The vast majority of our woes in the present can be attributed to one mindset: that men rule and, in particular, that white men rule.


June 29, 2010

The vast majority of our woes in the present can be attributed to one mindset: that men rule and, in particular, that white men rule. The current worldwide upheavals, from economics to the environment, rest solidly at the centuries-old doorsteps of men hoarding power. Part of our evaluation of what's happening to our country and what inroads we can make to ensure a stronger footing in the future must include a realization that the helm has mostly been steered by a maledominated power structure. Men and women, each to their own degree, have been complicit in this injustice. This is not to question whether males in power have made significant accomplishments -- we most certainly have. However, this is to question what additional contributions have we missed out on by women not having had equal access. One likely advantage of increasing the role of women in decision making on a societal level will be an improvement in children's well-being. The women's movement has long been a strong voice in support of children's rights. It is natural to believe, then, that children will benefit from women's increased roles. In fact, our society is so mindful of this likelihood that even many of the present day governmental programs in this country, such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) semantically group them together. I have long believed in egalitarianism. This writing is not intended to only single out women and children, as there are certainly races, ethnicities, and wage earners discriminated against. It is time for their equality as well. I say to you men hoarding power, let go. You're self-importance is destroying our society. Let go. Let women share in more of the power. It's time. It's practical for all of us to have the best and the brightest serving our society. Especially true now that so many in our nation are suffering from the worst economic crisis in decades. Especially now that so many, including wildlife, are directly or psychically suffering from the devastation in the Gulf. Especially now, with an astronomical national debt, a national obesity epidemic, national pollution emissions harming ecosystems worldwide, a national loss of life and treasure from military options, and you fill in the rest. A new direction is called for. Underneath the present day upheaval around the world is nature knocking on the door: "Who is it?" "It's women." Move over gentlemen and share. It's dumb to maintain a male-dominated society. < Previous Next >

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