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Task Outline
1. Go to url:
2. Create login/username and password
3. Add Class
a. Click on add class
b. Add students names
c. Choose avatars
d. Click done adding students
e. Open parent letters
f. Print parent letters
4. Set up Behaviors
a. Click add behavior
b. Add and edit behaviors
c. Select point values
d. Click needs work
e. Add and edit negative behaviors
f. Select point values
g. Click finish
5. Awarding Points
a. Click student
b. Award point for behavior
c. Click whole class
d. Award point for behavior
6. Create Groups
a. Click groups
b. Select students to put into groups
c. Click award group
d. Add point to group
7. Class Story
a. Click update
8. Messaging
a. Click messages
9. Settings
a. Click settings
b. Click edit students
c. Click students
d. Click parents
e. Click behaviors
f. Click sharing
g. Click X
10. Reset Bubbles
a. Click settings
b. Select students
c. Click reset bubbles
11. Reports
a. Click view reports
b. Select students name

c. Click finish
12. Attendance
a. Click attendance
b. Select students
c. Click save attendance
13. Award Multiple
a. Click award multiple
b. Select students
c. Choose behavior
d. Award point
14. Random
a. Click random
b. Choose behavior
c. Award point
15. Timer
a. Click timer
b. Choose time
c. Click start

SCRIPT: Class Dojo

Screen cast content outline task analysis and script for

Action on Screen
Begin recording. Intro go to
Click on sign-up in right corner

Click on teacher

Complete the info needed

Click Add class

Add each students name in class


Click done adding students

Click next

Click on parent letter in left corner


Back to classdojo click done with


Hello and welcome to this video tutorial on how to use the
Class Dojo.
Im going to show you how to use class dojo. We are going
to sign up for new users.
You will click on the teacher button. We will sign up as a
You will fill in the info using your school email.
We are going to create our class.
I did this part with my class on the smart board. Each
student would come to the board and after I typed their
name, they would choose their avatar.
Once we have added all students click next.
Now we are going to invite parents so that they can keep up
with their childs behavior each day.
The letters can be printed and sent home to parents. This is
what each letter will look like.
Now we will spend some time customizing the behaviors and
skills. I also did this on the smart board with class so that we
could decide on the behaviors together.


Click on Add Behavior

We have five rules in our class, so we created a positive and

negative for each rule.


Click on point weight

Once you have decided on the points click save.


Click on needs work

Now we will decide on the negative points. This is done the

same way.


Click finish

Once we have added all points and behaviors.


Click groups


Click class story


Click messages


Click on student


Click class dojo

We can now create groups to add points. I did this by table

groups, so If a whole table can be awarded positive or
negative points.
This is almost like a facebook feed for parents and students
to see. If we do something exciting this day I will add it to our
story. Like getting a compliment form an administrator.
The messaging system is a great way to communicate with
parents about behavior. This is also where you can see if parents
have jointed yet.
If you have parents cell phone numbers you can send a text.
There is a wonderful app that also goes along with the
We are going to go back to the home screen.


Click guide to your first week

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of using class
dojo for the first week in your classroom.


Click attendance


Click Award multiple


Click random


Click timer


Click connect students


Select Reset Bubbles

This is a tool to mark attendance as well as keep track so that

if points are awarded to the entire class they wont receive
those. Save the attendance.
On this screen you can award multiple students. Lets say I
had a few walking really well in the hallway, I would just
choose those two and add their points.
This is my favorite button. Sometimes as I am teaching a
lesson I will just click random and see who it lands on. In that
moment I will award a positive or negative depending on
their behavior. My students love it! (if they are behaving)
We use the timer many times during our day. Not only for
timing activities, but I will tell my students if they will give me
5 minutes of their best behavior I will award the class with a
Open the dojo invites to connect students and this will give
them a code. With this code they are able to change their
avatar and personalize their account.
This is an option to reset all points. You can make the choice
to reset each day, week, or we do grading period. All data is
still stored.


Click display settings

This is where you can customize all of the different settings.


Click view reports

On this screen you can truly see behavior and the trends of


Click logout

You are ready to use this great resource in the classroom. It

has been a classroom management lifesaver in our