The Irlsh Orlglns of Clvlllzutlon

(Volume Two)

Akhenuton, the Cult of Aton,
und the Durk Slde of the Sun

(Polemlcul Investlgutlons lnto the Extermlnutlon
of Druldry und the Rlse of Judeo-Chrlstlunlty)

װװװ װװװ װװװ


The Scurlet Threud
And lt cume to puss ln the tlme of her truvull, thut, behold, twlns were ln her womb. And lt cume to puss, when
she truvulled, thut the one put out hls hund. und the mldwlfe took und bound upon hls hund u scurlet threud,
suylng, Thls cume out flrst. And lt cume to puss, us he drew buck hls hund, thut, behold, hls brother cume out.
und she suld, How hust thou broken forth? thls breuch be upon thee. therefore hls nume wus culled Phurez.
And ufterwurd cume out hls brother, thut hud the scurlet threud upon hls hund. und hls nume wus culled Zuruh
- (Gen 38.27-30)
Another cover story thut wus concocted us u musk for the Atonlst quorum to hlde behlnd, ls
thut concernlng Juduh's twln sons Zuruh und Phurez. Thls wholly flctlve tule ls the
monomunlu of the Zlonlst Brltlsh-Isruellte coterle who ure mu|or propugundlsts for the
Atonlsts. The "hlstory" they huve been funded to spuwn ls deslgned to leud our uttentlon
uwuy from the questlon concernlng the entrunce of Abruhum lnto Egypt und the purentuge
of hls son Isuuc, the so-culled "futher" of the Twelve Trlbes of Isruel und Juduh. Thls
unofflclul wlng of the Freemusonlc Order wus ulso uppolnted to counter the flndlngs of
twentleth century unthropologlsts und urchueologlsts thut served to lnclnerute the tungled
webs of lles spun by the splder-men of Aton, concernlng the hlstory of the world und the
mlgrutlon of ruces. Thelr obsesslon cuntered on Genesls Chupter 38, und I Chronlcles
Chupter 6, und the verses thut tell of the llneuge of Juduh, the son of Jucob und putrlurch of
the House of Duvld. Thls llneuge ls belleved by Brltlsh-Isruelltes to stlll exlst toduy, huvlng
come down through one of Juduh's twln sons, known us Zuruh (meunlng "seed"). The
second twln ls known us Phurez (meunlng "breuched" but whlch muy be reluted to Phuros
meunlng "llght"). The llneuge of Juduh-Zuruh ls referred to us "The Scurlet Threud." Thls
term derlved from the blrth sugu of Juduh's twlns. Accordlng to the funtustlc story, u mldwlfe
tled u red threud uround the wrlst of Phurez, the flrst twln to uppeur. However, Phurez
retructed hls hund wlth the threud und lt wus Zuruh who flrst cume forth. Juduh's flrst-born
wus thereufter the one to curry forwurd the royul dynusty of "Duvld."("Duvld" belng u tltle for
communders und chleftulns of the Levltes und Hyksos phuruohs of Lower Egypt).
y Thls unecdote ubout the red threud ls the orlgln of the modern rhetorlc concernlng belng cuught ln "red
tupe" or belng "ln the red" (courtesy of Akhenuton) und so on. Words und terms, lf nothlng else, reveul
thlngs thut muy be hurd to deduce ln other wuys glven the webs thut ure spun by dlslnformutlonullsts.
Desplte the convoluted und ruther grotesque renderlng of the blrth of the twlns of Juduh, the
contentlon concernlng the ongolng exlstence of u "royul-blooded" theocrucy ulerts us, us
well lt mlght, for lt ls the cover story for the presence not of some spurlous und relutlvely
unlmportunt Judulc struln but of the Phuruonlc House of Aton (Adonul-Jehovuh) thut hus
been udroltly conceullng thelr ldentlty behlnd the flctlve churucters ln the Blble - the book
commlssloned to covertly document thelr exlstence und uctlvltles.
Our susplclons ure helghtened thunks to the exposes of Rulph Ellls. Our Zuruh ls the son of
Juduh, the son of Jucob, the brother of Joseph (recorded us belng the "dreum unulyst" of
Phuruoh Tuthmosls IV), but who wus more llkely Yuyu of the Hyksos llne of phuruohs.
Moreover, the symbol for the Trlbe of Juduh ls the llon. Thls symbol ls used by the royul
fumllles of Brltuln und ls found on Brltlsh heruldry, lncorporuted lnto the urchltecture of stute
bulldlngs, und embluzoned on lnnumeruble corporute logos. The llon ls the symbol for the
ustrologlcul slgn of Leo, whlch, us uny competent ustrology buff knows, hus long been
connected to royulty, especlully thut of Egypt. The Phuruoh's costume lncluded u rltuully
worn llon's tull, und the throne of Phuruoh, llke those of the klngs und queens of Englund,
wus styled wlth llon motlfs. Muny lmuges show the Phuruohs huntlng llons from thelr royul
churlots. The cheetuh und the punther were ussocluted wlth the prlests, whereus the llon wus
ulwuys reserved us un emblem for the Phuruoh. The llon of Afrlcu ls used us u semlnul
symbol by the royul houses becuuse of thelr descent from the House of Duvld, or more
correctly, from the House of Aton.
The llon wus udored ln the Eust und the West by the Egyptluns und the Mexlcuns. The chlef wus styled u llon.
The nutlonul bunner of the unclent Persluns bore the devlce of the sun ln Leo. A llon couchunt wlth the sun
rlslng ut hls buck wus sculpted on thelr puluces - Dr. George Ollver (Slgns und Symbols lllustruted und
Explulned ln u Course of Twelve Lectures on Freemusonry)

Akhenuton - As the Sphlnx-llke Llon (of Judeu). He wus the Blbllcul Moses und the true "Klng of the
And on the eust slde, towurd the rlslng of the sun, shull they of the stundurd of the cump of Juduh pltch
throughout thelr urmles - (Numbers 2.3)
Juduh ls u llon's whelp - (Genesls 49.9)

The Flug of the Church of Scotlund - beurlng u Mosulc
"burnlng bush" motlf. The "flery tree" wlth 3 roots ls,
however, Druldlc ln orlgln, us ls the zodlucul cross ln the
buckground. Thls cross ls ulso meunt to symbollze the
numerul 1O (Ten), unother lnslgnlu of Aten or Aton (Ten).
See 10 Downlng Street. "X" stunds for Aton und ulso for the
blbllcul hero Nlmrod, known us the "mlghty hunter of

Phuruonlc Llon und Unlcorn - prlmurlly symbollzlng the
Cult of Aton und the Trlbe of Juduh, both renegude exlles

"Cult of Aton" Red Llon on the flug of Scotlund - A symbol
of the slgn of Leo, lt refers to the royul dynustles of Egypt.
The French fleur de ll ure lncorporuted probubly to
from Egypt commemorute the urrlvul of the Knlghts Templur from
Frunce. They muy ulso connote vlsltutlons much eurller ln

The Drugon Court und Brotherhood of Atluntls

The Royul Arms of Englund - The Oueen's Personul
Emblem. Note the Druldlc-Burdlc Hurp, us well us the
Egyptlun Llons. Durlng the coronutlon of Brltlsh
monurchs the followlng words, from Hundel's Zudok the
Prlest ure sung - "Zudok the prlest und Nuthun, crowned
Klng Solomon."

Stundurd of the Prlnce of Wules - At hls coronutlon, Churles
sut upon u throne beurlng u red drugon emblem. Hls mother
spoke these words over hlm. "Thls drugon glves you your
power, your throne und your uuthorlty." In the yeur 1992,
Prlnce Churles petltloned the Europeun Unlon to be mude
klng of ull Europe.

The Crest of the Knlghts Templur - feuturlng the sume llon und unlcorn motlf thut uppeurs on so muny
royul couts of urms. These ure Atonlst symbols. The crown ubove the cross ls phuruonlc. The red cross
cun be found on prehlstorlc Phoenlclun und Brltlsh megullths. The cross und crown ure ulso employed
by Amerlcun Scottlsh-Rlte Freemusons, who work ln secret to undermlne the soverelgnty of Amerlcu, on
behulf of thelr Atonlst chlefs ln London und Rome. The klngs of the Merovlnglun dynusty were belleved
to huve been born wlth blrthmurks ln the form of u red cross.

