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Organised Milk Marketing in India Socio-Economic Impact (A Study of the Delhi Milk Scheme in N.W. Rajasthan ) JL. JAIN Dr. AWADH PRASAD GOP! NATH GUPTA Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj B-190, University marg, Bapunagar JAIPUR-302015 «The project, on which the present report is based, was funded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, However, the responsibility for the facts stated opinions exptessed, and conclusions reached is entirely that of the project diractor and not of the Indian Gouncil of Social Science Research, Publishers = Kumarappa Institute of grem Swaraj 8-190, University Marg. Sapu Nagar, JAIPUR-302015, STUDY TEAMS Jb. Jain Or, Awadh Presed FIRST EDITION Gopinath Gupte RESEARCH ASSISTANTS 1982 Gordhan Kalla PRICE Re. @O/- Kheme Ram Printed By + POPULAR PRINTERS NAWAB HAVEL), THPOER BAZAR; JAIPUR, PREFACE The Agro-Economic Research Centre of Vallabh Vidyanagar (Gujarat) carried out a study on “Problems and Prospects of dairy enterprise in the desert area” in 1966, Dr. V. S. Vyas, the then Director of the Centre and at preset member of our Institute suggested a further & comparative study of the problem after the lapse of a decade. Shri 8, R. Dhadda, the President of the Insti- tute was of opinion that since the Delhi Milk Scheme had been functioning in Bikaner district for the last fifteen years, it would be desirable to combine with it the study of the socio-economic impacts of iarge scale mitk marketing in the arca. Both the suggestions were accepted and an outline of the pro- ject called “Socio-Economic Impact of large scale Milk marketing in N.W. Rajasthan” was prepared and sent to the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, The Council approved it and the work was started in Feb. 1976. The study took more time than scheduled and was completed by the end of October next year, An Advisory Committee was formed which consisted of the following members :— 1. Shri Siddhraj Dhadda, President, Kumarappa Gram Swaraj Sansthan, Jaipur. 2. Dr. VS. Vyas Director Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. 3. Shri Mahendra Desai Dy. Director, Agro. Economic Research Centre, Patel ‘Yallabh Vidyanagar (Gujtat). 4. Shei R.K. Patel Chief, Dairy Economics, National Dairy Reseatch Ins- titute, Karnal. .