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Becker, Ernest Castaneda, Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Jung, C.G. Moore, Thomas May, Rollo Peck, M. Scott Keen, Sam Huxley, Adlous Jaynes, Julian the Mind Storr & Stevens Singer, June Esters, Clarissa Pinkola Grof, Stanislav Jung, C.G. Hillman, James Psychotherapy Worse Hesse, Herman

The Denial of Death The Journey to Ixlan The Active Side of Infinity Modern Man in Search of a Soul Care of the Soul The Cry for Myth The Road Less Traveled Inward Bound The Doors of Perception The Origin of Consciousness in Breakdown of the Bicameral Freud & Jung Boundaries of the Soul Women Who Run With the Wolves Spiritual Emergency Memories, Dreams, Reflections We’ve Had a Hundred Years of And the World’s Getting Steppenwolf

Chodron, Pema Grof, Christina & Stan Jung, C.G. Jung, C.G. Freud, Sigmund M. Scott Peck Baumeister, Roy Cruelty Frankl, Viktor Storr, Anthony Strassman, Rick Watson, John B. Freud, Sigmund Stevens, Jay American Fromm, Erich Jung, Carl Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth Skinner, B.F. Amundsen, Christan Teachings of Jesus Ruiz, Don Miguel Smith, Huston Novak, Phillip Moody, Raymond

The Places that Scare You The Stormy Search for the Self Flying Saucers Psychology and the Occult Civilization and its Discontents People of the Lie Evil: Inside Human Violence and Man’s Search for Meaning The Essential Jung DMT: The Spirit Molecule Behaviorism The Interpretation of Dreams Storming Heaven: LSD and the Dream Escape from Freedom Answer to Job Death and Dying Beyond Freedom and Dignity Insights From the Secret The Four Agreements The World’s Religions The World’s Wisdom Life After Life

Jonas, Hans Ellis, Albert Therapy Can

The Gnostic Religion The Myth of Self-Esteem: How Rational Emotive Behavior Change Your Life Forever.

May, Rollo Kelleher, Colm Knapp, George Tart, Charles Kaku, Michio Meyer, Dick Valenti, Jessica Tisdale, Sallie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Robert Johnson, Robert Zimbardo, Phillip Friday, Nancy Atwater, P.M.H Experiences Skinner, B.F. Bettelheim, Bruno Watts, Alan Voytilla, Stuart

The Discovery of Being: Writings In Existential Psychology Hunt for the Skinwalker The End of Materialism The Physics of the Impossible Why We Hate Us Full Frontal Feminism Talk Dirty to Me He She We The Lucifer Effect Beyond My Control The Big Book of Near Death Walden Two The Uses of Enchantment Nature, Man & Women Myth and the Movies

Black Elk, Wallace Lakota Lanier, Jaron Kirsch, Irving Lanza, Robert consciousness are nature of

Black Elk – The Sacred Ways of a You Are Not A Gadget The Emperor’s New Drugs Biocentrism: How life and the keys to understanding the true the universe.

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