The 1 Weird Flaw Of The Adonis Effect

(and how to fix it)

By: Brad Howard
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Standard Adonis Disclaimer: For a man that knows what he’s doing, the information presented by our company can manifest dramatic body changes, increased social status, respect, and more options when it comes to the opposite sex. With that being said, all Adonis Effect and Adonis Lifestyle tactics can be used for good OR evil. We just ask that you use good judgment in their deployment. Yet, even though we are quite confident that the man that knows what he’s doing can see these results, we must include this legal brief…
Liability Release: This information, due to it’s nature, is for educational and entertainment purposes only. No promises of increased status or crazy monkey love are implied within these pages. As always, the user accepts all responsibility for his/her actions… including those actions that put one at risk for STD’s and/or HIV/AIDS. In other words, don’t be a moron and wear a rubber…

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Copyright 2009, Adonis Lifestyle LLC All Rights Reserved

Dear Friend, First off, thanks for taking a look at this quick little report. I know you’ve got a lot going on in your life, so it means a lot to me for you to be reading this. So thank you. Now, if you’re reading this right now, I’m going to assume that you know a little about me, Barban, and Pilon… … or at least what we represent. But, if not, don’t worry, you’ll have ample opportunity to find out more about us later. The important thing is to digest this manuscript and be aware of its effects on your life because I’m about to tell you about…

The One Backlash “Flaw” Of The Adonis Effect… That If Left Unchecked… … Will RUIN Your Efforts With The Opposite Sex… And You’ll Never See It Coming… … Until Now…
In fact, I’ve actually gotten feedback from men that are I SHAPE… A.I. hovering close to perfect – that just aren’t seeing the type of results that they were hoping for. And, quite frankly, after reading my first installment of The Weapons Of Mass Influence Series: “Using Physique As A Weapon”, you may have thought that the case was closed when it came to becoming an attractive male, the type of man that has women squirming as you walk through the room. But I left something out. Let me give you an example from another facet of your life as an example. Perhaps you’ve read some of the current material regarding dating, seduction, influence, relationships… and (scary) maybe even pickup artist stuff…

Copyright 2009, Adonis Lifestyle LLC All Rights Reserved

And in reading this stuff, you’ve come across things such as “Cocky/Funny” or “Displaying Higher Value” or “Neg Hits” or “Being The Prize” or “Making Her Chase You”… … ALL of which have POWERFUL, POWERFUL effects when used by a man with virtually no inherent value in any given situation. In other words, he has no status or perceived value, and must “boost himself” up around people using subtle language manipulations plus a few more deft techniques. However, when these tactics are used by a man that already CLEARLY has value – and this is important -- then many times, they not only become OVERKILL, but also conjure up EGATIVE feelings in many women – and they will find this extremely unattractive and completely murder your chances. (and this goes doubly so if you have a wife or girlfriend) You know what I’m talking about. Have you even finally met someone that you wanted to meet but they came off as a braggart or show off… even when they obviously didn’t need to be? Maybe it’s happened at work when you met the big boss… or that supposedly “cool guy” your buddy was telling you that you need to hang out with. Picture the letdown feeling you had when you realized that this person… for some reason… just didn’t live up to what was built. Remember in “Physique As A Weapon” when I said that a good looking man, although he has the “Halo Effect” working for them, if he doesn’t LIVE UP to expectations, there is a much more severe backlash than the man with no “Halo”? Well guess what? A drastic change in your body for the better can elicit some of these SAME initial effects. Now that your body is better, people will comment about it… give you status – and if you come off as the same “have something to prove” guy that you’re used to being… … people will feel let down by you. Why do you think we set up the podcasts with other “lifestyle” experts? Yes, it’s not fitness or diet related… but the fact is, you need to get the TOOLS to work within your new body, or you’ll likely shoot yourself in the foot without even knowing it.

Copyright 2009, Adonis Lifestyle LLC All Rights Reserved

It’s like giving a 5 year old a loaded gun. And that’s not the only thing… Believe it or not, when you become a man of status and influence (and this includes having a killer Adonis Index)…

In Many Instances, Instead Of Being The INTIMIDATED… … You Become The INTIMIDATOR!
And yes, I realize that this may be the frame shift of frame shifts for you right now, but let me give you some examples of how this works in other “realms” of influence, then bring it back how your body looks… … then, show you how to I TERCEPT these intimidating implications and show you how to turn them on their heads and actually presents you as a man that’s even cooler, more grounded, and HIGH GRAVITY. Interested? Awesome. Here we go.

