knowledge isn’t lost or pigeonholed as globally dispersed teams are connected Increased speed of communication: employees can ask a question and receive answers from anywhere in the company, whether in the office or on mobile devices Fostering a global sense of community: employees can connect with others who share their interests and expertise – connections that might not otherwise be made

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