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Just JR
kin ny Intern
nn ie S chiavoni
Co Editor-In-Chief
Tallulah Doherty

Art Direction

Cover Edgar Hoffmann

*with the help of Deniz Tekkul
Photography: Stefani Ania Suffo
Styling: Ashley Falcon Features Editor
Hair and Make-Up: Alvin Matium
Model: Elena Marshalova Rachel Royce
@ Premier model management PR
Grace Carroll
Video Editing
Anna Thiessen
Sean Collymore Marie Schuller
Julius Gregorio Contributors
India Hobson
Lucie Hugary Carlene Thomas Bailey
Eliot & Erick Jimenez Adjoa Gharban
Sarah Louise Jones Alexis J
Jason Kim Laura Walls
John Rozier Grace Carroll
Stefani Ania Suffo Adjoa Wiredu
Heather Talbert Biki John
Grant Thomas Iveta Karpathyova
Enrique Vega Hayden Williams
Cameron James Wilson Lucy Laucht
Sarah Michelle
Laurel Waldron Marie Schuller
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1 Three Trends To Wear Now 14 Five Minutes With... 27 Power Girl vs. Domestic Goddess
Clogs, New Nudes, and Tribal Magda Pietrobelli (co-founder Adjoa Wiredu explores our shifting
Prints. of boutique & online store Pixie priorities. And whether we’re
Market.) turning our backs on the culture
2 Blog Loving of consumption and “having it all”.
Carolina Engman of 15 Glossy Video Interview:
a & Olivia Palermo 28 Home Alone
Yuri Lee, Founder of & Skinny intern Photographed by John Rozier

3 Spring Fever 16 Strike A Pose 29 Boudoir

Photographed by Stefani Ania Suffo Photographed by Stefani Ania Suffo Photographed by Jason Kim

4 Model Bloggers 17 Magazine Mania 30 Girl, I feel like a woman

Our top picks of the best model We catch up with the founders of Sia Dimitriadi’s spring/summer
blogs on the net.  online magazine Sokozine and collection has us going all girly.
fashion zine LoveWant to find out
5 Fierce how they started their mags and 31 Glossy Video Interview:
Photographed by Eliot & Erick what makes them tick. Blogger and all round fashionista
Jimenez Hanneli Mustaparta
18 Softly, Softly
6 Models On & Off Duty Photographed by India Hobson 32 Glossy Spotlight:
We catch up with some of New Kristin Ferrandino, Founder &
York’s hottest up and coming 19 From Africa With Love Editor of Prim Magazine
models to compare their “on duty” We look into the origins of the
to their “off duty” looks tribal print takeover. 33 Park Life
Photographed by Grant Thomas
7 Glossy Video Interview 20 Overexposed
Sessilee Lopez In the wake of the Terry Richardson 34 INKED
& Lily Heine scandal, Laura Walls explores the Iveta Karpathyova illustrates
dynamics between photographer spring/summer’s hottest trends.
8 Cosmic Girl and photographed.
Photographed by Julius Gregorio 35 Girl Crush
21 Designer Spotlight: Va$htie Kola
9 Glossy Meets... Fannie Schiavoni
Jamie Richards, Just JR, We caught up with the Swedish 36 Supermodels born, London-based sensation to Then & Now - Hayden Williams
find out about her journey from illustrates our favourite 90s
10 Nailing It: Valley fashion student to fashionista’s supermodels and their noughties
Nail Art is summer’s hottest beauty favourite. counterparts!
trend. Valley, based in New York,
was one of the first Stateside 22 Colour Pop 37 Australian Fashion Week Frolick
salons to offer the service. Carlene Photographed by Enrique Vega Our intrepid reporter Lucy Laucht
Thomas-Bailey dropped in to check got into the thick of it at Australian
out the hotspot. 23 Glossy Video Interview: Fashion Week to get the lowdown
Amber Le Bon on the hottest collections from
11 Neon Brights & Karlie Kloss down under.
Photographed by Cameron James
Wilson 24 Behind The Lens 38 Style Stars
Zoey Grossman – The super Our gorgeous stylistas reveal
12 Beautiful Freaks talented potograpers chats to their style tips.
Adjoa Gharban sheds light on us about her career and her
how to wear those tricky summer love of road trips. 39 Pretty Tomboy
must haves. photographed by Sean Collymore
25 We Want Her Wardrobe
13 Me Time Magdalena Frackowiak 40 Hot List
Photographed by Heather Talbert
26 My Angel Gabriele 41 Glossy ♥ Emma Manley
Photographed by Lucie Hugary
New Nudes

eige and biscuit tones dominated on the
S/S 10 catwalks most notably at Chloe
and are set to filter down into our ward-
robes. To avoid looking like a character from the
Jilly Cooper novel “Riders” keep it simple and
chic. Kate Bosworth works it perfectly in her
oversized blazer and matching shorts and
maxi skirt teamed with a pale grey top. High
street store Zara have a great selection of
pieces to choose from.  If you’re afraid
of looking a bit washed out go for
nude toned shoes - guaran-
teed leg lengtheners. 