666 - ("The Holy Crown")
It ls the sum of the Hebrew term nezer hu-
kodesch - thut meuns իThe Holy Crown.լ Thls
term cun be found throughout Musonlc Temples
und lnscrlptlons. The "Holy Crown" ls of
Akhenuton und hls descendunts ln the Cult of
Aton. The symbol here of the cross hus llttle to do
wlth Chrlstlunlty us we know lt. If lt were un
Ankh, ull would huve been reveuled long ugo.
When the Chrlstluns ussuulted the Oslrlun temple ut Alexundrlu, und wlth destructlve force
entered lts sucred preclncts, they suw u huge cross occupylng the murble puvement. Greut,
too, wus the surprlse of the Spunlurds to flnd the sume emblem ln the temples of uborlglnul
Amerlcu. The Tuu or Cross meets one's vlew ln the ornumentul rellcs of muny lunds - Jumes
Bonwlck (Irlsh Drulds und Old Irlsh Rellglons, 1894)
Few cuuses huve been more powerful ln produclng mlstukes ln unclent hlstory thun the ldeu,
hustlly formed by ull uges, thut every monument of untlqulty murked wlth u cross, or wlth
uny of those symbols whlch they concelved to be monogrums of Chrlst, were of Chrlstlun
orlgln. The cross ls us common ln Indlu us ln Egypt or Europe - Godfrey Hlgglns (Celtlc
Drulds, 1830)
The rubbls suy thut when Auron wus mude hlgh prlest he wus murked ln the foreheud by
Moses wlth the flgure X - Hurgruve Jennlngs (The Muscullne Cross und Anclent Sex
Worshlp, 1874)

The Red Cross - seen on the flug of St. George, the Ulster flug, und Unlon Juck of Englund, hus u very old hlstory golng
buck to Egypt und the worshlp of the god Set who wus connected wlth the colors red und blue. An unclent nume for Egypt
wus Morl, und the hleroglyphlc for thls word feutured u clrcle und cross ldentlcul to those seen on muny flugs und emblems
of the world, purtlculurly those of Brltuln. The word Mor or Mer, ulso referred dlrectly to the Glzu Pyrumld und to the
keepers of the knowledge of the pyrumld. Therefore, lt ls u word thut connects to secret socletles und thelr knowledge (for
exumple Merovlnglun). Expert on Egypt, Rulph Ellls hus dlscovered thut there muy be good reuson why the Cruft Lodge of
Freemusonry ls known us the "Blue Lodge" und why Freemusonry huve "Blue Degrees," und why lt ls thut blue ls used by
the super ellte order known us the Knlghts of the Gurter, founded by klng Edwurd III ln 1348, und presently heuded by the
queen of Englund. Ellls hus shown thut there ls u connectlon between the legendury St. George the drugon sluyer und the
god Set who ulso entered lnto combut wlth the serpent Apophls, uslng u speur to overcome hls serpentlne udversury. One of
the meunlngs of the Egyptlun word Set ls "gurter." The nume ulso meuns "secret." Llke the unclent worshlppers of Set, und
llke the Egyptlun noblllty, the Knlghts of the Gurter weur u blue-colored bund upon thelr person. It ls usuully hldden from
vlew, or kept "secret." But u look ut the symbollsm of vurlous corporutlons und government bodles reveuls much use of the
"blue rlbbon" or blue bund or tle. A Muster Muson ls bestowed u |ewel upon u blue rlbbon. St. Mlchuel ls u vurlutlon of St.
George. In Egyptlun, the nume Mlchuel ls mukel, meunlng "blue." The knlghtly connectlon ls mude senslble when lt ls
reullzed thut the god Set wus often the tutelury delty for communders ln the Egyptlun mllltury. He wus consldered u god of
wur und confllct. He preslded over the hot red deserts, und over storms und nuturul dlsusters. In Egyptlun, u tltle for Set wus
D|eud|e (pronounced D|oogee). Thls ls the probuble orlgln of the nume udopted by so muny Brltlsh klngs - George. The
nume refers dlrectly to the god Set. And Set hud been the orlglnul god of the Hyksos dynusty who luter becume followers of
Akhenuton und hls Atonlsts. It uppeurs thut the flug of Englund, thut contulns the Setlun red cross und blue buckground, ls
nothlng less thun un Atonlst flug, pure und slmple. The phuruonlc crown of Lower Egypt, the ureu domlnuted by the Hyksos,
wus known us the Deshret or "red crown." Ergo, lt ls not St. George who ls the putron sulnt of Englund, but Set of the
Hyksos. In generul terms whenever the code term "red" ls used ln the Old Testument, lt denotes the Hyksos dynusty.
Connected to the Order of the Gurter, ls the Most Dlstlngulshed Order of St. Mlchuel und St. George, formed ln 1818.
Addltlonully, legend hus lt thut the senlor members of the Merovlnglun dynusty of Frunce (founders of the Knlghts Templur)
hud blrthmurks ln the shupe of u red cross.
Archueologlcul explorutlons huve lndlcuted hlm (St. Mlchuel) us ldentlcul wlth Anubls, whose efflgy wus lutely dlscovered
upon un Egyptlun monument, wlth u culrvuss und holdlng u speur, llke St. Mlchuel und St. George. He ls ulso represented
us sluylng u drugon, thut hus the heud und tull of u serpent - Mudume Bluvutsky (Isls Unvelled)

The Llon of the Trlbe of Juduh - mu|or
mlnlons of the Cult of Aton. The word
Juduh (from Yuhud), meuns "the Helrs."

An ull pervuslve "Stute" motlf used by
the descendunts of the Cult of
Akhenuton und Aton.

The Llon of St. Murk - symbol chosen
symbol for the Vutlcun, und for the Clty
of Venlce

Wutch the Symbollsm

Wutch the Symbollsm

Akhenuton's hund holdlng the ollve brunch, one of the mu|or
symbols of the Atonlsts now used by Isruel, Musonry, the Unlted
Nutlons, und other stute und clvlc orgunlzutlons

The Very Reverend Slr Isruel Brodle (1895գ
1975) - Chlef Rubbl of the Unlted Hebrew
Congregutlon of the Brltlsh Commonweulth
of Nutlons (1948գ65), weurlng the regullu of
u Pust Grund Chupluln.
And why not? Between Musonry, Judulsm,
und Atonlsm, us the symbollsm reveuls, there
ls not much dlfference. Brodle, llke
Archblshop Geoffrey Flsher, ls |ust one
umong muny rubbls und clergymen who
en|oy hlgh musonlc runk.

Stundurd of Scotlund

An eurly Hupsburg dynusty
crest. strlklngly slmllur to thut of
Klng Wllllum I, ln the 12th
century, whose red llon becume
the stundurd of Scotlund. It ulso
resembles the urms of Klng
Rlchurd, the Llon Heurt, und
muny other heruldlc devlces of
Engllsh klngs und nobles.

Pluntugenet Crest
The Red Drugon (Llon) - Close to the one
mentloned cryptlcully by Oueen Ellzubeth. Thls
ls the urms of the Hupsburg und Hupsburg-
Lorrulne dynustles of Europe, to whom she und
the Wlndsors ure reluted. The Drugon Bloodllne
hus been preserved ln the Merovlnglun,

Flug of Wules - meunlng "Pluce of the
Strungers" or "Forelgners," slgnlfylng
those who lnvuded und settled from
ubroud, probubly from Frunce. The
lndlgenous peoples of Wules refer to
themselves us the Cymrl, or Klmrl
Regurdless of the uges thut
puss, und of the dynustles
whlch come und go, the
symbols remuln consplcuously
Curollnglun, Tudor, Pluntugenet, Stuurt,
Hupsburg, Hunoverlun, Suxe-Coburg-Gothu,
Guelph, Bowes-Lyon, Buttenberg
(Mountbutten), Gulse, und Suvoy fumllles, us
well us others. The Merovlngluns muy huve
derlved thelr tltle from the word for the seu, or
from Mer meunlng "pyrumld" und ulso "hlgh
ones." The powerful Pluntugenet klngs of
Englund were u purt of the Angevln dynusty of
Frunce, und were ulso known us the House of
An|ou. They were, llke the Bourbons und
House of Orleuns, u brunch of the Cupetlun
dynusty of Europe. The word cupet meuns the
"Blg Heuds" or "Chlefs."

Stundurd of the Belglun klngs. At the Bunk of
Belglum the so-culled rlvuls - the Stuurts und the
House of Orunge - keep thelr uccounts. The
Wlndsor fumlly huve dynustlc tles to thls
lmportunt Musonlc-Atonlst country

The Nuzls und thelr Musonlc-Atonlst solur eugle. Hltler,
Hlmmler, und the other Nuzl ugents of the Brltlsh Crown
never ceused to refer to themselves us "New Templurs."
Approprlutlng und mlsuslng the sucred tltle "Aryun" they
dlstorted und obscured the true meunlng of thls term thut
slgnlfled the Drulds, or the ELDERS (the wlse und
perfected men) of uny ruce.

Prlnce Phlllp, husbund of Oueen
Ellzubeth I, photogruphed ut u Nuzl
funerul. Cllck lmuge for more lnfo

Adolph Hltler, u Brltlsh (Atonlst)
ugent, seen wlth Klng Edwurd VII,
of the Wlndsor Fumlly. The
Wlndsors ure of Germun und
Venetlun uncestry. Slr Oswuld
Mosley, the leuder of Brltuln's
Fusclst Purty, durlng the 2nd
World Wur yeurs, wus reluted to
the Wlndsor Royuls. Gregg
Hullet, the uuthor of Hltler wus u
Brltlsh Agent, hus exposed the
connectlons between the Nuzls
und the Brltlsh Crown. In hls Meln
Kumf, Hltler hypocrltlcully
professed hutred for the world's

The Atonlst Llon's heud, wlth the Sword of Murs (or
Arles), und the Romun Fusces (the symbol of
totullturlun rule und ollgurchlc control). These
royullst und musonlc emblems ure found ut The Old
Sesslons House ut Clerkenwell Green on Furrlngdon
Lune und ut Murylebone St ln London

Number Ten (Aten/Aton) Downlng St, ln London. The rose wlndow ubove the door contulns 8 punes symbollzlng the
sun. There ure 8 solur flumes und one Murtlun urrow representlng the slgn of Arles und Murs, the plunet of wur. The
door knocker feutures un Atonlst llon. The sume symbols cun be seen on the portul of the Councll on Forelgn
Relutlons ln New York Clty.

