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Supervision session with Candice 2/1/17 (Skype)

Participants: Candice, Ron, Nurit, Yael, Rachel, Sarah, Limor, Gal, Shai,
R-Last week there was no session as a result of Candice's recommendation
to cancel, as N was sick. We would like to understand if this is a general or
specific recommendation? What about HW assignments? Should we have
called to remind? The couple did not complete most of the assignments.
There were also some behaviors which we thought may be connected to
..the cancellation
.Was easier to follow protocol this week
M decided to stop taking his medication (SSRI), it was apparent A didnt
agree with this decision and was bothered by it. We think he may have
stopped 2 weeks ago. She described more angry outbursts. Otherwise we
.feel he is more aware of his PTSD
Communicating thoughts and feelings during the drill, he was in a very
untypical state, sad and even crying. There was a moment between them
that we are not used to seeing. M's PCL keeps coming down, but we have
.questions about what A is gaining from the therapy
N- People on the team felt he was aggressive on the cancellation topic, but
same as last week N didnt feel it. We were having thoughts on if and how
.the cancelation should be mentioned by us during the session
C- Regarding the cancellation, it is ideal if everyone can be in the room,
especially while trying to establish relationships. Even more in this specific
case, seems M is trying to make alliances. Couple should be guided to
continue daily monitoring. Therapists should make sure they still have
.material to work with
Aggression from M- felt by team, but not therapists, C suggests
.mentioning the team in the session and bringing it up
R thinks that could be kept as another option, not sure will put it to use
yet. M- Looks intimidating, but R never feels intimidated by him. M himself
.mentioned something to that extent today
Sarah- A said she doesn't feel intimated by abuse, but u can be
intimidating in other ways. We get the
.Feeling A is walking on eggshells
Gal- while M is enjoying a feeling of progress, A seems stuck in the same
place. Thinks A needs to get more attention and M's empathy towards her
.should be addressed directly

C- suggests using a situation in the session that could lead to M's

'porcupine' approach. See how A deals with it and use therapists as
.modeling behaviors in such situations
.Thinks he may be using his defensive anger as an avoidance
S- feels the same and it seems to work well. Great way to avoid we agreed
today he is great at avoiding. S notes M is very sexist, cites opinions about
.clear gender roles, which seem deeply engrained
C- this gives Ra powerful role to be supportive with A, something N might
.not be able to do in this situation
Seems to have some awareness of how avoidant he is, if he sees
.avoidance and irritability linked, might be able to combat them
C- in case of cancellation from either end, if the couple doesn't do work,
make a point that this is an example of how life will be when we r not ion
.the picture. Point is of couple coping on their own
C asks about medical supervision and stopping SSRI? R describes the
situation, takes the medication thru army unit psychiatrist, meeting him
?R- should we take a firm stance? Should this be part of the agreement
C- be more directive. Ultimately, we are not going to make him take
medication or not. Want medication for methodological reasons, but also
to keep things stable. People usually attribute changes for better or worse
.to medicine
R- thinks the situation is complicated, assumes he would have stopped
within 2 months anyway. Perhaps this way we could see him more fully,
who he truly his. More natural. Complicated to understand what the right
.way is
C- he has an issue with hearing different opinions. Would want to convey,
.because I care about u I think it is important
A was concerned with answers about the pills. C- bookmark that, gets to
the heart of their dynamics. Seems like it is an example of important thing
.that happens to you
.C feels this was a slightly rocky session
Y- was a hard meeting cause there were many questions. There is a great
difference between what the watchers feel and the therapists
C- Couples therapy is very powerful in terms of what makes us feel as well
N- food for thought different in room and out R- appreciates rockiness