3 r
to no

old tribal prints
are here to stay.
And are more
versatile than they first
appear. More daring
fashionistas should go
for striking patterned
dresses, t-shirts and
leggings. While, those of
us who would rather give
a passing nod to the trend
can do so by incorporting
statement jewellery and
accessories into our

fashion arsenal. 

o Clogs

he precarious wooden blocks
are in the spotlight this season
- thanks to Chanel and a
certain Ms. Chung. They look
great worn with cut offs a la
Ashley Olsen and are
available in a variety
of style. Our favourites
are the Miu Miu cat print
ones so darn cute!
Image via
Glossy Meets...
Jamie Richards, Just JR
How did you come up with the idea What’s the process of putting together
for Monochrome magazine and what an issue of Monochrome magazine. 
made you want to put together your For the first issue I’m working on for this
own magazine? summer, I’ll be interviewing a few people
I created Monochrome to have a selection for features then working on getting a few
of special features on a range of subjects editorials done, so a lot of emails, phone
through imagery and interviews, to both calls and pulling clothes.
inspire and explain to readers.  
Why have you chosen to make
Your blog JustJR is a staple of the Monochrome an online magazine? 
blogroll of many fashionistas. How I would like to expand to print but I think
did you come up with the concept being online, its easier to send a message to
for it. And what do you think sets it the readers, and its interesting to have your
apart from other fashion blogs?  concept available for anyone to discover.
The initial concept was to have a blog
with images I found cool or inspiring, What are your favourite blogs
but this developed into collages and and magazines? 
special projects. I think its different I love print! So there is a long list
to a lot of blogs because there is of favourite magazines, but the
little text and less of an opinion. main ones would be:
Selfservice / GQ US / Purple Fashion
Can you tell us a bit about your Magazine / Hercules / Fantastic Man /
background and how you got Numero / Vogue Hommes / Man About
into the fashion industry?   Town / Apartamento / Interview / Details
My family is from London but I was raised / AD /  The Journal / Electric Youth (EY!)
in Paris before moving back to Great / Monocle / The Last Magazine / Arena
Britain. I became friends with people who Homme + / L’Officiel Hommes / V /
work in (or are connected with) the industry VMAN (and many more)
which has helped give me a few contacts. for blogs, I like to check around but
the ones I visit most frequently include:
NYT The Moment, JJJJound, COACD, Blogs, Selfservice Blog, Valet
Mag, US GQ Blogs, Chanel News,
MagCulture >>

odel looks aside there's no disputing that
Magdalena Frackowiak knows how to
work it on and off the runway. Her every-
day pieces consist of comfy basics - denim cut offs,
leggings and checked shirts - cleverly accessorized
with stand out items like her super sharp trilby, which
all add up to a look that's casual yet refuses to be
ignored. And let's face it those cheekbones work with
absolutely everything darling! Magdalena, Glossy
salutes you!