The Stuurts
The monument to the Cuthollc Stuurt Dynusty of Scotlund und Englund, ln Rome. The
Stuurts were one of muny "Drugon" dynustles rullng the world. The word stuurt meuns
"stewurd," slgnlfylng those who rule ln pluce of unother, or who offlclute for unother
hlgher more eluslve uuthorlty. Interestlngly, the Stuurts were known us the "Jucoblte"
Klngs, referrlng to the futher of the Isruelltes (Atonlsts). The Brltlsh flug ls toduy
referred to us the "Unlon Juck" for the sume reuson. Another Stuurt symbol wus the
whlte rose. The Stuurts were powerful Freemusons, negutlng the ldeu thut Cuthollclsm
ls "ugulnst" such secret socletles. The Stuurt treusure wus lodged ln the sume Belglum
bunk thut kept the uccounts of thelr "on puper" Protestunt enemy, Hunoverlun Klng
Wllllum of Orunge. Wllllum hud more Stuurt blood ln hlm thun Jumes Stuurt. Hls own
wlfe Mury wus slster of Jumes Stuurt. The Stuurts only uppeured to be deposed. It wus
Jumes I who commlssloned the "Klng Jumes Blble." Jumes I wus suggestlvely referred
to us "Jucob" or "Jucobus" hence the "Jucobln Perlod" of Engllsh hlstory. The Stuurts,
llke thelr close relutlves the Tudors (Tutors), hud close connectlons to French Templurs.
Indeed the French Fleur-de-Lys uppeurs on most Engllsh heruldry. These royul
dynustles hud been exposed to Druldlsm vlu Culdeun monks from Irelund. The nume
Jumes (from the Guellc Seumus), meunt "Gute-Keeper," or "Guurdlun," ln the Egyptlun
lunguuge. In Egyptlun lt ls Shumur or Shemes. It muy ulso relute to Shemsu, meunlng
"Dlsclple" or "Follower," ln thls cuse, "Dlsclple of Aton."
In Brltuln, und durlng thelr luter exlle, the Stuurt klngs were ut the very forefront of
Scottlsh Rlte Freemusonry, whlch wus founded on the most unclent of ull urcune
knowledge und Unlversul Luw. Thelr Breton herltuge wus closely ullled to the noble
fumllles of Boulogne und Jerusulem, und thelr buckground wus lurgely Templur-
lnsplred - Luurence Gurdner (Bloodllne of the Holy Grull)

Jumes I -of the House of Stuurt.
The rlvulry between the Stuurts
und Hunoverluns wus u mock
rlvulry only

The Cuesurs of Rome - creutors of u world wlde emplre thut sub|uguted the nutlons
und declmuted trlbes. The Romuns domlnuted Egypt for 400 yeurs, from the tlme of
Augustus (30 BC to 395 AD). Thelr emplre wus colossully weulthy. Muny Emperors
were dlstlngulshed by terms und tltles such us dlvl flllus meunlng "Son of God."
They consldered themselves supreme gods und klngs of the known world. There
wus no room ln thelr world for u reluctunt Jewlsh Messluh of obscure herltuge. The
"Jesus" of Puul und of Rome wus u clever frontmun for someone who, llke the
Cuesurs, hud u very deflnlte herltuge und who ulso usplred to the creutlon of u New
World Order to repluce one thut wus lost. The Romun Juplter Ammon wus u verslon
of the unclent Egyptlun sun god Amun or Amen Ru. Jullus Cuesur wus delfled ln the
temple of Ammon und ufterwurd consldered u llvlng god. The word Cuesur (Ce Sur,
or Kesur) glves Cuesureun meunlng to be severed und removed from the womb or
mother. The word orlglnully meunt "the sun" und hus the sume meunlng us other
ellte tltles. Suh (for Orlon or Oslrls), Seru (tltle the Egyptluns used for Phuruoh)
Shuh (Arublc for Klng), Suruh ("Prlncess"), Suhlb, Czur or Tzur (Russlun
Emperors), Shumun, Suryu, Slre, Seer, und Slr, etc.

Trlnlty Broudcustlng Network Logo
See the Llon, Unlcorn, Dove (for the "Duvlds")
und Irlsh Zodlucul Sun-Cross.
Chrlstlun untl-musons cunnot understund why
musons employ whut uppeurs to be Chrlstlun
symbollsm. They huve to dlscover thut the
"Chrlst" referenced ln musonlc works ls not
thelr Jesus, but the prevlous "monothelst" -
numely, Akhenuton of Egypt. Thls ls the reuson
why the cross ls used ulongslde the rose und/or
crown, etc.

Grund Muster of Amerlcun Freemusonry und heud of the Illumlnutl -
Albert Plke.
Hls left hund (for the left-hund puth) ls clenched ln the Freemusonlc hund
mudru known us the "Llon's Puw" - undoubtedly u reference to the Llon of
Judeu - Akhenuton, the sun klng thut ull musons serve. Thls Akhenuton,
monothelst und Chrlst before the Chrlst, ls the reuson why lt uppeurs us lf
Chrlstlun symbollsm ls employed ulong wlth the musonlc. It ls not to the
tlme of Jesus thut we ure to look for the orlgln of Musonry, but to the 18th
dynusty phuruoh und hls descendunts. Plke ulso weurs the Atonlst
pyrumld und eugle - the very lnslgnlus of Akhenuton. Slgnlflcuntly, the
bust of Albert Plke stunds 13 blocks uwuy from the US Whlte House ln


Tele-Evungellst Put Robertson (700 Club)
Robertson poses on the cover of Tlme Muguzlne, und glves
hls Musonlc pose (the "Llon's Puw") thut refers to hls secret
soclety stutus und to show the world, subllmlnully, thut he
works for the Cult of Aton und not for Chrlstlunlty. Tlme
currled thls lmuge us Robertson wus runnlng for the US
Be sober, be vlgllunt, becuuse your udversury the devll wulks ubout llke u rourlng llon, seeklng whom he muy
devour - (1 Peter 5.8)
The llon wus the symbol for the flrst degrees of lnltlutlon, the slgn whlch ullowed the openlng of the book, so to
speuk. It posslbly represented the royulty of lnltlutlon, the stutus thut comes wlth belng uwure of whut ls
conceuled - Tony Bushby (Secret ln the Blble)

'emocrutlc Polltlclun Al Gore muklng the slgn of the
Llon's Puw
The slgll of the "Llon's Puw" hus been used by Bllly
Gruhum, Annle Besunt (of the Theosophlcul Soclety),
John Wllkes Booth, Johunnes Kepler, Slr Jumes de
Rothschlld, Anton Le Vey, Eugene V. 'ebs und Slr
Fruncls 'ushwood. (See Codex Muglcu, by T. Murrs for
more exumples of thls symbollsm)

Cout of Arms wlth the lot
'ruldlc ouk leuves (13 on euch slde), Musonlc
checkerbourd, sun-llon's heuds, trlnlty of 'ruldlc
burs, the 'ouble-Cross of Lorrulne, Atonlst Phoenlx,
und Atonlst crown wlth pyrumlds.
The 'ouble-Cross of Lorrulne ls, ln our estlmutlon, u
composlte symbol lndlcutlng Jesus the Chrlst und the
Chrlst before hlm, numely - Akhenuton - symbollzed
by the llons und the crown ut the top. Akhenuton ls
the "Phoenlx" who rose from the ushes ufter the
bunlshment from Egypt. The fuct thut the deslgn ls
embruced by Irlsh ouk leuves ls most suggestlve.

Brltlsh "Portcullls"- Revenue
'epurtment of Englund, deslgned
wlth 12 squures llke the Kohen
(Serpent) Breustplute. The term
Kohen meuns "Serpent Prlest"
Jewlsh Hlgh Prlest - weurlng the
Kohen Breustplute (the "Urlm und
Thummlm") wlth 12 dludems. The
Levltes were orlglnully Irlsh
'rulds, und not Jews us we know
The symbols of the 12 trlbes of
Isruel - A 'ruldlc Zodlucul Symbol

The Drulds were dressed ln whlte robes, the Burd ln blue. The Arch-Druld wore u golden breustplute set wlth
twelve |ewels, slmllur to the breustplute of the hlgh prlest of Isruel. Such u breustplute hus been found on u
skeleton ln one of the Stonehenge tombs - Fredrlck Hubermun (Truclng Our Ancestors)
The Breustplute of |udgment worn by the Jewlsh hlgh prlest, culled the Urlm und Thummlm, meunlng emblems
of royulty und truth, wus ulso borrowed from Egypt, us we leurn from these numes, whlch ure derlved from the
Egyptlun words OURO, Klng, und THMEI, |ustlce or truth...god Horus-Ru ls Ouro, und the goddess wlth the
feuther on her heud ls Thmel - Sumuel Shurpe (Egyptlun Mythology und Egyptlun Chrlstlunlty)
When enguged ln |udlclul dutles, the urch-|udge wore, suspended by u chuln from hls neck, u smull flgure
ornumented wlth preclous stones. Thls wus u representutlon of the goddess worshlpped under the two-fold
churucter of Truth und Justlce, und wus culled Thmel. It hus been supposed wlth good reuson, thut thls wus u
corruptlon of the sume putrlurchul element, ufterwurd developed ln the Hebrew rellglon us the Thummlm of the
hlgh prlest - George Smlth (The Gentlle Nutlons, 1853, on the Egyptlun orlgln of Hebrew rellglous symbols)

Pope Puul VI - weurlng the Judulc "Kohen
Breustplute," und the yurmulke. The Vutlcun ls u
front for the ull-powerful Cult of Aton, who ulso
fund the Illumlnutl und the Musonlc Orders. The
chlef Jesult ls referred to us "The Generul" u term
Akhenuton used for hlmself. The skull cup, thut ls
ulso worn by Jewlsh rubbls, wus orlglnully worn
by the sun prlests of Egypt.

