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Issue Nr 9, Oct. 1997

Renew OWC General Membership Meeting - November 20th

Membership By Al Akers Management in Fairfax
County.” There will be an
The Occoquan Water- opportunity for questions.
Dear Members: shed Coalition General We have invited Dele-
Because of re- Membership Meeting will
duced costs in gate Jay O’Brien, Chair-
be held on Thursday, man Kate Hanley, Super-
1997, we elected November 20, 1997 at 7:30
to forgo dues for visor Elaine McConnell,
PM in the Clifton Com- Supervisor Stuart
1997. Many
Assns and individ- munity Hall in Clifton. Mendelsohn, and County
uals already paid Executive Bob O’Neil.
their 1997 dues. This will be a signifi- Be certain your Associ-
We applied all cant meeting. We will elect ation is represented. We
the Springfield District
such payments to new and renew terms of need and want your input
Council, on “Applying
membership fees some directors and con-
Brakes to Traffic on these important issues.
for 1998. sider a change to the By-
Membership Growth”, and by Jerry
laws . Presentations will Thursday, Nov 20th
runs on a calen- Sims and Capt Mike Bice
be made by Jim Chesley, 7:30 PM
dar year basis. from the Virginia Dept. of
Mayor of the Town of Clifton Community Hall
We will accept Game and Inland Fish-
Clifton and Chairman of
1998 fees at any eries on “Deer and Deer
time and ask that
they be paid by
Dec. 31, 1997.
Deer Management Survey
beyond our Mem- By Al Akers/Bill Cole The speakers listed below, Game & Inland Fisheries
bership Fees have The tragic incident of the have experience with deer Included with this
been and are ap- 49 year-old woman who died management and are knowl- Newsletter is a Deer Man-
preciated We are recently after her automobile edgeable about programs else- agement Survey. This sur-
totally a volunteer collided with a Deer in the where in Virginia and in the vey was developed from
organization and McLean area makes this United States. Overpopulation surveys previously used by
volunteers are not meeting timely and of con- of deer is not just a Fairfax the Virginia Cooperative
paid for their ef- cern to us all. This matter County problem, it is a Re- Extension, Department of
forts. Please con- was also discussed by the gional and National issue with
sider adding a Fisheries and Wildlife Ser-
Fairfax County Board of Su- approximately 500,000 vehicu- vices from the Virginia
contribution to as-
sist in our overall
pervisors (BOS) in their lar/deer accidents yearly in the Polytechnic Institute &
collective efforts. Board Meeting on Monday, U.S. State University, Blacks-
Thank you. October 27, 1997. After Rick Busch, Assistant Di- burg, VA and from the City
some discussion the BOS di- rector of Wildlife Division, VA of Minnetonka, Minnesota.
Bill Cole rected the County Staff to Dept. of Game & Inland Fish- Our objective is to
review the various findings eries obtain and collect expe-
and proposals relating to Jerry Sims, Wildlife Biolo- riences with deer from
deer management and rec- gist Manager, VA Dept. of our membership in this
ommend appropriate actions Game & Inland Fisheries region of the Springfield
to the Board within 30 days. Captain Mike Bice, Law ( Continued on reverse page)
Enforcement Div., Dept. of
(Deer Survey - Continued from Page 1)

District. There is no quick fix or simple solution that will resolve deer-human conflicts. We appreciate that there
are differing opinions on what should be done or whether we should simply do nothing. We further understand
that there has been a contentious debate over how to curb or control the ever-growing population of deer.
However, after compiling your responses we should have a better understanding of the overall membership’s
feelings and preferences regarding deer management alternatives that can or should be used in this area.

Your opinions and input are important. Please take the time to complete the survey and return it. Your
comments and opinions will be included in a summary report that will be presented at the OWC General
Membership Meeting on November 20 .

Please complete enclosed survey and

Return it by mail by November 14th


Occoquan Watershed Coalition

10600 Sandy Run Trail
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2430


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