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Achieved Top grade in Science and Mathematics with 94% Marks.

Achieved distinction in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Achieved Honors Division consistently in all semesters as well as in the final d
Acquired Top grade in Managerial Skills, Communication Skills & Manufacturing Sc
Marketing Plan for Vodafone Prepaid
Marketing Management
The project involved designing of a marketing plan for Vodafone-Prepaid as an en
trepreneurial venture. I identified the product growth, market growth, competiti
ons, segmentation. targeting, and positioning of the product.
Accounting project on Pipe manufacturing
Managerial Accounting
Conceptualized a manufacturing firm for Pipe Manufacturing as an entrepreneurial
venture & Formulated transactions for 3 financial periods & generated financial
statements for them.
Installation of ERP Systems in Pre foundation & Post foundation stage of an orga
Engineering Major Project
Secured A+ grade in Major Project on ERP Systems installation in an organization
Conducted a survey of about 23 ERP Consultants having varying levels of experie


1st Prize in U-Boot
A Robotics Event at Axis 10 VNIT Nagpur
A National Event
1st Prize in RoboSoccer by Spark 2010, Electrical Engineering Association, NIT Rai
1st Runner Up in Out of the Box
ittee XLRI Jamshedpur

- A Guesstimate competition organized by CRUX Comm

Completed a 5 km Run in the event titled Jamshedpur Run

organized by CII YI XLRI

Head of the Alumni-Connect Team at college & resulted in 100% increase in sponso
rship from Alumni for Mechanical Engineering Association. Organized Silver Jubil
ee Alumni meet of 1986 batch - Mechanical Engineering Dep t
Head of Sponsorship Team for Udbhav'2011 and I led to a 200% increase in Sponsor
ship Amount
Working as a Purchasing Executive in the Costing and Sourcing division of Honda
Cars my major responsibilities included
-Supply Chain Management of Exhaust Systems and Door Sash Assembly
-Costing and Sourcing of new model parts and supply chain formulation
-Supply planning and Inventory planning of a high volume product exported to 11
-Supply chain risk assessment and mitigation
-Driving cost reduction projects through localization of imported products & com
petitor benchmarking
I would invest in one of the big pharmaceutical companies Ranbaxy India. This be
cause of the tremendous growth potential it has in India. Also, there are huge b
arriers for new competitors.

I will make an Executability Index mandatory for all the policies and program. O
ne of the major reasons for the failure of beautifully crafted policies is that
they are not feasible on the ground.
I believe my prior work experience of 47 months in the field of supply chain man
agement makes me suitable for the job of Sales Manager. One of the most importan
t responsibilities of a sales manager is Supply chain management and I was a par
t of supply chain management team at Honda Cars India Ltd. In addition to this,
I have an experience of managing the End-to-end supply chain including supply pl
anning and inventory planning of a high volume product which was exported to 11
countries. Quality assurance and supply chain risk assessment, as well as mitiga
tion, was one of the integral parts of my job responsibilities.