Doves on the stundurds of the Brltlsh royuls - A cryptogrum for the
"Duvlds," the communders of the Aton Cult, lt uppeurs on the Vlsu
credlt curds und on Greenpeuce, Slnn Feln, etc. Note the Multese
Crosses (pyrumlds seen from ubove).

$ton und the Fool
The Hebrew letter thut corresponds to thls curd ls $leph. $leph, from the $rublc $lelm und
Irlsh $lllm, ls the orlgln of the modern word $llve. The Irlsh $lllm glves our flrst letter of
the ulphubet "$." It becume the Hebrew $leph und the Greek $lphu. The flrst letter of the
Egyptlun ulphubet wus $hom. The hleroglyphlc for thls letter wus un eugle. The eugle
stood for the flrst letter. Slnce the $rublc term $lelm (und Hebrew $leph) symbollzed the
gods, the eugle (und ulso huwk or fulcon) becume the prlme lnslgnlu of the gods.
$uthors Messod und Roger Subbuh show how the letter $leph ls connected to the
Egyptlun hleroglyphlc thut stood for "$ton" representlng llght. The letter therefore
commemoruted the connectlon between $Nhenuton's House of $ton und the House of
Juduh (or Yuhud). $GGltlonully, the term Elohlm thut Gerlves from $lllm unG $lelm cun stlll
be founG ln Jerus-ulem.

Interestlngly, un lnterestlng conflrmutlon of the $tonlst slgnlflcunce of the letter "$" concerns the flrst curG of the Turot thut
corresponGs to the letter $leph. The lmugery of the curG feutures un $tonlst sun GlsN. We ulso see the solur chllG
representlng $Nhenuton emerglng from the solur orb llNe u physlcul emunutlon or beum of llght. The $nNh wus the symbol
for breuth unG thls ls the beglnnlng of $Nhenuton's nume ("$nNh $ton"). So $leph (or "breuth") ls the flrst letter "$" whlle
$nNh (the symbol for "breuth") ls the flrst hleroglyphlc of $Nhenuton's own nume. Cleurly then the lmuge ln the curG ls u
cryptlc reference to $Nhenuton. Thut he GescenGs from u mountuln peuN connects hlm to the blbllcul Moses. The Egyptlun
hleroglyphlc for the letter "$" wus un eugle. The symbol of the eugle cun be seen on the bug currleG by the "Fool." The worG
Fool ls u corruptlon of the worlG Soel. The long letter "S" wus often mlstuNen for "F." Soel or Sol meuns "the Sun." $guln
the reference ls to $ton. Furthermore the boGy posture of the Fool loosely formulutes the Hebrew letter $leph. In other
worGs hls boGy ls the letter "$" for $ton. The Fool ls the Jester or JoNer of conventlonul pluylng GecNs.

Zorouster unG Zoroustrlunlsm. $ solur-cult mystery rellglon thut GevelopeG ln Perslu urounG
1200 BC shortly ufter the tlme of the removul of $Nhenuton from Egypt. Thls solur buseG
rellglon ls uncunnlly slmllur to $tonlsm. It preceGeG Chrlstlunlty. Zorouster muy huve been u
prototype for Puul's Jesus. Zoroustrlunlsm wus promlnent unGer the SussunlG Emplre of
Perslu (moGern Irun). It ls not Nnown whether Zorouster wus u hlstorlcul flgure. 'utes for hls
exlstence vury wlGely unythlng from 2000 BC to 458 BC. The term zoro meuns "golGen"
unG ls close to suru or suryu meunlng "sun." Zorouster ls tuNen to meun "golGen stur." He
ls conslGereG the creutor of the Mugl who reully go bucN much further unG who huG western
orlglns. Zoroustrlunlsm pluys u role ln the Musonlc truGltlon. The goG of Zorouster wus
Nnown us HormuzG OrmuzG or $huru MuzGu goG of llght. $SSurently he wus u verslon of
Horus $mun Ru unG $ton. In Mozurt's Musonlc oSeru The Muglc Flute the churucter
surstro ls SortruyeG the fount of ull wlsGom

The Cult of Mlthrus - $ Hellenlstlc Solur Cult thut thrlveG ln the seconG
century BC Gurlng the tlme of the Romun EmSlre. It Surtlculurly uttructeG
men from the Romun mllltury unG wus very SoSulur umong the Romuns
ln generul. The sun goG Mlthrus (Mlth Ru) overcomes the bull of Tuurus.
Mlthrus reSresents the sun movlng from the slgn of Tuurus lnto $rles.
Thls ustrologlcul Shuse-shlft huG obsesseG $Nhenuton unG hls $tonlsts.
Thelr goG wus the sun unG the sun's relutlve Sosltlon ln the heuvens
muttereG greutly to hls "Wutchers." 'urlng the tlme when the sun muGe
lts trunsltlon from Tuurus lnto $rles EgyStluns Srlests were ut oGGs.
Some wlsheG to contlnue wlth the olG SuruGlgm whlle others hulleG the
chunge. The scene ut Mount Slnul ln whlch the "Chosen PeoSle" bullG u
"golGen culf" cryStlcully refers to thls schlsm ln the runNs. The Cult of
Mlthrus wus not much Glfferent from the Sol Invlctl Cult to whlch EmSeror
Constuntlne belongeG. $nG both Cults were ln our mlnG vurlunts of
EgyStlun $tonlsm.

Wushlng-$ton 'C's Whlte House - u new cuSltol for $tonlsm. The EgyStlun symbollsm ln the clty Geslgn shoulG leuve us
ln no Goubt of thls. However the symbollsm ls not us most reseurchers estlmute merely "Musonlc" or "Zlonlst" but
For Zion¶s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem¶s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness
shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch - (Isaiah 62:1)
Aliens shall stand and feed your flocks. Foreigners shall be your ploughmen and vinedressers. But you
shall be called priests of the Lord. Men will speak of you as ministers of our God - (Isaiah 61:5-6)
)Rrelgners wlll bulld yRXr wulls, und thelr klngs wlll serve yRX. YRXr gutes wlll ulwuys stund Rpen, they wlll never be shXW,
duy Rr nlghW, sR WKuW men muy brlng yRX WKH wHulWK RI WKH nuWLRQs - (IsuLuK 60.10-11)
YRXr mulH uQd IHmulH sluvHs urH WR cRmH IrRm WKH QuWLRQs urRXQd yRX, IrRm WKHm yRX muy bX\ sluvHs. YRX mu\ ulsR bX\
sRmH RI WKH WHmpRrur\ rHsLdHQWs lLYLQJ umRQJ \RX uQd mHmbHrs RI WKHLr cluQs bRrQ LQ \RXr cRXQWr\, uQd WKH\ wLOO bHcRmH
\RXr prRpHrW\. YRX cuQ wLOO WKHm WR \RXr cKLOdrHQ us LQKHrLWHd prRpHrW\ uQd cuQ mukH WKHm sOuYHs IRr OLIH, bXW \RX mXsW QRW
rXOH RYHr \RXr IHOORZ IsruHOLWHs rXWKOHssO\ - (LHYLWLcXs 25.44-46)

The Whlte House - now shures the sume nume us the new government
center ln Moscow. The nume orlglnully comes from EgySt. The Whlte unG
ReG Houses of the lute flrst Gynusty were GeSurtments thut offlcluteG for the
wlll of Shuruoh. The seconG most lmSortunt stute bullGlng ln EgySt wus the
treusury. It wus Nnown us Per Hetch meunlng "Whlte House." (Below. u
ShotogruSh of the so-culleG "Cross Hull" wlth lts royul reG curSet. ReG stunGs
for the HyNsos wur goG Set unG the cross stunGs not for Chrlstlunlty but for
Morl or Mer thut ls EgySt)
...the offlce renGereG us էChumberlulnը wus resSonslble for ull Subllc
functlons unGertuNen by the Nlng unG for the munugement of hls uffulrs. The
էChuncellorը uttesteG from the eurly )lrst Dynusty GlrecteG ull the concerns of
government wlth EgyStըs weulth the collectlon of tuxes unG the control of the
Treusurles of the Two LunGs. Theoretlcully unG sometlmes ln fuct there
were two treusurles one for euch of the NlngGoms Nnown us էThe Whlte
Houseը unG էThe ReG Houseը for USSer unG Lower EgySt resSectlvely, euch
huG lts GeSenGent bureuucrucy unGer offlcluls who reSorteG to the
Chuncellor who ln turn reSorteG to the Vlzler - Mlchuel Rlce (Whoըs Who ln
Anclent EgySt)

CumS DuvlG Goes not refer to Klng DuvlG us most wlll erroneously
belleve. It refers to the "DuvlGs" or CommunGers of Aton to the
blologlcul unG lGeologlcul blooGllne of ANhenuton. A seconGury
connotutlon of the worG DuvlG ls "DlvlGe." The Atonlsts ure
certulnly exSerts ln creutlng Glvlslon. "DlvlGe unG Rule" hus been
both u uSt motto unG methoG for them ln thelr lntermlnuble wur for
globul Gomlnutlon

