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Steven Gunner Rutherford
1st Lieutenant North
Kevin Nelms
1st Sergeant
Paul Young
Lt. Dismounted
Marty McAlilly
Brevet Lt. Public Relations
Marc Allen
NW Squad Leader
Corporal Stan Rhoda
NW Squad Corporal
Charles Gator Stillman
NE Squad Leader
Sgt. Chip Cole
NE Squad Corporal
Chris Haley
Central Squad Lieutenant
Billy Bryant
Central Squad Leader
Sgt. Michael Boteler
Central Squad Corporals
Owen McDowell
Chris Bryant
Jon Rock Pfingsten
South Squad Lieutenant
Ron Hilton
South Squad Leaders
Sgt. Ken Campbelll
Sgt. Don Parker
Coastal Squad Leader
Sgt. Marc Frentz
Coastal Squad Corporal
Johnny Chauffe
Hunter Charlton

Editor: Corporal Michael Putnam

From The Captain

It has been 4 days since our Annual and as I reflect on the
last two years serving as your Captain, I cannot help to
think how much the 1G has grown. We had the biggest and
largest turnout of any Annual we have ever had. There
were 45 members and 70 people all together. That is amazing considering
the first one I went to had maybe 10 members present. I am already looking
forward to next year.
It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Captain the last two
years, and to serve you another 2 years is my pleasure. I appreciate the trust
and confidence each of you have in me to serve and I will continue to
represent the 1G as best I can, not only in Mississippi, but in other states and
events as well.
Our membership continues to grow and so far this year you have recruited
almost 30 new men to the ranks of the 1G. We have 142 members and I am
working on our roster and purging it of delinquent members. We will have
close to 120 active members by the time I am done. The best of the best still
We have a new editor for this edition of the Dispatch, Michael Putnam, and I
am excited to see it when it is done. Thanks to Michael for stepping up to
assume this job. Also thanks to Paul and Celeste Young for their hard work
in getting it started and for the past issues.
Thanks to all of you and lets get in a few more rides before frosty comes!
Captain Gunner
Steven Gunner Rutherford
Steven Gunner Rutherford
Captain SCVMC1G Mississippi

North Platoon/ Northeast Squad

2016 Year in Review
What a great year 2016 has been, it has been a very busy and active year for us. We try to stay busy by
Forwarding Our Colors and Living the Charge set forth by Stephen D. Lee. We have added to our ranks this
year several new men, and have logged several hundred miles attending events, dedications, and memorials.
This year the Mississippi Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans got to rededicate the Mississippi
Monument at Shiloh the correct way! We have supported our brothers up in Tennessee and over in our Sister
state of Alabama in several of their events. We collected signatures for I58 SAVE OUR FLAG. We
supported a local childrens home by putting on a benefit ride in July and then going back in November for the
Toy Run. This is such a great event to go to, the children love it and so do the bikers. We also got to be part of
the Memorial Day and Wreaths Across America programs again this year at the Corinth National Cemetery.
I look forward to the upcoming New Year, and 2017 is shaping up to be a great year! Im excited to do as much
as we can to protect, honor, and defend our Southern Confederate Heritage.
1st Lt. Kevin Nelms

Seems North Platoon

made a new friend.

Gentlemen of the 1G, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for electing me as Lt. of the dismounted
troops of Mississippi. It will be an honor to lead and I will take this appointment with great pride. I look
forward to getting to know and working with such a fine group. I believe in leading by example and not by
telling folks what to do. I do encourage all of the Dismounted troops throughout the state to please get involved
with our brothers who ride and support them with your presence when they have a ride or an event. I feel it is
very important to have a vehicle follow to assist them in any way we can. Please contact me if you have any
questions or just to introduce yourself. My phone number is 601-291-3579 and my email is God bless you all and remember ....RAYWWF.
Marty McAlilly
Lt. Dismounted

I think it better to do right, even if we suffer in so doing, than to incur the reproach
of our consciences and posterity.
Robert E. Lee

Nothing ever stays the same, which is just a fact of life that must be accepted. People change, the world
changes and along with it attitudes and outlooks. Sadly, this has happened in regards to our beloved heritage and
all that goes with it, including our flags, monuments and even grave sites. THIS does not have to be accepted!
Progressives and the liberal left would erase any and all vestiges of our heritage and that which honors our
ancestors. And this is the key part . . . they will use any and all means to do so. They will not stop no matter how
many battles they lose, and they will take decades if necessary to accomplish their goals. We MUST have the same
drive and long range vision! If not, we will wake up one day and all will be lost. Dont think so? Look at how they
infiltrated higher education over decades and are now brainwashing our young to their ways!
If we are to be victorious in the long run, we have to change also. It would be wonderful if everyone carried
themselves with the same honor and character as we strive to uphold, but, the simple truth is most dont. NOW do
not misunderstand what I am about to say, we can still emulate the valor and honor our ancestors passed to us and
still Live The Charge in a way that would make them proud, but, unless we change our attitudes as an
organization, as a whole, we are destined to lose.
Brothers, the days of simply honoring our ancestors is over if we want to survive. If we dont become
proactive in a major way and fight our enemies on their terms we are doomed to extinction and our dear ancestors
will be forgotten. Not only will our ancestors be forgotten, but our posterity will be taught to vilify their own blood.
The days of going along to get along and of the granny camps must come to an end, and a new attitude must be
developed. The attitude that our ancestors had of taking the fight to the enemy and of asking and giving no quarter
must be the prevailing tactic because I promise you that is the exact tactic being used against us and it is successful.
It goes without saying that I am NOT speaking of violence or anything similar here. Im simply saying that
we must be involved in every area politically and in the realm of education, and use every means to defend our
heritage and the reputation of our ancestors. Even going so far as to groom our own for these positions. Those who
say that The Charge doesnt allow for political involvement or for
going on the offensive, are relics and should have no position of
leadership, for this attitude places us constantly on the defense and
dooms us to failure. We should elect those with vision and who have a
fire in their belly to WIN this war we are in, and not those who just
want to be left alone and survive! And we damn sure shouldnt elect
apologists or anyone that simply want to pad their SCV resume and
care nothing about standing strong and taking the fight to the enemy!
Of course we must still put Heritage Defense first, but it is our
means of doing this that must change and broaden, and those in our
ranks opposed to this must either get on board or step aside. We, in the Mechanized Cavalry, can and should be
the driving force and example for others to follow in this. Yes, yes, I know, we are part of the SCV and SCV

