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Spaghetti (Start) (Pasta Classica)

Macaroni (Start) (Mac Attack)

Gnocchi (Unlocked with Taylor at Day 2) (Gnocchi Fan)

Ravioli (Unlocked with Prudence at Rank 14) (Ravioli Pro)

Fettuccine (Unlocked with Gino Romano at Rank 25) (Fettuccini Fan)

Bowtie (Unlocked with Foodini at Rank 34) (Formal Attire)

Penne (Unlocked with Carlo Romano at Rank 50) (Pass the Penne)

Radiatori (Unlocked with Vicky at Rank 54) (Radiatori Rush)


Papa's Marinara Sauce (Start) (Papa's Recipe)

Creamy Alfredo Sauce (Start) (Cream of the Crop)

Three Cheese Sauce (unlocked with Tony at Rank 2) (Cheese Please)

Garlic Basil (Unlocked with Mindy at Rank 24) (Garlicious)

Beefy Bolognese (Unlocked with Matt at Rank 45) (Beefy Blast)


Meatballs (Start) (Meatball Mania)

Mushrooms (Start) (Mushroom Master)

Chicken (Unlocked with Clover at Rank 3) (Chicken Champ)

Sausage (Unlocked with Penny at Rank 9) (Sausage Grinder)

Tomatoes (Unlocked with Olivia at Rank 15) (Tomato Topper)

Shrimp (Unlocked with Kayla at Rank 20) (Shrimp Server)

Clam (Unlocked with Mitch at Rank 29) (Shellfish)

Onion (Unlocked with Sarge Fan! at Rank 35) (Onion Wrangler)

Prosciutto (Unlocked with Johnny at Rank 40) (Prosciutto Pro)

Fried Calamari (Unlocked with Captain Cori at Rank 49) (Side of Squid)

Green Pepper (Unlocked with Mayor Mallow at Rank 60) (Green Garnish)


Parmesan Cheese (Start) (Cheese Champion)

Grated Mozzarella (Unlocked with Sasha at Rank 4) (More Mozzarella)

Crushida Pepper (Unlocked with Big Pauly at Rank 10) (Explosion of Flavor)

Italian Seasoning (Unlocked with Bruna Romano at Rank 44) (Spice Blend)

Black Pepper (Unlocked with Hugo at Rank 55) (Freshly Ground)


Garlic Breadstick (Start) (Warm and Buttery)

Cheesy Bread (Unlocked with Timm at Rank 5) (Cheese Toast)

Foccacia (Unlocked with Alberto at Rank 13) (Grab a Slice)

Poppyseed Roll (Unlocked with Edna at Rank 30) (Poppy Pro)

Crescent Roll (Unlocked with Mandi at Rank 39) (Hot and Flaky)

Pepperoni Bread (Unlocked with Franco at Rank 59) (Pepperoni Pro)

Holiday Ingredients


Rico's Chili (Unlocked with Rico on the first day of Chilifest)

Cellentani (Unlocked at Day 2 of Chilifest)

Chili Pepper (Unlocked with Peggy at Rank 7 of Chilifest)

Cheddar Cheese (Unlocked with Wendy at Rank 8 of Chilifest)

Summer Luau

Shells (Unlocked with Chuck on the first day of Summer Luau)

Pineapple Pancetta (Unlocked with Cooper at Day 2 of Summer Luau)

Lemon Herb (Unlocked with Nevada at Rank 12 of Summer Luau)

Glazed Ham (Unlocked with Alberto at Rank 13 of Summer Luau)

Starlight Jubilee

Rocket Ragu (Unlocked with Boomer on the first day of Starlight Jubilee)

Stellini (Unlocked at Day 2 of Starlight Jubilee)

Provolone Stars (Unlocked with Pinch Hitwell at Rank 17 of Starlight Jubilee)

Blue Cheese (Unlocked with Kingsley at Rank 18 of Starlight Jubilee)

Neptune's Feast

Crab Mezzelune (Unlocked with Wally on the first day of Neptune's Feast)

Venetian Vongole (Unlocked at Day 2 of Neptune's Feast)

Creole Rub (Unlocked with Bertha at Rank 22 of Neptune's Feast)

Anchovies (Unlocked with Tohru at Rank 23 of Neptune's Feast)

Gondola 500

Hurry Curry (Unlocked with Nick on the first day of Gondola 500)

Mafaldine (Unlocked at Day 2 of Gondola 500)

Fried Ravioli (Unlocked with Scooter at Rank 27 of Gondola 500)

Garlic Rush (Unlocked with Trishna at Rank 28 of Gondola 500)


Vermicelli (Unlocked with Willow on the first day of Halloween)

Purple Pesto (Unlocked at Day 2 of Halloween)

Cauldron Powder (Unlocked with Kenji at Rank 32 of Halloween)

Mussels (Unlocked with Professor Fitz at Rank 33 of Halloween)


Pumpkin Pomodoro (Unlocked with Hank on the first day of Thaksgiving)

Harvest Tortellini (Unlocked at Day 2 of Thanksgiving)

Roasted Turkey (Unlocked with Sienna at Rank 37 of Thanksgiving)

Crushed Croutons (Unlocked with James at Rank 38 of Thanksgiving)


Festive Rotini (Unlocked with Santa on the first day of Christmas)

Roasted Romana (Unlocked at Day 2 of Christmas)

Yule Spice (Unlocked with Lisa at Rank 42 of Christmas)

Basil Leaf (Unlocked with Roy at Rank 43 of Christmas)

New Year

Midnight Marsala (Unlocked with Xandra on the first day of New Year)

Rainbow Gramigna (Unlocked at Day 2 of New Year)

Cheese Cubes (Unlocked with Cecilia at Rank 47 of New Year)

Rainbow Peppercorn (Unlocked with Yippy at Rank 48 of New Year)

Valentine's Day

Valentini (Unlocked with Scarlett on the first day of Valentine's Day)

Heartbeet Arrabbiata (Unlocked at Day 2 of Valentine's Day)

Spiced Saffron (Unlocked with Zoe at Rank 52 of Valentine's Day)

Cherry Tomato (Unlocked with Greg at Rank 53 of Valentine's Day)

St. Paddy's Day

Zesty Pesto (Unlocked with Georgito on the first day of St. Paddy's Day)

Cloveroni (Unlocked at Day 2 of St. Paddy's Day)

Broccoli (Unlocked with Cletus at Rank 57 of St. Paddy's Day)

Lucky Dust (Unlocked with Skyler at Rank 58 of St. Paddy's Day)

Romano Wedding

Cathedral Carbonara (Unlocked with Clair on the first day of Romano Wedding)

Fiori Risoni (Unlocked at Day 2 of Romano Wedding)

Bouquet Blend (Unlocked with Mary at Rank 62 of Romano Wedding)

Pickled Eggs (Unlocked with Little Edoardo at Rank 63 of Romano Wedding)