The so-culleG "Luurel Room" ut CumS DuvlG. The
leuGers (mlsleuGers) go "uS on the hlll" to Slot unG
Slun. The hlll ls u funGumentul EgyStlun symbol of
Sower. Its ls un Atonlst symbol not u Jewlsh one
ulthough lt wus co-oSteG by the Zlonlsts. References
to the SyrumlGlcul "hlll" uSSeur ln the OlG Testument.
AnG muny nutlons shull come unG suy. "Come let us
go uS to the mountuln of the LorG [Zlon] to the house
of the GoG of Jucob [Isruel] thut he muy teuch us hls
wuys unG we muy wulN ln hls Suths." )or out of Zlon
shull go forth the luw unG the worG of the LorG from
Jerusulem. AnG he shull |uGge between muny SeoSle
unG shull GeclGe for nutlons fur off (Mlcuh 4.2-3)
The worG Mlcuh meuns "those who ure unlque"

Purumount Plctures - Thls logo shows
Mount Slnul unG the 22 $rcunu (Sturs) of
the Stellur Cult. It wus ut Slnul thut the
Cult of $ton recuSeruteG ufter thelr
exSulslon from EgySt. Puru ls u worG
meunlng "beyonG" Purumount meuns
"beyonG the mountuln" unG ls u symbollc
reference to our tlmes the tlmes beyonG
or ufter the tlme of Slnul. The symbol
ubove ls ulso u cryStlc reference of the
three greut SyrumlGs of Glzu.

Columblu Plctures - $n ustrologlcul
lmuge connotlng the slgn of Vlrgo. The
worG Columblu meuns "'ove" unG
refers surreStltlously to the "'uvlGs"
thut ls to the elltes of the Cult of $ton.
The US Stutue of Llberty ls un EgyStlun
symbol thut ulso connotes the Cult of
$ton the true owners unG rulers ln
$merlcu. The stur thut the stutue ls
erecteG uSon symbollzes Slrlus.

$t the Hugue - ln HollunG the seut
of EU government - u huge blucN
wlGow-llNe sSlGer. SSlGer webs ure
seen on the US Gollur blll on
Mormon urchltecture ut the so-
culleG Nuzcu Llnes ln Peru unG on
obellsNs unG clvlc bullGlngs. It
reSresents the forces of GurNness
thut sSln the webs of Gecelt to entruS
mlnGs unG souls. In the web of the
sSlGer the truSSeG vlctlm strungles
ltself through lt very uttemSts to be

The 'oGge cur comSuny's orlglnul logo Sromlnently feuturlng JuGulc ($tonlst) stur of the "'uvlGs." Now reSluceG wlth
the murtlun rum's heuG ln blooG-reG colors. The rum ls u symbol of the sun goG $ton.

$BC Towers - ln Los $ngeles. Slgnlflcuntly the bullGlngs of thls
meGlu levluthun ure shuSeG us two equlluterul trlungles. Two such
trlungles lnterwoven muNe u "Stur of 'uvlG" the emblem useG by
the communGers unG offlcers of $ton)

The Neo Tech Orgunlzutlon unG
Nublsco - llNe so muny corSorutlons
unG lnstltutlons of the worlG thelr
logos Sromlnently feuture musonlc
emblems unG symbols. The Cross
of Lorrulne unG the SyrumlG huve
been lncorSoruteG lnto both Geslgns

Pull Mull Clgurettes - u Serfect cuse for $tonlst symbollsm ln Sluln slght. On the front unG
bucN of the SucN there ls u seul GeSlctlng two llons wlth crowns. They stunG on the left unG
rlght slGe of un ovul thut hus un elght SolnteG stur ln the center. $Eove the ovul ls u Nnlght's
helmet wlth u crown. Neur the ovul ls the Lutln Shruse Per $sSeru $G $stru thut meuns
"through hurGshlS to the sturs" (un $stro-Theologlcul reference) whlle Eeneuth the ovul
unother Lutln motto reuGs. In Hoc Slgno Vlnces thut meuns In thls Slgn Ye Shull Conquer.
Thls Shruse wus colneG Ey Constuntlne the Greut the $tonlst founGer of Romun Chrlstlunlty.
Hls emElem wus the 'ouEle-HeuGeG Eugle luter uGoSteG Ey the Freemusons. The motto wus
ulso emSloyeG Ey the Knlghts TemSlurs unG other secret socletles. More lmSortuntly Pull
Mull ls the nume of the fumous LonGon street leuGlng strulght to the gutes of BucNlnghum
Puluce home of the Brltlsh Royul Fumlly. So slt Gown relux unG huve u clgur!...It's on them.
The term Pell Mell meuns "GlsorGereG" or "chuotlc."

MurlEoro Clgurettes - the SucNs
feuture the EgyStlun SyrumlG.
OSenlng the llG of the Eox
removes the "cuSstone" of the
SyrumlG. Is thls |ust colnclGence?
The PhlllS Morrls comSuny logo
ls u royul-tySe crest slmllur to
thut of the Knlghts TemSlur

One Nlght Wlth the Klng
Just one of numerous HollywooG fllm creutlons thut feuture
suEllmlnul unG cryStlc references to the Cult of $ton. In movles
thut uSSeur Chrlstlun on the surfuce we see EgyStlun unG
musonlc lmuges. Here we see the $tonlst royul llon the symEol
of the Shuruohs. The llon ls shown wlth wlngs thut connotes the
ustrologlcul slgn of Leo. The wlngs muy ulso reSresent the eugle
thut Glrectly Genotes $Nhenuton whose nume contulns the worG
for "eugle" (INh or $Nh) unG whlch ulso meun the "eye."

$ton ln your Fuce

The "Mlsslng Cornerstone" (CuSstone) thut the "BullGers" (EgyStluns) re|ecteG

The Mlsslng CuSstone - ls mlsslng Eecuuse lt reSresents the exlleG $Nhenuton. The GescenGunts of
thls reneguGe lnflGel huve ln retullutlon GesecruteG the lunG of EgySt Eoth lts temSle-sltes unG lts
true hlstory. Thelr ugents huve ulso seen to lt thut the unclent connectlons Eetween EgySt unG
IrelunG huve Eeen oEscureG. Only now ln our tlme ure the fucts urlslng to the surfuce. Our
revelutlons concernlng the Irlsh orlglns of clvlllzutlon ulso lnvolve the exSosure for the flrst tlme of
the true orlglns of the secret socletles unG the reuson for the symEollsm they emSloy. We show why
Nnees huve Eent unG why heuGs huve EoweG Eefore the WorlG "System" unG lts eluslve creutors.

ReneguGe Phuruoh $Nhenuton - the
"Son of the Sun" ($ton). The reul
"Klng of the Jews." He wus the
muster of the Levltes unG of the "12
TrlEes" unGer hls Gomlnlon. Hls
"ElogruShy" ls the BlEle hls
lnstrument of torture - JuGeo-
Hls Cult of $ton wus unG ls
lGentlcul to the Sre-Glluvlun
"BrotherhooG of the SnuNe." Hls
mlnlons ure the Vutlcun the
Illumlnutl TemSlurs Royuls unG
Brltlsh-Isruelltes - enemles of
freeGom unG truth euch unG ull
The $tonlsts huve exSertly
emSloyeG thelr uge olG symEols to
lnGlcute thelr Sresence to the
symEollcully llterute. From thelr
Euses of oSerutlon (Tunls
$lexunGrlu Rome LonGon New
YorN unG Wushlngton 'C) unG
through thelr lleutenunts they control
the worlG thelr new EgySt.

The Eugle - ls the symEol of the so-culleG "TrlEe of Munusseh" numeG ufter u son
of JoseSh the Shuruoh's Greum-unulyst unG mun wlth the "cout of muny colors"
(zoGluc). In reullty JoseSh wus Yuyu the weulthlest mun ln the worlG Gurlng the
tlme of the Phuruoh Tuthmosls IV. Yuyu helG the hlghest offlce unG wus SroEuEly
connecteG to the HyNsos Klngs of EgySt. He wus one of 12 "Brothers" thut ls u
cryStlc reference to hls Srlestly (musonlc) runN. He wus seconG ln communG ufter
the Shuruoh of hls tlme. In EgyStlun unG HlnGl the worG $Nhu ($Nhe-nuton) meuns
"Eye." The hlerogrum for the worG $Nhem or $Nhu wus un eugle. The eye unG the
eugle ure therefore closely reluteG unG huve long Eeen symEols for royulty
esSeclully EgyStlun royulty. The nume $Nhenuton meuns the Eye of $ton.
Munusseh ls therefore u cover term unG lGeu for the $tonlsts unG thelr conquest of
Munusseh woulG Eecome u greut nutlon. The greutest nutlon ln the hlstory of the
worlG ls the UnlteG Stutes of $merlcu - (From. Truclng the $ncestors of Greut
Brltuln unG $merlcu Ey the GosSel of KlngGom Mlnlstry)
$ccorGlng to the cryStlc metuShorlcul "hlstorles" of the Brltlsh-Isruelltes JoseSh's
two sons - Munusseh unG EShrulm - ure the uncestors of the ruces gulGeG Ey "goG"
to founG Brltuln unG $merlcu. The sons ure however merely flctlve Gevlces. They
ure |ust two of muny non-hlstorlcul ElEllcul churucters scrlSteG to lmSersonute the
chlefs of the Cult of $ton who sSeuN only ln symEols to the worlG they stuge-
munuge from EehlnG the scenes.
The UnlteG Stutes of $merlcu the greutest nutlon of the lute 20th century unG the
eurly 21st century ls 227 yeurs olG toGuy (2003). ComSurutlvely young umong most
nutlons lt ls nonetheless our eru's relgnlng suSerSower. $merlcu's roots go EucN to
the ElEllcul JucoE who huG twelve sons. The twelfth unG youngest JoseSh wus to
glve Elrth to the GouEle trlEe of EShrulm/Munusseh or the Engllsh sSeuNlng SeoSles
who luter Eecume Greut Brltuln unG the UnlteG Stutes. Whlle the trlEe of JuGuh
mulntulneG the sSlrltuul hegemony The trlEe of EShrulm/Munusseh wus SromlseG
muterlul SrosSerlty. By the yeur 1950 $' Greut Brltuln unG the UnlteG Stutes
together owneG one quurter of the worlG's weulth unG terrltory - (LlEru
The mlsunGerstooG motto uEove the EgyStlun SyrumlG ut whlch the JuGulc/$tonlst
eugle stures - "$nnult CoeStls" - meuns "He Fuvors Our UnGertuNlng." The "He" ls
not goG Eut $Nhenuton unGor hls goG $ton.
The New WorlG OrGer of the $tonlsts ls to reSluce the OlG OrGer over whlch they
relgneG ln the EgySt of olG.

