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90 kg

Class a fire

2.1 m

Class b
1.50 m


not less
than 1,000
not less
than one-

What is the minimum scale for plans and specific

locations of all accessibility facilities?
Under BP 344, signage on walls and doors should
be located at a maximum and minimum height
The aggregate area of all penthouses and other
roof structures shall not exceed ___ of the area of
the supporting roof.
Slide escapes shall have ___ of the required no. of
unit of exit width
In requirement for fire escape stairs, handrails
and guards shall be constructed to withstand a
force of?
According to BP 344,what is the minimum seating
space for wheelchair in places of assembly with
seating capacity of 51-300?
Fire involving combustible metals such as
magnesium, sodium & other similar metalsa)
Class d fire
For corridor and exterior exit balconies, the
height should not be less than ___ measured from
the lowest projection from the ceiling
Handrails shall be provided on ramps with a slope
ratio steeper than ___
This classification of fire is caused by flammable
and combustible liquids and gases.
According to the BP 344, Crossings of roads that
exceeds a width of 10 meters shall have central
refuges with a minimum depth of at least?
SECTION 1606. Plastic Light Diffusers in Ceilings
Ceiling light diffusers having an area greater than
___ of any 10.00 sq. meters of room area shall be
of approved plastics conforming to the
requirements specified in the Code.
Fire pumps shall have a capacity of ______ per
minute with a pressure not less than 2 kilograms
per square centimeter at the topmost hose
Arrangement of Exits. If only two (2) exits are
required, they shall be placed a distance apart to

fifth (1/5)

1.2 m
2.0 m

15 days

1.80 m


one in ten
800 mm
3.0 m

_________ of the perimeter of the area served

measured in a straight line between exits.
A smoke proof enclosure shall exit into a public
way or into an exit passageway leading to a
public way. The exit passageway shall be without
other openings and shall have walls, floors, and
ceilings of ___-hour fire-resistance.
A building permit shall become null and
void if the work is not commenced within _____
What is the minimum width of walkways required
by the BP 344 or The Accessibility Law?
What is the minimum headroom clearance for
walkways required by the BP 344 or The
Accessibility Law? Preferably, this clearance
should be higher.
When the application for building permit and the
plans and specifications conforms to the
requirements of the Building Code and its IRR,
the Building Official shall issue the building
permit applied for within how many days?
Mezzanine floor shall have clear ceiling height
not less than ________ above and below it.
Ovens shall be located at or above grade, or if in
basements at least ______ of the wall area of the
room in which the oven is located shall be above
Appropriate portable fire extinguishers shall be
provided in _______ coating areas.
Steel or metal framing of buildings shall be
grounded with resistance of not more than ____
He is the official charged with the duties of
issuing building permits.
Entrance or exit ramps shall have a slope not
Sidewalks of 2.0M or more in width shall include
on its outer side a planting strip of not less than
The clearance between the established grade of
the street and/or sidewalk and the lowest under
surface of any part of the balcony shall not be

2.40 m
1/8 of the
right of way
1.83 meters
9 meters

100 mm
one (1) in
eight (8)
300 mm

0.35 meters


1500 mm x
1500 mm

Not less
than 76 cm

less than
Fences shall be built of an approved material not
less than
The width of the sidewalk shall not be less than
Any corridor shall be not less than _____ wide.
Smoke and/or heat detectors shall be installed on
the ceiling of each storey in front of the doors to
the stairways and at no greater than _____
spacing in the corridors of all floors containing
the centers.
What is the minimum height of curbs in both side
of the ramp?
The aggregate area of all penthouses and other
roof structures shall not exceed _______of the
area of the supporting roof.
The slope of a ramp shall not exceed________.
How long shall be the extension of the
hand rail on both bottom and top of ramps?
What is the maximum cross gradient for dropped
side walk that shall be sloped towards the road to
prevent water from collecting?
What is the maximum height of tapping rail
adjacent to a surface?
An automatic fire detection and alarm system, in
accordance with Section, shall be
provided for any hotel or dormitory having
accommodations of _____ guests at minimum. For
less guests, a manual fire alarm system shall be
For Parking spaces having 500-1000 number of
parking slots, the required number of accessible
parking slots for PWD should be _______ of the
total number of parking slots.
In corridors, turnabout spaces should be provided
for wheelchairs to turn around; these spaces shall
have a minimum dimension of __________ and
shall be spaced at a maximum of 12.00 m.
Every portion of any assembly building which
contains seats, tables, displays, equipment, or






