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for structural concrete work
Project: Design and Construction of four storied building for ATI

Submission date

1. Introduction

Demolition works
Construction Work (Civil)
Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Safety Measurements

1. Introduction

In this method statement we are going to cover construction methodology which is going to
follow up in construction period. The project is design and construction of four storied
building at ATI Dehiwala.

2. Mobilization and safety measures

After receiving awarding letter we will mobilize at the site within 14 days .We will arrange
site office, site stores, engineers office as well as other necessary facilities In addition to that
we will prepare labor accommodation. In addition to that we will carry out all necessary
safety measures where ever necessary.

3. Demolishing work
If there are any demolishing works will be arranged to demolish according to consultant
requirement and client request. We shall take necessary actions to control dust at the site.

4. Construction work civil

4.1 Excavation, shoring works and earth works
Before going to start excavation setting out shall be done and approval shall be taken from
architect. Excavation works will be done under consultant supervision. If there is rock blasting
works approval will be taken from relevant authorities before commence the work.
Before earth filling selected soil sample will be tested and after that approved soil sample will be
used for back filling
4.2 Reinforcement Work (Column, roof beam and roof gutter)

All reinforcement work shall be carried out with relevant construction drawing and given
According to consultant request we will conduct steel test if required
Bar Scheduling, cutting and bending works shall be accordance with BS 4449.
All reinforcement work should be approved from consultant engineer before concrete.
All reinforcement will be free from mill scale, dirt, oil plant, grease or loose rust before
fixing in position and will be brushed with a stiff wire brush.
Necessary rebar will be bent as per the bar bending schedules and fixed by lapping as per the
construction drawings with a clear cover as per the general notation indicated in relevant
construction drawings.
Starter bars will be provided at necessary locations as indicated in the construction drawings
with necessary anchorage and lap lengths requirement.
Reinforcement shall be firmly supported in position and secured against displacement.
Cover blocks shall be placed to maintain cover according to specification.
Wall starter bar will be placed after wall setting out work.
GTB & Lanwa will be used as reinforcement brand

4.3 Form work

Plywood and 2x2 timber battens shall be used for side board of column and beam
Mold oil shall be applied into form work before used

Approval for form work have to be taken from consultant engineer before concreting
Before going to start kicker form work setting out will be carried out by using proper
surveying instrument and approval have to be taken from consultant engineer.

4.4 Concrete Work

According to client requirement after getting approval for form work and r/f work of beam
from the Consultant engineer concrete pouring of columns beams and gutters
Before concrete is getting hard compressed air with water jet shall be used to make a rough
surface for construction joint for proper bonding with next stage.
Concreting will be commenced after completing reinforcement work and form work of slab
and beam.
Cement which we are going to use is Ultratec cement. Approval shall be taken for sand and
metal before going to be used.
Ready-mix concrete which we are going to use is Tudawe concrete before going to use
ready mix concrete, mixed design should be submitted and approval shall be taken from
client engineer.

4.5.Proposed Control Measures to Reduce the Risks

Manual handling : All components are to be kept to a minimum weight and the correct
number of operatives to Spread the Load on heavier items it is preferred that no operative
singularly lifts more than 25kgs
Working at Heights and Fall of Materials: ensure that operatives are briefed on the use of
scaffolds and access towers. Ensure all towers are erected properly and used in accordance
with the manufactures guidelines. If it is appropriate an exclusion zone to be used below the
work area. .
Machinery and lifting equipment: All lifting equipment must be tagged and inspected, do
not use equipment, which is no identified in this method statement.
Only trained riggers and erectors to use this lifting equipment
Do not use faulty equipment
Only use lifting equipment for the purpose it was intended for in this method statement.
Lifting frames must be fitted correctly and all safety pins must be checked prior to use
Roof covering materials will be selected by using BOQ data and approval will be taken
from consultant

4.6. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

All the works will be supervise by Experienced Technical Officers and Site Engineers.

Site Manager will be visit and guide time to time.

Inspection and Test Plan will be maintained during relevant construction stages by TO & SE.
Site Manager will be monitor.
Prior approval from consultants will be taken before commence the construction works and

4.7. Safety Measurements

Safety Officer will be monitoring full time.

All personnel (staff and labor) will be aware of safety precautions.
Required safety gears will be provided such as helmets, boots, gloves & goggles.
Safety meeting will be arranged at regular basis.

Safety sign boards will be display at relevant locations.