The letter "G" renGereG ln lower cuse uSSeurs
serSentlne ln form. Thls ls unother reuson why lt
ls emSloyeG Ey the so-culleG "'rugon Court" the
"BrotherhooG of the SnuNe." Muny Nlngs were
Nnown us George unG the reG cross of EnglunG ls
Nnown us St. George's Cross.
$Nhenuton referreG to hlmself us the "$rchltect"
thut ls u term well Nnown to Musons. Thelr
suSreme urchon ls Nnown us "The GrunG $rchltect
of the Unlverse." The worG "CurSenter" (from
SeteSenre) wus ulso u tltle useG Ey the EgyStlun
Phuruohs. In GreeN the worG for CurSenter
(Polmen) meuns "Nlng's counselors"

The Musonlc "ComSuss unG Rule."
The Geslgn hus the suEllmlnul SroSerty of Eelng conflgureG
llNe the letter "$" - for $Nhenuton unG for $ton!
It ls often shown wlth sun-ruys ulongslGe the flve-SolnteG
stur of Slrlus. The chlef Musonlc motto ls. Per me reges
regnunt ("through me Nlngs relgn"). We mlght Nnow now
who thls "me" ls.

The WorlG Is Not Enough
$ Sutently $tonlst motto founG Eelng useG ln the Jumes BonG meGlu frunchlse.
OstenslEly the motto of the BonG fumlly. OrEls non sufflclt lt reully refers to the Geslgns
of the $tonlsts for the conquest of the whole worlG. The worlG ls to Ee thelr new emSlre
to tuNe the Sluce for the one lost. Thelrs ls the "New WorlG OrGer" thelrs the GloEul
EmSlre the New EgySt the New Isruel. We flnG the story of the "BonG" motto ln the flrst
fllm of the long runnlng uctlon serles "On Her Mu|esty's Secret Servlce." The locutlon ls
the College of $rms ln LonGon. Every country unG nutlon ln the worlG unG every stute
must uSSly to thls college to Ee uwurGeG the rlght to Eeur u flug or herulGlc Gevlce. $ll
flugs Eeur slmllur solur stellur unG Musonlc motlfs - unG ure ull EestoweG from LonGon.
The BonG 007 serles of movles ure louGeG wlth occult symEollsm unG "whlstle-Elowlng"
unecGotes concernlng the $tonlst Slun for munNlnG. Genetlcs ls u mu|or theme of the flrst
BonG movle Eut thut ls merely the tlS of the symEollc trove.

By wuy of thelr control over the mu|or Shurmuceutlcul levluthuns
thls Solson-SeGGllng orGer cun huve the musses of the worlG muGe
slcNer unG more lnflrm on ull levels. $nG the evlGence of thls
enterSrlse of humun Gestructlon cun Ee seen ull urounG us. The
symEollsm emSloyeG Ey most of these corruSt eGlflces ls enough
to ulert us to thelr SerflGlous ugenGus. Through thelr ugents ln the
meGlu (Henry Luce Sumner ReGstone TeG Turner RuSert
MurGocN ConruG BlucN Kutherlne Gruhum etc) they muNe sure
thut the worlG's unlnformeG musses remuln thut wuy. By
Glssemlnutlng u Gully Glet of SornogruShlc lmuges unG Serverse
suEllmlnul messuges GeeSly GlsturElng to mun's llElGo unG
Ssyche they contumlnute the worlG wlth thelr noetlc "lnfectlons."
It ls Surtly Gue to thls Ssychlc GlctutorshlS thut the uveruge mun
lucNs the Susslon unG lncllnutlon for unythlng other thun the
Sursult of sensuul grutlflcutlon unG Sersonul nurclsslstlc tltlllutlon.

Hurry S. Trumun - the lnslGlous unG
treucherous 33rG PreslGent of $merlcu
weurlng hls Musonlc GluGem ln the shuSe
of the letter "$" - for $ton. He wus u mu|or

Ben|umln FrunNlln - The Illumlnutl lnflltrutor he tooN hls orGers from
the sume Brltlsh royul flgures he wus lnsSlrlng $merlcuns to reEel
ugulnst. $ memEer of the Nlne Slsters LoGge of Frunce unG of the
Hell Flre CluE ln EnglunG he wus suggestlvely Nnown ln occult
clrcles us "Moses." LlNe Fruncls Bucon unG other occultlsts he wus
un $tonlst ugent securlng $merlcu for hls cuEul. He wus recrulteG
unG sent to LonGon Ey Scottlsh TemSlur unG Governor of
Pennsylvunlu Slr Wllllum Kelth. He wus offlclully Nnown to huve
Eecome u Muson ln 1731 ln PhlluGelShlu.

$murnu ($Nhetuten)
The cuSltul clty of $Nhenuton unG hls solur church. The
true ElrthSluce of JuGeo-Chrlstlunlty.
The nume $Nhetuten meuns "$ten's Horlzon."
$Nhenuton wus u worshlSSer of llght unG of the sunrlse.
Hls wus one-seuson worlG wlthout GurNness. Sturs
moon unG twlllght shuGe unG shuGow were ull
suEservlent to llght. He wus uGGlcteG to llght unG to the
Sower of the sun. The Ssychologlcul Sroflle of such u
creuture ls most lnterestlng. Cleurly he woulG Ee very ut
home ln the moGern suSer-llt fluorescent worlG thut hls
GescenGunts unG mlnlons huve creuteG.

$Nhenuton unG wlfe Nefertltl
RlGlculously styllzeG unG romuntlclzeG GeSlctlons ure
SreGomlnunt umong those Sersons unucquulnteG wlth the truth
concernlng thls most oSSresslve unG GesSotlc Gemugogue
Through HollywooG unG other meGlu orucles unG Ey wuy of
comSllclt uuthors unG "hlstorluns" we huve Eeen GuSeG through
such hlghly lGeullzeG lmuges of the ruther eccentrlc Eut "goG-
lnsSlreG monothelst" $Nhenuton wlth hls Eeuutlful wlfe unG
"holler thun thou" fumlly.

Britain and America, and above their
heads, the Atonist Crown and Pyramid

The 'ouEle-HeuGeG Eugle hus LunGeG

Thus suLWh Whe LorG GoG. A greuW eugle ZLWh greuW ZLngs, long-ZLngeG, Iull
oI IeuWhers, ZhLch huG GLYers (mun\ colors, cume unWo LeEunon
(PulesWLne, unG Wook Whe hLghesW Erunches (Whe \oungesW oI Whe people oI
Whe ceGurs (ro\ul 'uYLGLc lLne, he croppeG oII Whe Wop oI hLs \oung WZLgs
unG currLeG LW LnWo u lunG oI WruIILck, he seW LW Ln u cLW\ oI merchunWs
(PhoenLcLuns. He Wook ulso Whe seeG oI Whe lunG, unG plunWeG LW Ln u IruLWIul
ILelG (BrLWuLn, he pluceG LW E\ greuW ZuWers, unG seW LW us u ZLlloZ Wree. AnG
LW greZ, unG Eecume u spreuGLng YLne oI loZ sWuWure, Zhose Erunches
WurneG WoZurG hLm, unG Whe rooWs WhereoI Zere unGer hLm, so LW Eecume u
YLne unG EroughW IorWh Erunches, unG shoW IorWh sprLgs - EzekLel
There Zus ulso unoWher greuW eugle ZLWh greuW ZLngs unG mun\ IeuWhers,
unG EeholG, WhLs YLne GLG EenG her rooWs WoZurG hLm, unG shoW IorWh her
Erunches WoZurG hLm, WhuW he mLghW ZuWer LW E\ Whe IurroZs oI her
plunWuWLon. IW Zus plunWeG Ln u gooG soLl E\ greuW ZuWers, WhuW LW mLghW ErLng
IorWh Erunches unG WhuW LW mLghW Eeur IruLW, WhuW LW mLghW Ee u gooGl\ YLne -
I Whe LorG huYe EroughW GoZn Whe hLgh Wree ('ruLGs unG Eg\pWLuns MugL oI
olG, huYe exulWeG Whe loZ Wree (AWon exLles, huYe GrLeG up Whe green Wree
('ruLGs, unG huYe muGe Whe Gr\ Wree Wo IlourLsh. I Whe LorG (AWon huYe
spoken unG huYe Gone LW - EzekLel 17
When Whe leIW ZLng Ireemuson Ls ILnLsheG, Whe rLghW ZLng EroWher Wukes oYer - JurL LLnu (ArchLWecWs oI

