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Natalie Lally

Mrs. Dietrich
Honors English 10

The validity of Hamlets lunacy is evident in many different scenes when he talks with the
ghost and when he shares his emotions with Ophelia. Although I believe each of these scenes
appear to show Hamlets emotions as normal, others view them as somewhat lunacy.
In act 1 scene 5, the ghost tells Hamlet of how Claudius snuck into his garden and poured
poison into his ear and killed him. The ghost demands vengeance and revenge against Claudius.
Hamlet swears that he will kill Claudius. Horatio and Marcellus talked to Hamlet but he does not
tell them what the ghost has revealed to him about his father death and who killed him. To me,
Hamlets feelings of revenge are normal when he discovers that his father is murdered. However,
Hamlet appears to show his lunacy when talking with Horatio. Hamlet speaks but does not make
sense to Horatio. Hamlets lunacy is evidence by Horatios reaction. These are but wild and
whirling words my lord (1.5.148). This quote illustrated that Hamlet is not making sense and
indicated he has mental troubles.
At the end of act 1 scene 5, Hamlet insists that Horatio and Marcellus swear themselves
to secrecy. He appears to ask them over and over to keep his secret. His behavior is strange and
appears that hamlet has mental troubles al because of him wanting avenge on his fathers death
which was caused by his uncle.

In act 2 scene 1, Ophelia tellers her father that Hamlet is acting wild. O, my lord, my
lord, I have been so affrightened! (1.2.85). Ophelia describes Hamlet as poor appearance and
bad manners. She states, As if he has been loosed out of hell (2.1.93). Polonius reasons that
Hamlets behavior is the result of Ophelias rejection of him. Mad for thy love? (2.1.95).
Polonius believes Hamlet is deeply in love with Ophelia. He believes that he discovered
the reason for Hamlets madness and wants to discuss it with the King. Hamlets actions towards
Ophelia appear to be an emotional struggle for her love. Hamlet cared for and loved Ophelia
which is a normal feeling. As Ophelia rejects Hamlet, it appears to make him love her even more.
Polonius confronts Hamlet to see if his madness is a result of his love for Ophelias.
Polonius discovers that Hamlet has a method to his madness. Though this be madness yet there
is method in it (2.2.222). Polonius does not believe that Hamlet is mentally ill because he has a
method to his conversation.
How could this player be filled with such grief and rage. In the end of act 2 scene 2,
Hamlet asks himself many questions regarding revenge and his rage. Hamlet is expressing
emotions and fear over his ability to seek revenge. Am I a coward? (2.2.598). He lacks selfconfidence and questions himself often to carry out his revenge.
I believe that Hamlet may be mistaken for what his actions are leading up to. Overall, I
think he is going through an emotional struggle dealing with his fathers death and Ophelias
love. In other words, I believe that Hamlet is mentally unstable and is taking out his madness on
others and it is reflecting through his actions.

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