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Problems based on Potential flow

1. A velocity field is given by V= Axy


+ B y j ; A= 0.2m-1s-1, B is a constant and the

coordinates are measured in meters.

(i) Determine the value and units for B if this velocity field is to represent an incompressible flow.
(ii) Calculate the acceleration of a fluid particle at point (x,y)= (2,1). Evaluate the component of
particle acceleration normal to the velocity vector at this point.

2. By Integrating pressure, show that the drag on half body is zero.

3. The velocity field for a plane vortex sink is given by

where q=2 m3/s/m and K=1 m3/s/m. The fluid density is 1000 kg/m3. Find the acceleration at (1, 0),
(1, /2), and (2, 0). Evaluate

p under the same conditions.

4. The velocity distribution in a two-dimensional steady flow field in the xy plane

where A=2 s-1, B=5 m/s, and C=3 m/s; the coordinates are measured in meters,

and the body force distribution is g =-g k .

(i) Does the velocity field represent the flow of an incompressible fluid?
(ii) Find the stagnation point of the flow field.
(iii) Obtain an expression for the pressure gradient in the flow field. Evaluate the
difference in pressure between point (x, y)=(1, 3) and the origin, if the density is
1.2 kg/m3.
1. Attempt the problem even if you are not sure if you can get result.
2. Last date for submission is 11-05-2016 mid-night.
3. Late submission will not be accepted- I need to see you make an attempt to solve the problem.
4. If you had discussed and arrived at solution, kindly inform in mail the problem which you
discussed and solved.
5. Submission of soft copy will do.

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