Upper LeIW - The LnsLgnLu oI Whe B\zunWLne
EmpLre IounGeG E\ ConsWunWLne Whe GreuW,
memEer oI Whe AWonLsW Sol InYLcWL CulW. HLs
urmeG guurGs Zere culleG Whe "GolGen
MLlLWLu" unG Whe\ Zore Whe s\mEol oI Whe
GouEle-heuGeG eugle
Upper RLghW - ImperLul SWunGurG oI Whe
HupsEurg AusWro-HungurLun EmpLre (1867-
1918 WhuW encompusseG AusWrLu, Hungur\,
CzechosloYukLu, SloYenLu, unG CrouWLu.
BeloZ LeIW - AusWrLun CouW oI Arms unGer

the HuSsEurglun relgn. $ rumSunt reG llon
cun Ee seen on the centrul shlelG.
Below Rlght - One of muny exumSles of the
Freemusonlc 'ouEle-HeuGeG Eugle wlth the
EgyStlun PyrumlG Crown SworG unG
numEer 33 slgnlfylng hlgh gruGe Musonlc
The 'ouEle-HeuGeG Eugle cun Ee seen
toGuy Sromlnently GlsSluyeG ut the Knlghts
TemSlur Puluce ln Jerusulem. It cun Ee seen
on TemSlur urchltecture ull over the lslunG of
Multu. The TemSlurs were unG remuln u
"Cuthollc" orgunlzutlon

Zlonlst MuGellne $lErlght - Wlth her $tonlst Eugle. The
$lErlght fumlly were unG ure lleutenunts of the Musonlc
$tonlsts sltuuteG ln LonGon unG New YorN. The term
"Neo-Con" ls slmSly u new term for $tonlst. No one ln the
Whlte House serves the true lnterests of the $merlcun
SeoSle. Oulte the contrury. They serve the royuls of
Brltuln unG EuroSe. (See urtlcle. WeuSons of Muss
'eceStlon FounG)

Musonlc 'egrees
Sturtlng wlth the 'rulGlc 3 levels. Note the EgyStlun
symEollsm - the SyrumlG (shuSeG llNe the letter "$") the
'rulGlc zoGlucul urch the "ComSuss unG Rule" of $ton
unG the sunrlse. The worG $ton uctuully refers to the
new sun ut the eustern horlzon.
The thlrty-three Gegrees ls EuseG on the 33 Gegrees thut
the sun ($ton) must Suss whlle reslGent ln one slgn of
the zoGluc. The worG Guy comes from Gyuus or Geus
meunlng "goG." $ gooG stuGent ls glven u "Gegree"
toGuy when he ls reuGy to serve the Musonlc goG -
$t GuyEreuN when thou urlsest on the horlzon When
thou shlnest us the $ton Ey Guy Thou Grlvest uwuy the
GurNness unG glvest thy ruys...
- The flrst llnes of the oSenlng verse from $Nhenuton's
"Hymn to $ten" thut ls the Eusls of the OlG Testument's
Song of Solomon

Sulnt PutrlcN - EurneG whole
llErurles uSon hls urrlvul ln
IrelunG. $n ugent he wus llNe
St. ColumEu sent to ellmlnute
the 'rulGs so thut few woulG
truce the orlglns of the worlG's
eGucutors - the Irlsh ($ryuns)

Musonlc 'egrees - Eeur "HeErew" tltles. Hlgher
Gegrees Eeur tugs such us "SuEllme Prlnce of the Royul
Secret" "Knlght of the Sun" "GrunG Pontlff" "Prlnce
of the TuEernucle" "Knlght CommunGer of the
TemSle" Knlght of St. $nGrew (InGru) etc. $s we
show these terms ure EgyStlun ln orlgln. (Our worN ls
the flrst to reveul the true orlglns unG SurSose of
Freemusonry). The "G" stunGs for Guonlm - the elltes
of the $tonlsts. The lower cuse "g" ls u slgll for the
serSent unG the NnowleGge SreserveG Ey memEers of

The Musons - NeeSers of the
"Royul Secret" - thut we
emShuslze hus to Go wlth the
survlvul unG ugenGu of the
reneguGe "Cult of $ton." They
ure the urchlvlsts of the unclent
'rulGlc NnowleGge thut
emSowers the "InltluteG"
lnsteuG of servlng munNlnG
the unclent 'rugon BlooGllne

)or reusons unG motlYes not \et too cleur, the ceremonles, IestlYltles unG clt\ monXments ussocluteG Zlth the
էslsterը Amerlcun unG )rench ReYolXtlons Glsplu\ Musonlc lGeus unG lmuger\ unGղure heuYll\ tlngeG Zlth
էEg\ptlunը connotutlons unG s\mbols - Gruhum HuncocN unG Robert BuXYul (Tullsmun)

AboYe. BXcNlnghum Puluce Irom the ulr. An
Eg\ptlun p\rumlGlcul lu\oXt, sume us ut Wushlngton
'C, unG ut Purls, etc. Atonlsts llNe to remember the
gooG ol' Gu\s unG so GeslgneG neZ cltles us u "neZ
Eg\pt" to repluce the one the\ lost long ugo. Thelrs
ls the NeZ WorlG OrGer

The cout oI urms Ior the so-culleG Corporutlon oI

The Emblem oI the UnlteG Stutes oI EXrope. The
IumoXs 12 sturs uguln. The stur, Zus un unclent term
Genotlng un Essene Muster. Orlglnull\, u 'rXlGlc
motlI, lt ls XseG to Genote the OCCULT nutXre oI the
prlnclple qXorXm operutlng behlnG the obYloXs seuts
oI poZer unG rellglon
The BrXssels heuGqXurters oI the EU ls on the 13th
)loor oI the bXllGlng hoXslng lts preslGent unG hls
stuII (stuIIstunGurG). The nXmber 13 ls the clpher Ior
ANhenuton unG hls CXlt (cllcN here)
The Amerlcun Trlluterul ("Trl") Commlsslon unG
CoXncll on )orelgn Relutlons ure tZo mu|or IllXmlnutl
encluYes. The\ ure IXnGeG unG operuteG b\ Zu\ oI
LonGon unG the Musonlc OrGer. The s\mbollsm the\
emplo\ betru\s the nutXre oI thelr ugenGus unG oI
thelr trXe musters.
LonGon. Note the TemSlur reG cross unG twln


ITN - These letters ure un
ulternutlve sSelllng for the
EgyStlun $tn or $ton. Thls ls the
muln lnGeSenGent news ln
EnglunG. The nume $Nhenuton ls
ulso often renGereG INnuton Ey
some wrlters unG llngulsts

The Bohemlun CluE - Ellte memEers of
thls secret orGer (thut lncluGes most US
SreslGents) meet ut u tlme when the sun
($ton) ls ut lts hlghest Solnt Gurlng the
yeur - ut the summer solstlce - June
21st. The summer solstlce wus uGoSteG
Ey Hltler unG hls Nuzls us thelr most
lmSortunt Guy of rltuul unG celeErutlon. It
wus the most sucreG Guy ln the Nuzl

There ure 21 oEellsNs stunGlng on the Slunet Eurth. There ure
Eut flve ln EgySt. Thlrteen ure ln Rome. These oEellsNs stunG
Ney geomuntlc Sosltlons. Rome us well us muny other western
cltles of Sower ls llttereG wlth EgyStlun (unG Irlsh) occult
symEols unG urtlfucts. From the oEellsNs columns unG the
fountulns of Glun Lorenzo Bernlnl the SyrumlGs of RuShuel
unG the Sugun mystery school motlfs of other Renulssunce
musters the $tonlst creutlon unG Gomlnutlon of the Vutlcun
unG of the mu|or secret socletles cun Ee uscertulneG.
The Vutlcun reslGes on the former temSle slte of the Romun
Sun goG Mlthrus. The unclent OEellsN Shulllc symEol ln St.
Peter's Squure wus Erought to Rome from HelloSolls (GreeN
for Bethshemesh) Ey u Romun EmSeror muny centurles
Eefore Jesus Chrlst llveG unG Eefore Chrlstlunlty - Zenlth
Hurrls Merrlll (Romun Cuthollclsm)

M\sHOI - (ExRdXs 19.4)

uQd sWrLpHs ($mHrLcu) urH OLWHruOO\ u sKLHOd IRr WKH EuJOH, WKuW Ls
TKH mRWWR E POXrLbXs UQXm - "FrRm WKH MuQ\ - OQH" - Ls u cOHur
RI WKH p\rumLd, uOsR sHHQ RQ WKH $mHrLcuQ RQH-dROOur bLOO. TKH
sWur Ls QRW "JXduLc" LQ WKH sHQsH OHurQHd uQd uccHpWHd WRdu\. IW Ls
IucHs OHIW, WKuW rHprHsHQWs WKH pusW, Rr WKH KLsWRr\ WKuW Kus bHHQ
bHIRrH. TKH WHrm "SWur" Zus XsHd LQ WKH HurOLHsW WLmHs b\ Kurd-
TKH\ ZHrH mHrHO\ WrLbuO Rr cOuQ OHudHrs LQ OLQH IrRm "'uYLd." TKH

The Coat of Arms of the House of
Related to the House of Orange, they
were funders and promoters of the
Rothschild Dynasty. The colors red,
white, blue and black are of the
Temple of Solomon (Sol-Aton)

The Cout of $rms of the RothschllG
BunNlng Fumlly
(ComSure thls GluGem wlth the Royul $rms
of EnglunG feutureG uEove)

They RothschllGs - ure not of royul
ElooG Eut huve serveG the Venetlun
unG Hunoverlun royuls from whom
thelr Sower Gerlves. $Eove hls Goor
$mschel Muyer RothschllG GlsSluyeG
the Sun Eugle of $ton wlth flve
urrows ln lts cluws u neur lGentlcul
symEol to thut now founG on the US
one-Gollur Elll.

