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Kyle Burris

Professor Nan Goodman

JWST 1234
8 December 2016
The Born and Unborn Gods
The following tract was found west of the Urmian Plains, high up in a mountain burial cave, written
in Proto-Indo-European on lead tablets. It contains an origin myth and a commentary expounding beliefs
and practices of a long-forgotten sect. Their cosmology and methodology are presented in part,
remaining obscure.

It is said, that at the start of all things, there were two gods.
Little is known about one, and much about the other.
The one of which we know is said to have been born.
And yet, it itself did not know.
At its birth, the God of this world was born with a caul.
Immediately upon birth, it writhed in agony, unable to breathe.
It could neither see nor hear.
Unaware of its own birth, it yet could not bear this new void-like state, without warmth, lacking light or
sound, nor a source from which it could perpetually sustain itself.
A tremendous terror came over it as asphyxiation set in.
A quake unlike any seen since this time of Creation shook its body.
A momentous flash of light, and a cacophonous sound emitted in its minds eye, a reminder of its former
existence and place of inheritance.
The sheer force of the tremors broke the caul, splitting it in two.
The God of this world gave out a great cry into the void, and began inhaling its first breath.
It now could see, hear and breathe, and knew that it was alone.

Not another thing or being was there to greet, feed or love it. The momentary gift of breath was not
enough to carry it onward.
Darkness and emptiness appeared to be its only companion.
Before it died from lack of sustenance, the God of this world turned, to witness from whence it came.
A veil stood before it. The veil had the appearance of a womb.
Behind the veil, there was a vast, white light.
Amidst this white light, the God of this world caught sight of another.
A realization was had; this was its mirror image.
The Unborn God before it was unmoved, in stillness and silence.
A lucidity, warmth and sense of wholeness radiated from its eyes.
At the moment of death, the Born God shuddered; All colors and forms burst forth from it.
From the ferment of this creature, we were given our world and heavens.
From its gasp, the winds. From its tears, the oceans. From its bones, the lands and mineral kingdom. From
its flesh, the animals. From its organs, our bodies. From its film and slime, humors, fluids and waste, our
vegetation. From its cries, the stars. From its pain, our souls.
Only from the Unborn God do we receive the Universal Spirit, the force which animates life.

In this, our origin, can we find our destiny. Our species is destined to undergo life upon life, death
upon death, each an iteration in the crucible of Creation. We are the remnant. We are destined to
reenact the suffering of our Creator, who gave his life for us. We are here through his body. Our trees
and cows, our waters and hearths are due to him. The pain and pleasure of this realm are the fruits of his
experience. In mimicry of the existential anguish of the Born God, in immersion into suffering, we can hope
to approach gnosis of our state of affairs, of this thresher in which we decay. It is the way of the Hearers
to know this, and only the Elect may undergo the rarest experience of the Unborn God. And too we know
that our Great Mother holds them both, and so we honor her mystery in our rites. The path of initiation is
available to the whole of our people, as neither the lowliest of blood nor any royal escape the anguish of

the Born One. Only through merit and effort can the faces of the Gods be witnessed. The Elect are not
chosen, but made.
Many go about their lives in drudgery and toil, serving self and family alone. This can afford
small joys and suffering. In this manner, the Origin and purpose are largely forgotten. Some begin to
listen, and become Hearers. The following entails the way of the Born One.:
All activity, all forms of pain and pleasure are in the purview of the Born God. Ritualized sexual acts,
weeping, breathing practices, speaking in tongues, automatic writing, trance work, communal meals and
self-induced pain, such as cutting, wounding, burning and flagellation are some of the methods. Neardeath experiences, ingestion of entheogens, sleep deprivation, starvation, moral transgression and
extreme emotions such as rage, terror, great sadness or longing are also direct gateways. Nearasphyxiation, combined with any number of these other methods is a most noble way to honor the Original
Anguish. Advanced practitioners can take on the pain of others and even absorb their pleasure.
Individuals who happened to be born with a caul and who train in these methods are said to have a
greater portion of the power of the Creator, being able to alter forms and the nature of reality itself.
Temporary insanity is seen as a boon, if one truly wants to feel the life of the Born One. Sublimation of
desire is a bridge between this God and the next.
The path of the Elect takes great discipline. It is passivity taken to extremes and usually only
elders are capable. Asceticism, prayer, contemplation, meditation, moral aesthetics, sun gazing and the
ways of the pre-natal breath are the primary modalities of this path. Through persistent striving and a
blessing, the Sun behind the sun may be seen. The diamond eyes of the Unborn God can be witnessed, the
life-force of the Spirit ridden unbridled.
Those lucky enough to have approached the Born and Unborn Gods know both the dual and the
non-dual. They have come to know illusion and reality intimately, and their dialectical nature. They learn
to make the without as the within, and the within as the without. From one God, the partial is understood,
the other lets one grasp the whole. Language and music belong to one, and the sound that is all glyphs
and signs another. This chord can never be unstruck.

The revealing of the Great Mother can only occur at a certain time and place. Nothing more can
be written about this here. It is only ever spoken.
Here the road has been given, but not all of its particulars, detours or criteria.
We write this on lead tablets as a reminder that we are as dust, base materials that can yet grow and
change, be dissolved and coagulated into new forms. The only true entelechy is that of the Eternal
Becoming, the novelty of perpetual creation and destruction. Forms and lives take on never seen before
forms and lives, breathing in and out like the Born One, chiseling the facets of their souls as if gems, owing
their unchanging Spirit to the Unborn. The light we see, which ever dims and changes in potency is but a
shadow of the True Light. All of this takes place because of the Great Mother. Such has been said. So
mote it be.