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Individual Practice: Statement of Intent

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

BA(Hons) Fine Art

Ben Chandler

School of Art

Level 5
David Cheeseman

Developing Practice
Date of completion

Module learning outcomes (on successful completion you will be able to do the following)

through imaginative and speculative exploration, apply further developments in your knowledge and understanding of
processes, methods and materials
articulate thinking and ideas in relation to broadening a range of practical and contextual research, including optional
external projects and placements
apply analytical, critical and reflective skills in the development of a body of work
apply developments in your range of technical, practical and manipulative skills appropriate to your ideas and concepts

Summative review of key issues raised in feedback and your previous module self appraisal

Be more experimental and allow myself to take more risks, and thus more mistakes to learn from.
Not be as hesitant to get a project started, I must make my decisions faster and set them in motion, as well as use as
many workshops as I can by having multiple ideas to work on.
Make my reflective writing more concise, small quality yet with a higher quality. Make it less like a diary.

Content of Investigation (including an explanation and rationale for the identified area/subject)
Previously the theme was Entropy, but it derived from its scientific backdrop (measurement of disorder in a system) and transformed into a more
personal project on Permanence/Impermanence, our place in the universe, the human condition, the Void, and Carbon as our fundamental
ingredient of life, and death (main key for aesthetics). By making it more personal, this has allowed my interest in Semiotics and layers of
meaning to weave in with the work, letting myself play with each component of a work to convey ideas and messages and exhibit them with
subtlety to allow an open reading.
With a grandfather with Cancer and my father with Parkinsons disease, I am exploring the natural strive for order despite the inevitable lapse into
disorder, with consideration of lineage, monoliths, Minimalism, and Conceptual Art movements. I wish to expand the theme this year to
Permanence/Impermanence to allow more room for experimentation in other forms of the theme, and to play with materials, and ultimately to
allow myself to get things wrong. By doing so, I should learn more about materials and processes and how they can interplay.

Processes/Materials/Workshops (describe in relation to the above. How does your choice relate to meaning?)
Sculpture Larger monolithic work, or perhaps not for this unit, brings the motif of Carbon to a larger scale. 3D works can really play on size and
the space in which they inhabit, and are less inclined to remain by the wall. Key additional influence is the effect of the monoliths in 2001: A
Space Odyssey.
Painting/Print . Freedom to spread such a fluid for it to dry supports a wide variety of forms to make. They can be achieved quickly and tend to
form starting points for new pieces of work in other media.
Video Moving visuals with audio conveys the most amount of information if executed well enough. Here, motion, iconography, and music can
be harnessed to add to the theme by introducing pace, a more elaborate atmosphere, and perhaps examples of entropy from the real world
Text Activity to communicate fleeting thoughts and attitudes soon lost to the void, reverberating that no one is fully understood from a Semiotic
position. Very much an If you know, you know form of work.

Contextual Research (identified expansion of prior or new research)

Videodrone (film)
Minimalist/Post Minimalist Art
Conceptual Art
Video Art (inspiration for composition/pace/abstract and performance based video)

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