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Donald Trump just assumed the presidency of the United States a couple

of days ago, and already there are huge signs his country is ready for war.
It is clear as day the US is a major warmongering nation, cast in the same
mold as Nazi Germany, or Shinto Japan, both past evil fascist entities.
Unlike Germany, America under Trump may be very hugely reluctant to
impose war on some other white nation, but it surely will never hesitate
one moment to go to war against a non-white nation, for example, China.
Thus, in 2017, war could break out between the US and China (above).
America will use its massive naval and air power to demolish China while
forcing its minions in Asia ( Japan, Singapore) to sacrifice themselves
in the war. So, Asia will pay the price for American hubris uunder Trump.
Such a war will put an end to the romantic view of the US in Asia, where
it is often seen through rose-tinted glasses, regarded as a very nosy but a
largely benign power. The war will also expose the gross weakness and
terrible uselessness of the Chinese leader, Xi.
The war will possibly evolve into a violent contest of whos really going
to prevail through the sheer power to tolerate combat attrition and an
unmatched willingness to fight to the last drop of sacrificial blood.
The war between the US and China will produce a realignment of current
political and economic alliances in Asia, with open confrontation coming
into play between the different sides as well as everyone arguing endlessly
whos going to pay for the huge losses and untold environmental damage.