Glossy Spotlight

Kr randino
Founder & Editor
of Prim Magazine

I know you’ve probably been asked fashion shows and I was turned away interview and I never know how to
this about a million times but what at the door until I called someone answer; I guess I need to seriously
inspired you at just 14 years old to inside I knew to come and save me; start thinking about it. I definitely do
start your own magazine - where do people never think I’m the editor. It’s not set time apart each day to solely
you think you got the drive to do it? also hard not to have such a major work on prim. I guess I assess what I
I have always been driven by social life like I used to. As you can need to accomplish and tailor my day
aesthetics; I was the kid that was probably imagine, it’s extremely to fit those needs.
shunned by the rest of the grade for difficult to balance work and school,
being “weird”. I never really minded not to mention a thriving social life, but How is the magazine funded?
it though because I knew something I make time for it. The magazine is funded by my family
would come of it someday; I was and me. Of course, the cost is diffused
always determined. I began my first What do all your friends make of the when we sell print copies and obtain
style blog in the seventh grade and it fact that you’re a magazine editor? advertisers.
was really nothing special. I got bored Honestly, I don’t think many of them
of writing and taking photos alone so really care. I do not go to an art school Do you see yourself running Prim
decided to begin my own publication; and it’s not such a major deal to the as a full time business once you get
sure it was a major jump but I decided students that I run a fashion magazine. I older?
to take a risk. do have friends from other schools that I do somewhat see that. It would
think my job is absolutely amazing definitely be hard to leave it since I
What’s been the best thing about though. Whether people appreciate or have edited it from the very beginning.
working on Prim? hate my work I’m still going to make it, What I would leave it for has to be a
Definitely attending all the events so whether my friends love or loathe it job that is just to die for, and even then
(Fashion Week is clearly a favorite), I couldn’t care less. I’m not sure I would go.
being shot at various photo shoots,
and answering interviews like these. It’s Do you find it difficult to give Do you think if the internet didn’t
always fun to do something different direction to other creatives you work exist you would still have been able
each day. I also love booking people with due to the age gap? to start up your own magazine and
who personally inspire me for prim. I Not at all! In the beginning it was have it be as successful as it is or
usually handle the booking for each definitely a struggle trying to tell do you think it would be impossible
issue. people I (hopefully) wasn’t going to fail without the net and everything it
but I think I have proved that with time. offers?
What’s been the worst thing about Definitely not! I would not be able
working on Prim? Most of us struggle to hold down one to contact people easily, get as
I think it’s just been tough trying to job not to mention two how do you fit much press as I do, and get
convince people I really am the editor. in Prim around your school work? essential information as easily.
So many times I have showed up for I am asked this question in every
pa rk

Black satin bustier top – Beyond Retro

Pale pink suit trousers – Beyond Retro
C Va$htie Kola

usic Video Director / Designer / Party
Promoter Va$htie aka "Downtown Sweet-
heart" reminds us of the cool girl at school
who was often imitated but never outshone. This New
York City "it" girl has had an enviable career that
includes directing music videos for Solange and Kid
Cudi, starting up clothing label Violette which mixes
her tomboy flair with high fashion sensibilities to
create something truly unique and hosting a weekly
90s themed party that attracts both hip hop heavy-
weights and well heeled fashionistas such as Mary
Kate Olsen, Cassie, Diddy, Mos Def and more. But ca-
reer success aside, we love the fact that she's some-
one who clearly loves what she does and imbues her
work with her inimitable charisma. 

Vashtie Glossy salutes you!

Check out these great interviews with
Vashtie via Nitrolicious and Hypebeast:

Check out video interviews with Vashtie on Youtube:

Find out More About Vashtie at
Linda Evangelista & Natasha Poly Christy Turlington & Rosie Huntington Whiteley

When did you first realise you down since. My family and friends have Where do you find your inspiration ?
had a talent for drawing ? been very encouraging all the way, so Well, when I was younger I was
It was my Mother who first noticed I it’s cool to have such a great support obsessed with Disney movies and I
had a talent for drawing. She always system behind me. They know I'm super used to draw all the female characters
tells this story. I was about 3 years old passionate about what I do! so I guess that was my inspiration back
and my mother was running a bath   then. I literally used to watch a Disney
for me. I was drawing on my bed and Are you currently working as movie, pause it when my favourite
when she told me it was bath time, I a full time illustrator ? female character was on screen and
just carried on drawing anyway so I In my mind, I’m a full time illustrator draw her over and over again. I used
think that made her a little cross with but I also see myself as a fashion to pause the video so much, my Father
me. Time went by and eventually she designer because I’m always coming used to get so mad at me haha. I was
came over to me, threw down my pencil up with new designs through illustration also obsessed with Jessica Rabbit
and told me to get in the bath then she and once I have done a collection of from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’
decided to actually take a look at what runway models wearing my designs, and used to draw her all the time. The
I had drawn and was very shocked at I put them in a little portfolio. It’s like female form and silhouette has always
how professional my drawings were at I’m a real life designer and so much fun! been so intriguing to me! Now that I’m
such a young age. She then showed my I give myself schedules and deadlines a teenager, the cartoon style drawings
father and my sister and so basically for finishing my collections like a real I did as a child have progressed into
since I picked up a pencil all those designer would. I guess it's a great professional fashion illustrations and
years ago, I haven’t been able to put it preparation for what I want to do! I have perfected drawing females.
Naomi Campbell & Sessilee Lopez Cindy Crawford & Jessica Stam

mod els
hen T
Hayden Williams illustrates our
favourite 90s supermodels and their
noughties counterparts!

Hayden Williams