3.0 m

750 mm

1.80 m

other materials shall be provided with aisles

leading to exit. When serving sixty (60) seats or
less, aisles shall be _____ wide.
In auditoriums, arenas, theaters, and other
assembly areas, If the total seating capacity has
reached more than 1000, then the accessible
seating accommodations for wheelchairs should
be how many percent of the total seating
Which of the following is NOT a Basic Physical
Planning Requirement for Accessibility according
to BP 344 or the Accessibility Law?
What is the maximum cross gradient for dropped
curbs sloping towards the road to prevent water
from collecting at the walkway?
Runways and ramps shall be provided with ____
spaced not more than 20 mm apart when the rise
is steeper than 1:3
The horizontal distance between the outermost
building/structure line of a lower floor and that of
a higher floor, wherein the outermost building
line of a higher floor is farther from the property
How many exits are required when a stand or a
section of a stand accommodates more than
1000 occupants; except for an open air stand
with seats without backrest unless there are
accommodations for more than 3000 occupants?
As per PD 1096, what is the minimum width for
access road to interior lots.
With standard seating, the spacing of rows of
seats from back-to-back shall be not less than ___
Railings shall be provided for balconies, landings,
or porches which are more than ____above grade.
Works in buildings/structures involving changes
in the materials used, partitioning, and
location/size of openings, structural parts,
existing utilities and equipment but does not
increase the building height and/or floor area.
Under BP 344, Any ramp with a rise greater than

750 mm
1.20 M


1.40 m
a. 12.00 m


six meters
(6 m)
Canopy or

0.20 m. and leads down towards an area where

vehicular traffic is possible, it should have a
railing across the full width of its lower end not
less than _________ from the foot of the ramp.
Temporary stairs shall not be less than _____
Minimum clear width for Accessible Ramps
Slip resistant materials shall have a Coefficient of
Friction of ____ for level surfaces
The International Symbol of Access shall be
composed of a ______ symbolized figure of a
person in a wheelchair with a square background
in UN Blue Color.
Signs (graphics, text, and Braille) on walls and
doors should be installed at a maximum height of
_____ m from the finish floor to the center of the
What is the minimum height location of signs on
walls and doors?
Recesses or turnabout spaces should be provided
for wheelchairs to turn around or to enable
another wheelchair to pass; these spaces shall
have a minimum area of 1.50 m x 1.50 m and
shall be spaced at a maximum of __________.
When two (2) exits or exit access doors are
required, they shall be located at a distance from
one another not less than ____________of the
length of the maximum over-all diagonal
dimension of the building or area to be served,
measured in a straight line between the nearest
edge of the exit doors or exit access doors.
An exterior way of exit access shall be arranged
so that there are no
dead-ends in excess of _____________ length.
It is a permanent roofed structure above a door
attached to and supported by the building and
projecting over a wall or sidewalk. This includes
any object or decoration attached.
According to the 2004 Revised IMPLEMENTING

8.0 m

for knee and
leg space
under tables
users is 1.00
One point


not less
than 1.50m
1.20 m

and lifts
shall be

how many SET OF PLANS should be provided for

the application of building permit?
The 2004 Revised IRR of the 1977 NBCP
prescribes a minimum front
setback of how many meters (m) for medium to
high density residential (R-2 to R-3) buildings/
structures that are three (3.0) storeys or higher?
The supporting frame of an elevator to which are
attached the car platform, guide shoes, elevator
car safety, hoisting ropes (or sheaves), and/or
associated equipment.
Under Rule II of BP 344
Which of the following does not serve as a guide
for the anthropometric data for Persons with
Disability regarding the provision of adequate
space for wheelchair maneuvering?

Under Rule XX of the 2004 Revised IRR of the

1977 NBCP, it is stated that for non-arcaded road
rights-of-way (RROWs)/ streets, signs shall not
extend more than _________ meters (_____ m) over
the sidewalk, the distance to be measured
horizontally from the wall line or building line
In a building without an approved, supervised
automatic sprinkler system, the travel distance to
an exit from any point shall not exceed:
The length of a ramp should not exceed 6.00 m. if
the gradient is 1:12; longer ramps whose
gradient is 1:12 shall be provided with?
Under BP 344
Corridors shall have minimum clear width of
_______; waiting areas and other facilities or
spaces shall not obstruct the minimum clearance
Under RA 9514 Fire Safety Provision
Which is not a provision on Fire Safety
Construction, Protective and Warning System?

used at high
floors during
s to
number of


Air Handling
Republic Act
No. 9266
More than
nosings are
preferred to
nosings so
as not to
difficulty for

According to RA 9514
A vertical panel of non-combustible or fire
resistive materials attached to and extending
below the bottom chord of the roof trusses, to
divide the underside of the roof into separate
compartments so that heat and smoke will be
directed upwards to a roof vent.
_______ is a vital part of any heating or cooling
system. It is usually found in an air conditioner,
because it is particularly good at absorbing heat
when air is passed through it. the liquid form of a
chemical such as Freon to a gas while absorbing
the heat in the procedure.
This device as part of an HVAC system is
designed for outdoors use, typically on roofs, is
also known as rooftop unit.
With what Republic Act (R.A.) was said section
and subsection of the 2004
Revised IRR of the 1977 NBCP harmonized?
Appendix A of BP 344
Dropped curbs shall be ramped towards adjoining
curbs with a gradient not _____________?
Under BP 344
Which of the following is not a provision for the
design and planning of stairs?

crutches or
whose feet
have a
tendency to
get caught
in the

slots should
have a
width of
2.70 m
30.50 m

200 mm


900 mm

900 liters

According to the Fire Code of the Philippines

It is a piece of metal or an electrical conductor
used to bypass a safety device in an electrical
Which of the following is not true in the provision
for accessibility of parking spaces in BP 344?