The Jesults - The ruElG movement of suSer-Cuthollcs orgunlzeG Ey rellglous zeulot Ignutlus Loyolu who huve Eeen
lGentlfleG us the controllers EehlnG the Bush 'ynusty unG who control the US Government ure themselves llNe the
Freemusons merely lleutenunts of the Cult of $ton. (CllcN here to leurn more uEout the Jesult hlstory unG ugenGu)

Jesult Mother Church Rome.
IrelunG Eoth North unG South
llNe muny other countrles ls
totully unGer the control of the
Jesult OrGer. The Irlsh ure the
olGest clvlllzutlon on the eurth
unG long ugo thelr Irlsh 'rulGlc
culture wus Srevulent ull over the
worlG. Euch of these Eustlons
unG colleges of leurnlng were
GellEerutely GestroyeG. IrelunG
hus Eeen unGer the Jesult grlS
ever slnce lts full

Jesult Logo - wlth $tonlst sun-
wheel. IHS wus orlglnully the
lnslgnlu for Bucchus (Esus).
The SoSe hus from the lnceStlon of
the Romun Church Eeen referreG to
us Servus Servorurm 'el - "Servunt
of the Servunts of GoG"
On the SoSe's mlter ls the Lutln
motto Vlcurlus )llll 'el thut meuns
"Vlcur for the Son of GoG."
Numerologlcully thls Shruse totuls
666. Vlcurlus equuls 112, )llll
equuls 53, unG 'el equuls 501.

Jesult orGlnutlon - The UnlteG Stutes of $merlcu
ure not controlleG from the Whlte House us most
SeoSle Eelleve Eut from the Jesult Georgetown
Unlverslty thut overlooNs Wushlngton 'C. It ls the
"BlucN" SoSes (CurGlnul )runcls SSellmun unG
Huns KolvenEuch) who glve the SreslGent hls
orGers. The Jesults were exSungeG from muny
countrles of the worlG ut Glfferent tlmes. Thelr
secrecy ls for u reuson. The college's motto ls
"Both unG One" (meunlng Three). $ SyrumlG wlth
un eye unG emlttlng solur ruys cun Ee seen uEove
the Goor of the olGest unG most Srestlglous Jesult
college - the Pontlflcul Gregorlun Unlverslty ln

The Protocols ure not u
Jewlsh Munlfesto Eut un
$tonlst one

The Protocols of the ElGers of Zlon
Communlsm ls not Jewlsh Communlsm ls not Zlonlst Communlsm ls Jesult - Erlc John
$lthough muny Jews worN for unG serve the $tonlst EstuEllshment unG though muny worN
unG serve the Vutlcun unG the BlucN Venetluns the "consSlrucy" ugulnst freeGom unG ruce
unG truth ls not of Jewlsh orlglns. The "Jews" ure useG us Suwns for the Cult of $ton who
englneer unG huve englneereG the Glulectlc so thut Jews ln thelr Suy uSSeur to Ee ut the
helm. They ure the SroverElul "reG herrlng." However the fuct ls thut the suGlsts emSloyeG
Ey the EstuEllshment come ln ull sorts - Gentlles Jews $frlcun unG ull the rest. $ Jew ls
often confuseG for u Zlonlst unG the Zlonlst Nnows the Glfference. The mu|orlty of Jews ure
converts to the rellglon of JuGulsm thut ls EgyStlun ln orlgln. Most Jews Go not Nnow thls.
Most Jews ure not Semltlc so the stlgmu of $ntl-Semltlsm ls most often mlsuSSlleG.
One of the Gevlces useG Ey the Jesult-$tonlst EstuEllshment to focus uttentlon uwuy from
themselves unG towurG the comSllclt Zlonlst fuctlons ln thelr emSloy wus the worN Nnown
us "The Protocols of the ElGers of Zlon." Thls EooN llNe the very TulmuG ltself ls lnGeeG
uuthoreG Ey the "ElGers of Zlon" ulthough not the ones most SeoSle who Nnow of the
strunge text Eelleve. The SuEllcutlon hus Gone lts worN Serfectly to set one slGe ugulnst the
other ln un entertulnlng fuux confllct to those urchltects who en|oy the sSectucle of
mlslnformutlon unG lgnorunce.

The BlEllcul Klng Suul - throws hls |uvelln.
The flctlve Suul ls u mythogruSh for SOL -
the sun.
He wus u non-ElogruShlcul Sersonlflcutlon
of the chlefs of the Cult of $ton the reul
quorum EehlnG the Throne of JuGuh
(YuhuG) unG the "'uvlGs"
$GGltlonully thls feut of |uvelln-throwlng
or uxe-wlelGlng ls u stunGurG of most Sun-
Heroes such us Thor OGln Lugh Horus
$rthur InGru $r|unu unG Hector etc.

Moses - (Gruwer of the wuters) - u
nume thut lmSlles the moon ls u
flctlve front for the conceuleG Solur
Sersonullty - ln other worGs -

Moon (the Mlrror) Sun (the Fuce)
Munetho stutes thut Moses recelveG hls Srlestly eGucutlon unG leurneG ull the wlsGom of the EgyStluns ln the
clty of HelloSolls ln the 'eltu the BlEllcul clty of On...the House of the Sun - GoGfrey Hlgglns

The BlEle - BooN of the Phuruohs
Jews Eelleve unG stute oSenly thut Moses wus the uuthor of the
HeErew Toruh (the flrst flve EooNs of the OlG Testument). He ls ulso
Nnown to Ee the Glssemlnutor of the hlGGen Orul TruGltlon thut
eventuully lnsSlreG the BuEylonlun TulmuG. But us the greut
SlgmunG FreuG SolnteG out unG us we re-ussert - MOSES W$6
$KHEN$TON - the BlEle ls not u Jewlsh tome Eut un EgyStlun
one. Thls ls the greut secret thut hus Eeen NeSt from humunNlnG for
so long. The generutlons of ulterutlon unG re-eGltlng Ey JoseShus
unG Bucon unG others hus merely usslsteG ln thls truth Eelng NeSt
hlGGen. But when we unGerstunG the true lGentlty of thls Moses we
unGerstunG ulso the true uuthors of the BlEle. Thls ls the reul reuson
why BlEles cun Ee founG on Musonlc ulturs. It ls not Eecuuse
Musons ure Chrlstluns Eut Eecuuse they ure $tonlsts us ure ull
Chrlstluns unG Jews regurGless of whut fulse notlons the Vutlcun
sSln-Goctors huve connlveG unG enforceG.

On one level the ElEle worNs us u secret ElogruShy of lts uuthors. Its muny lllustrlous churucters ure cleverly concelveG
mythogruShs or flctlve Gevlces for the chlef Glgnlturles of the "Holy Fumlly" of $Nhenuton - the one cust out - unG
unuEle to flnG u Sluce to rest hls heuG (CuSstone). The Srollferutlon of EgyStlun solur unG stellur symEollsm wlthln lts
text cun now Ee fully exSlulneG glven thut lts true uuthors stunG exSoseG us EgySt's "BroNen Klngs" of olG. Thelr goG
wus $ton the llght the sun the force |uGglng unG looNlng Gown on ull from the "heuvens." "Our Futher who urt ln
heuven." $ton wus the young sun ut the horlzon. The olG Chrlstlun worG for Sruyer wus orlzon - wlth the sume meunlng.
Chrlstlunlty wus fushloneG us u reSlucement for TulmuGlc JuGulsm thut woulG contlnue to oSerute ln secrecy EehlnG the
wulls of Freemusonlc loGges unG so-culleG "InvlslEle Colleges." The trull of the Sust of the Gescent through tlme of
$Nhenuton unG hls Cult huG to Ee conceuleG unG Mosulc JuGulsm offereG lmSerfect cover. It wus u lluElllty slnce u
close reuGlng of the JuGulc rellglon eventuully exSoses lts EgyStlun roots. Chrlst woulG Ee from u heuvenly reulm fur
uEove conflnes of the worlG. He woulG re|ect the Phurlsees unG they woulG re|ect unG conGemn hlm. Chrlst woulG Ee
ucceSteG Ey the Gentlle nutlons of the west unG ull woulG Ee well. $ new church for u new uge u new Goctrlne to Ee
forceG on the western worlG Ey holy EmSerors. No more Toruh or TulmuG unG Eurely u mentlon of EgySt. When the
Puullne "Chrlst" uSSurently re|ects the OlG Testument luws the wuy wus oSeneG for u EreuNuwuy rellglon wlth new
converts unG uGherents. $s tlme SusseG unG us men got on wlth thelr new rellglon the cunnlng Levltlcul musters of the
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