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The knockdown of the heliocentric model
Is the Earth shaking beneath, to wonder its stagnation? Is the sun stationary in the heaven, to
wonder its motion? Is Ptolemy the only scholar, to wonder a new geocentric model? It is a
wonder to live on a calm Earth, believed in rotation. It is a wonder to see a motion, believed
stationary. It is a wonder to leave Ptolemy facing the solidarity of heliocentrists, alone. It is a
wonder to mistrust the messages of God because of a fake thesis. It is a wonder to see the sun
moving around the aliens of the galactic Milky Way (26,000 light years away) and not seeing it
moving around the habitants of the Earth. It is a wonder to see the sun moving toward the mystic
Apex and not seeing it between the Earths latitude 23.5N and 23.5S in annual seasons.
Why they Helios fellows supported the heliocentric model with their souls? They claimed that
the mid-age founder, Nicole Copernicus (1473-1543), of heliocentric model wanted to eliminate
with his proposal five epicycles of Ptolemys geocentric model. (Claudius Ptolemaeus lived in the
second century AD.) Eventhough, he ended with one epicycle (moon around Earth) viewed as
a serpentine in a new version of heliocentric model, but in reality; he added hundreds of epicycles
that were not realized in his time. How many serpentines does the heliocentric model have? It
has hundreds, count how many artificial satellites are moving around the Earth. What is the
motivation of heliocentric proposal?

It must be a religious motivation; to ago against the

scriptures of the messages of the Creator which stated the geostationary principal of cosmos
motion. Such conclusion is matured from the inclusive efforts of the cardinal Helios fellows:
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), and Isaac Newton (1643-1727).
Galileo discovered (with his special telescope) the gibbous phase of Venus. He concluded that
Venus has a cycle of phases that cannot be explained in the view of Ptolemys geocentric model.
Such discovery was considered a breakthrough for the rise of heliocentric model. However,
Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) stood against the idea of moving Earth with a new geocentric proposal
that overthrew the serious critics pointed to the Ptolemaic model. The heliocentrists rejected
entirely the Tychonic model because it has some elements of heliocentric. He allowed the
inferior planets Venus and Mercury to revolve around the sun during their motions around the
stationary Earth. Such rejection is unjustified since the heliocentric model contains several
elements of geocentric; the moon and all artificial satellites (new visitors) are revolving around
the Earth. So, why they rejected the Tychonic model? It is a religious reason; to go against the
messages of the Creator. Up to the seventeenth century, the heliocentric model was on a shaky

fate. It was hard for the Helios fellows to legitimatize the moving Earth on the basis of falling
apple for the sharp minded people. Hence, they needed to sabotage any phenomenon from its real
cause to fit the path of heliocentric. Three phenomena were discovered post Newtons era;
starlight aberration, stellar parallax, and the deflection of moving objects. These phenomena
were deliberately deceived from their real causes to save the heliocentric model. James Bradley
(1693-1762) attributed the cause of starlight aberration to the Earths journey around the sun.
Friedrich Bessel (1784-1846), the first astronomer measured the stellar parallax for star 61 Cygni,
he attributed its cause to the Earths motion around the sun in annual trip. The third discovery
was the Coriolis-effect; the defection of moving objects. It was discovered during World War-II,
but it was deduced by Gustave Coriolis (1792-1843).
The heliocentric model is in fact a religion requires all to believe in it without thinking. It is
made out of vague arguments, false illustrations, fake ideas, and invalid principals. It is a
fraudulent thesis.

It is a bunch of circles on paper. It cannot be an element of the celestial

motion. The heliocentric is the first ring of a long chain that purposely founded to disbelieve in
God, via, mistrusting His messages. It is the Archaeal host for all repellent movements against
the belief in God and to His messages. It is the common descent of evolution. It confronted the
Bible to dispel the people from the message of God. Hence, it is logically to start the series by
proving the fakeness of the heliocentric thesis.
The first chapter is unbiased review of the heliocentric model. The topics mentioned in this
chapter are selected from well-known references in the field of astronomy. The topics serve a
background for non astronomers. On the other hand, these topics are the main targets of the
knockdown of heliocentric, thus we need to cite them here. Only two targets will be recalled in
different book of the series. These are Doppler-effect and the cause of the deflection of moving
objects in northern and southern hemispheres clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. The
presentation of the topics is tuned according to the language of heliocentrists.
The second chapter is the first break to Newtons law of gravity. It was argued, in the early time
of heliocentric, that: if the Earth is rotating, the objects not tide to Earth should fly off. To escape
from this fate; Newton aimed his fabulous apple to the above argument, that is the gravity keeps
objects down on a rotating Earth. Our first break to Newton; we dont need gravity to hold
objects down on a rotating Earth. It is the real task of the pressure profile of the air atmosphere
that should exist during rotation. The hard choice is to sacrifice one of the two-pillars from the
heliocentric model; gravity or Earths rotation.
heliocentric era.

Either choice would conclude the end of

A heliocentric model without gravity is a body without a soul whereas a

heliocentric model without Earths rotation is a soul without a body.

The third chapter deals with the complex motion in space. The method of the so-called a second
center of revolution was invented by the school of heliocentric to enfold the motion of the
moons of exterior planets, together around a second center of revolution. Galileo Galilei was
the first whom discovered the moons of Jupiter, but he did not know how the motion is enfolded
in a practical method. The heliocentric model is incapable to enfold the discovery of Galileo (the
complex motion in general) because it requires the celestial object to be located at different
nodes, simultaneously. The nodes of the serpentines (the real manifest of the complex motion)
require one object to follow many paths at the same time. It must be a Typhon.
The fourth chapter reveals the first secret of the heliocentric model. The annual four seasons in
the heliocentric enfolds a daily four seasons. The daily four seasons results from the Earths
rotation at each point on the ecliptic circle while the Earth is revolving around the sun. It is
clearly understood that the heliocentric model fails to explain the primary observations, hence; it
should leave the cosmos motion.
The fifth chapter reveals the second secret of the heliocentric model. The full phase of Venus
should lag 12 hours from sunrise (or sunset) according to the standard celestial meridian system,
not zero hour according to the wishes of Helios fellows. The Helios fellows are showing the full
phase of Venus (the whole inferior and exterior planets) in a wild map in order to validate the
heliocentric model. The heliocentric model fails to deduce the planetary motion (the phases);
hence it should leave the cosmos motion.
The sixth chapter reveals the most valuable secret of the heliocentric model. The daily rise and
set of all celestial objects cannot result from the Earths rotation. The maximum angle between
rise and set for all celestial objects, seen by unaided eyes, is 180, period! In the heliocentric
model, the maximal angle that should results from Earths rotation is 0.956 for the nearest
celestial object the moon. It becomes dimmer and dimmer for distant objects. Not even one
celestial object among billions can display a rise and set on Earths rotation. Here, the sun should
leave the heliocentric empire.
The seventh chapter reveals the real cause of starlights aberration and stellar parallax. These two
phenomena result from the change of the index of refraction of the air atmosphere in four seasons
during the annual trip of the sun around the Earth. Both phenomena were being disputed to verify
the Earths motion around the sun. Fortunately, the heliocentric model is left without arguments,
without soul, and without body the knockdown. The geocentric verses geocentric that are
stated by the Creator are fully trusted, period!