In the Revised Fire Code of the Philippines, Travel

distance between any room or intended as exit
access and an exit shall not exceed a distance of?
In Spiral Stairs, riser heights shall not exceed a
distance of?
Under Rule II of BP 344
What principle in achieving full participation and
enjoyment of the environment or be made
unequal with the rest due to any disability, states
that finding a person's way inside and outside of
a building or open space shall be made easy for
Adequate railings when required shall be built
substantially strong and should be at least _____
in height.
As per B.P. 344 IRR, lever type locksets and other
hardware should be located between 20 mm and
1.06 m above the floor; the preferred height is
As per P.D. 1096, dry standpipes shall be of such
size as to be capable of delivering ___________ of

1 in 10
200 mm,
280 mm
15 cm, 19

two (2)

Class A
1.10 meters
15 m
2 hours


0.85 m
Group e

water per minute from each of any three outlets

simultaneously under the pressure created by
one fire engine or pumper based on the standard
equipment available.
As per P.D. 1096, a ramp with a slope exceeding
_______ shall have handrails.
As per P.D. 1096, the maximum rise of treads
shall not exceed _________ and the minimum
width of the run shall be __________, respectively.
According to Fire Code of the Philippines IRR,
every exit shall have the word "EXIT" in plainly
legible letters not less than ______ high with the
principal strokes of letters not less than nineteen
______ wide, respectively.
In all occupancies, floors above the first storey
having an occupant load of more than ten (10)
shall not have less than _______ exits.
Fires involving ordinary combustible materials
such as wood, cloth, rubber and plastics.
Stairways serving an occupant load of more than
fifty (50) shall not be less than _____.
What is the minimum embossed height for tactile
symbols, letters and numbers?
What is the maximum travel distance to
extinguisher for Low Class A Hazard?
Walls connected by a horizontal exit between
buildings shall be of non-combustible material
having a ___ fire resistance rating.
Accessible elevators should be located not more
than ___ meters from the entrance and should be
easy to locate with the aid of signs.
Minimum width of a curb-out should be ___.
Under the Revised Fire Code of the Philippines, it
is a liquid which causes fire when in contact with
organic matter or with certain chemicals.
In the National Building Code of the Philippines,
all buildings proposed for construction are
identified according to their use or the character
of occupancy. Which group does wholesale and
retail stores, office buildings, drinking and dining
establishments having an occupant load of less

450 mm

112 cm

8 inches
in height
and 11
inches in
510 mm

stairways @
250 mm.

than one hundred persons, printing plants, police

and fire stations belong?
Under BP 344, A lavatory shall be installed at
_________distance from center line to adjacent
Under the Fire Code of the Philippines , horizontal
exits for hospital or nursing home may use a
single door if it serves one direction only and is at
least ______________.
Under BP 344, Accessible parking slots shall be
located nearest to
The minimum dimension for an emergency
evacuation plan shall be

Under the Fire Code of the Philippines, the

vestibule ceiling shall be not less than ________
higher than the door opening into the vestibule.
Building Laws on PD 1096
According to PD 1096 under rule XII, _____
stairways can be used as an exit provided that it
have a run with a minimum width of ___mm.

Building Laws on PD 1096
As stated on Table XII.1 of the building code, the
following have a unit area per occupant of 4.60
sq. meters EXCEPT ________.
3.00 meters
Building Laws on PD 1096
Minimum easement along water bodies or way on
urban areas is __meters per side of waterway.
through lot
Building Laws on PD 1096

Lot type with 5% open space for E, F, G, H, & J

300mm =


3.70 m
2.25 sq m

10 %

Kick Plate

30 sq.
meters of
) Step type

Building Laws on PD 1096

On rule VI of the building code hollow unit
masonry partitions shall have a thickness of
__mm. to provide __hrs of fire resistance.
PD. 1096 Foundations may be permitted to
encroach into public sidewalk areas to a width
not exceeding ____ provided that the top of the
said foundation is not less than 600 mm below
established grade
According to BP 344, Accessible parking slots
should have a minimum width of _____.?
Under BP 344. If the gradient of a ramp is 1:12,
the length of a ramp should not exceed _?
BP 344. A turning space of ___ sq.m. with a
minimum dimension of 1.50 m. for wheelchair
shall be provided for water closet stalls for lateral
Under BP 344. __ percent (%) of the total number
of units of government-owned living
accommodations shall be accessible and fully
usable by the disabled persons
BP 344. Doors along major circulation routes
should be provided with _____ made of durable
materials at a height of 0.30 m. to 0.40 m.
BP 344. It is the preferred design of a stair in
consideration for people using crutches or
PD 1096 For churches and similar places of
worship, how many square meters are required
for 1 car parking slot and 1 jeepney/ shuttle
parking slot?
A type of escalator with metal steps and can go
up/down, flat, then up/down again.
Maximum length of ramp before an intermediate