Example: The Heavy Status Scenario
Imagine for a second that you’re throwing the party of parties, every person there knows who you are… ALMOST. It is readily apparent to everyone there that you are someone with STATUS in the environment. In fact, this is a real scenario that I had a chat with a gentleman that’s in college about. He’s in a frat, and knows tons of people, but his “over the top” cocky/funny behavior wasn’t getting him any results. Here’s what would happen. He’d be working the room, talking to all of his friends -- people were constantly coming up to him and giving him high fives, chatting him up. Copyright 2009, Adonis Lifestyle LLC All Rights Reserved

He’s already obviously well known and popular: HEAVY SOCIAL STATUS Yet, when he’d see a woman, or pair of women that he didn’t know… he’d walk over, introduce himself and then… … started trying to DISPLAY MORE VALUE. He’d try to joke on them. Tease them. Do all of the things that he was “taught” to do when trying to attract and spark up a convo with a woman.

Can you guess why he wasn’t having any success? Let me save you the suspense. In this situation, our friend already HAD his cup FILLED with status and value. It’s already OBVIOUS to the women that he’s cool… … and now, with all of the “extra” stuff… … HE COMES OFF AS A COCKY, CO CEITED ASSHOLE! Brad Rule: ever Try To Inject More Status Inferring Actions When IT’S ALREADY CLEAR You Have Status.

Let’s look at it from the perspective of the women. They see him, wonder who he is because everyone’s talking to him. He walks over… and they are PROBABLY ERVOUS because this OBVIOUSLY cool guy is coming over to talk to them. (Now, keep in mind, we haven’t said whether the guy is good looking or not, it’s just clear that he has high status in the place) They have already formed a tentative opinion of him based on the reactions of everyone else at the party… And they’re intimidated. So when he comes in and goes “over the top”, not only does it totally blow their frame of mind and “de-trance them”, but they begin to wonder to themselves WHY this guy has to try to impress them. Copyright 2009, Adonis Lifestyle LLC All Rights Reserved

Are you following me? Here’s the better course of action. Go over and chat them up. Make sure they’re having a good time. Ask them about themselves and interject some light humor and fun. In other words, in this situation, you have to LOWER YOURSELF down. Picture how you would act if you were a celebrity… a COOL celebrity. How would you interact with them? Exactly, you’d try to make them a little more comfortable with you because you REALIZE that in this situation, you’re likely intimidating them. (think how Bill Clinton works a room)

Huge Shift
Can you see how this SAME phenomenon could happen to you when you get that “perfect body”? You should, because it’s a very real phenomenon. And, Barban and I were talking about this the other day: A lot of the really BIG guys out there are purposefully OVER ICE to people because of the intimidation factor… (and you will intimidate people… women included). Here’s a fact:

The More Attractive You Become, The More You’ll Intimidate ALL People
How do I know this? It’s simple. I’ve been accused of being an arrogant, asshole… EVE BEFORE PEOPLE MET ME!

Copyright 2009, Adonis Lifestyle LLC All Rights Reserved

“He just LOOKS like he’d be conceited” … etc Naturally, once I became aware of what was going on, I fixed it, just like I’m telling you how to fix it now. • Be aware of the changes in how people perceive you as you undergo your transformation. Be aware that you MIGHT have to modify the way you act. Be aware that people may think things of you that you don’t even realize…

• •

… just because you LOOK GOOD. So there you go. I hope you understand the SWITCH that happens as you become more attractive. And it’s something that most guys don’t understand, nor get. They’ll get a better body, but they don’t understand the RESPO SIBILITY that better body brings when it comes to interacting with others. We’ll go into this phenomenon a lot more in the 2nd Volume of the Weapons Of Mass Influence Series: “Return Of The High Gravity Male”… … but until then, I hope this help you prevent yourself from looking like an asshole, without you even knowing it…

Stay cool,

p.s. If you haven’t jumped in with us yet, here’s a special link to test out the complete set of Adonis Index Systems for yourself.

p.p.s. Watch your inbox, “Return Of The High Gravity Male” will be there soon.

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