first and foremost. However, I also know without a shadow of a doubt we are so very much more! We can
build the ranks of the SCV with like-minded Compatriots who refuse to have our heritage relegated to
the ash heap of history or be looked down on, and along the way convert the old guard. We, the 1G, can
do this! Our ancestors built and defended this Nation! The greatest of this Nations forefathers were
Southern born and Southern bred. We truly honor them by not allowing our Country to convert to
something that would be unrecognizable to them.
Once you get them running, you stay right on top of them, and that way a small force can defeat a large one
every time... Only thus can a weaker country cope with a stronger; it must make up in activity what it lacks in
strength. - General Thomas Stonewall Jackson

The IOOF have for 84 years placed a wreath

on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington
Virginia. We are proud and honored to have the
IOOF come to our cemetery to perform this
ceremony for the first time! With full military
dressed participants, Color Guard, Honor Guard,
and A prayer.
Honor Guard will be formed consisting of
even ranks to present a complete Arch with
swords. Presenters of Wreath will begin their
march from the marble archway donated to the
Beauvoir property in 1917 by the UDC, the march will continue down the Bricks for
Beauvoir walkway and end at the Tomb of our Unknown Civil War Soldier. As with the
Arlington Ceremony, all Military Representatives will be in period dress for the ceremony.
Also present will be one guard at the tomb, doing a march of respect as the soldiers do
at the tomb in Virginia.
The placing of the wreaths is a Ceremony of Remembrance for those who have
given their lives to preserve the American way of life. This is also the organization that
presented Jefferson Davis a "Grand Decoration of Chivalry from GMC."
Call 228.388.4400 ext.217 or email or on the web

No Report Submitted By Central Squad For This Issue Of The

1G Dispatch

One of the most rewarding events this year was the Coopers Well headstone move to Soldiers Rest in
Cedar Hills Cemetery in Vicksburg. This was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by a
lot of individuals, not the least of which was 3rd Brigade Councilman Trent Lewis. Central Squad had the
honor of escorting these headstones, and leading a procession that extended over a mile. On April 22 of
this year, coinciding with Confederate Memorial Day, the Coopers Well Dedication will take place, and
it will be a huge event. Hopefully, if schedules allow, 1G Members from all over the State will take part in
this historic Dedication, and these brave Sons of the South will finally be honored as they deserve.

1G Members in attendance at Fall

Muster, along with some
brothers from Alabama and
Georgia. This was a great time
for all and as usual the 1G did
our duty helping out at
Beauvoir. BELOW: The Death
Mask and Death Wagon of
President Jefferson Davis. Props
to Greg Stewart and Beauvoir
for bringing them back home.

Below: Represented is the 1G, 1D and 3B.

Central Squad was well

represented at this years
Fall Muster. Wives and
children attended making it
a real family event. And as
usual the Dismounted was
on duty.

The 2016 1G Annual, was a great success. It had the largest attendance to date, and thanks to Lt. Patrick
Charlton and Chaplain Hunter Charlton whose church hosted the event, it was thoroughly enjoyed by
all. Great company, great food and a great day for everyone.

ABOVE: Captain Gunner Rutherford kicking off the

meeting with Chaplain Hunter Charleton prepared to
give the invocation. LEFT: 1st Lt. Kevin Nelms being
promoted to 1st Lt. of the 1G. A very deserving
promotion and wise move by our wise and visionary

LEFT: Sgt. Ken

Campbell, South
Squad, getting
his overdue
RIGHT: South
Squad Lt. Ron
Hilton being
recognized for
driving the most
miles to our

ABOVE LEFT: Brother Owen Big Irish McDowell reporting on Beauvoir to the 1G. ABOVE RIGHT: Sgt.
Michael Boteler Central Squad, bringing the Central Squad report. BELOW LEFT: Jamie Peckinpaugh
receiving a certificate for being the 1Gs youngest member. BELOW RIGHT: Carl Ford being recognized as
our most mature . . . oldest member.

ABOVE LEFT: Central Squad Lt. Billy Bryant, being promoted. ABOVE RIGHT: Lt. Marty
McAlilly, being promoted to Lt. of the Dismounted.

LEFT: Brevet Lt.

Marc Allen,
promoted and
is now the 1G
Public Relations
N.W. Squad
leader Corporal
Stan (Smiley)
receiving his
(Wonder how he
got the nickname

Two of our
brothers being
patched in to
the 1G. Bruce
Warren and
both of

BELOW: Corporal Michael Putnam, Barry Ellis and Mark Rivers, being administered the
Oath by Captain Rutherford.

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