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Chip Seng Heng Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CSH) has been providing
transportation and logistics-related solutions to leading construction
companies and real estate developers since 1990. With a fleet of
over 170 trucks, well-trained drivers and a solid support team,
combined with more than 25 years of experience, CSH offers yearround freight services, transporting various goods, ranging from raw
materials, and many more. Our aim is to ensure that every load of
goods from our clients reaches its designated destination promptly
and safely.
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Suggested Slogans for Image Slider on Homepage

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A) Your Most Reliable Driving Force!
B) Convenient, Fast & Secured Freight Services!
C) Taking Care of Your Freight & Logistics Needs
Anytime, Anywhere!
D) Your All-Inclusive Freight & Logistics Provider!

Our Story
It all got started with a small leap
Groomed with more than 8 years of working experience in the
logistics industry, the Founder of CSH, Tan Yow Hua, who used to be
popularly known among his clients and peers in the logistic industry
in Ipoh as Lorry Tan during the first few years he kick-started his
transportation business. He is well-known among his peers and
customers for his commitment and helpfulness. Tan strongly
believes that a person who has the intention and willingness to help
others to achieve success will also succeed in life.
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CSH Web Content

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In addition, Lorry Tan is also actively involved in the Association of

Malaysian Hauliers . In a nutshell, he delivers
what he promises; a trait that help him gained a good reputation
within the transportation industry. With years of practical experience
in providing transportation services, Tan has decided to make use of
his skills and experience in the logistics industry to set up his own
transportation company. It is with this notion of taking a small leap
forward, Chip Seng Heng Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CSH) was
established in 1990.
Literally in Chinese the companys name, (Chip Seng
Heng) means to be prompt, to succeed and to flourish. Based in a
rented office on the first floor of shop lots located in Jalan Kuala
Kangsar, Ipoh, Tan has kick-started with five used trucks, two
administrative clerks and five truck drivers.
Although it was a humble beginning, the Founder of CSH strongly
believes that prompt and quality services are the key to grow his
transportation business. And indeed, with continuous effort of
providing prompt and quality services to his clientele, he managed
to established CSH reputation and expand his construction material
transportation business in the northern region of Malaysia, at a
much faster pace.
A Remarkable Milestone of CSH
Like any other businesses, CSH had its owns fair share of ups and








determination and continuous efforts plus solid teamwork of CSH

staff, CSH managed to continue sustaining its business even during
economic recession at the end of 1990s. While others tend to be
conservative during the recession years, Founder of CSH, Tan Yow
Hua, saw opportunity and was willing to take risks.
As a result of his persistence and brave move, CSH successfully
acquired a 3-year contract of a petrol station construction project in
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CSH Web Content

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Malacca, and this project has helped CSH made a breakthrough in

its transportation business by acquiring the construction material
transportation for one of the Petronas Twin Towers project. Such
progress has enabled CSH to gain its reputation among other
construction related industries.
This has marked a remarkable milestone in the development of CSH
which enables it to take its business to a greater height,
subsequently acquiring the construction material transportation
contracts for other major projects such as the first Penang
Bridge, Kuala Lumpur Tower, new Low Cost Carrier Terminal
(LCCT) of KLIA 2, and so forth. Following its business expansion,
today, the headquarters of CSH is relocated in IGB, Ipoh, and two of
its branches were established in Westport and Prai, Penang. From
CSH humble beginning with five used trucks, today, CSH owns more
than 170 trucks with hundreds of staff.
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Our Vision








collaboration, innovation and e-commerce, extending its logistics

services across Southeast Asia.

Our Mission
To provide zero-defect and on-time delivery services to our clients at
all times.
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What makes us outstanding?

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Reliable & Prompt Delivery

Equipped with more than 170 trucks, reliable drivers, and GPS
vehicle tracking and speed monitoring system, rest assured that
your cargo arrives at the designated destination on time and intact,
ensuring all your regional and long-haul needs are met. It is part of
how we can achieve a 100% on-time delivery.
Handling Your Urgent Transportation Needs
With such solid support team, well-trained drivers and more than
170 trucks, we are able handle large volume of delivery at all times,
including handling special urgent cases. Our trucks and drivers are
readily available at all times which can reduce your turnaround time
and ensure faster delivery of your cargo. In addition, we also own a
workshop equipped with skilled technical workers who can help








regardless of their location, ensuring that your cargo arrives ontime.

Safety Comes First!
If products are part of the most important source of profit generation
of your business, a good reputation is even more so. This is why we
pay extra emphasis on road safety management including providing
periodical safety trainings to our drivers in order to ensure that the
materials and products from your products can safely reach their
designated destination on time, enabling your company to keep a
good reputation amongst your clients for continuous business
Synergy Effects!
Although there rivalry among transportation companies in Ipoh is
inevitable, CSH looks at it differently. Instead of competing with one
another, CSH strongly believes in synergy effects. In short, CSH
always look for ways to collaborate with other transportation and
logistics companies to create a win-win situation and co-exist. By
leveraging the strengths of each other, CSH managed to further
grow and expand its transportation business.
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What We Do














warehouse services, stockpile management, and general cargo and

industrial logistics.
Warehouse Services
CSH is equipped with professional capabilities to meet any of your
warehousing needs. For many years, we have helped numerous
clients to manage their warehouse. We provide extra services such
as loading and unloading of goods from trucks to our warehouse
with a fleet of readily available forklifts, as well as periodical stock
check with our advanced warehouse management system. With our
comprehensive warehouse services and effective management
system, rest assured that your logistics needs are well taken care of,
so that you can focus on growing your business, instead of worrying
about logistics hassles.
Stockpile Management







maintaining the smooth running of works in the construction site. As

an operator with over 20 years of experience in stockpile
management, we ensure that our staff are well-trained and pay
extra attention to ensure suitable operating procedures are in place
for the safe operation of tips and stockpiles. From the arrival of
shipment of stockpiles at the depot, we will ensure that different
grades of stockpiles are properly tipped and well-organized, so that
these stockpiles could be delivered to the construction site or their
designated destination promptly.
General Cargo (put this under Our Services replacing
Industrial Logistics sub-menu)
Regardless of your business size and scale, CSH offers you yearround freight services, transporting various goods, ranging from raw
materials, solid bulk and many more. With various types of trucks
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such as general cargo truck, bulk tanker, back tipper, side tipper
and curtain-side trailers, we aim to ensure that every load of your
products reaches its designated destination promptly and safely
with competitive freight rates.
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Our Trucks (refer bottom section of CSH website)
Industrial Logistics (move to About us)
When it comes to industrial logistics, CSH offers production support
and industrial sector support ranging from services that links to the
physical movement of goods from plant to customers through
warehouse management and providing inventory control and
warehouse space, handling vehicle routing and transportation
concerns, as well as offering transportation or freight services to
industrial parks.

Our Projects
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to highlight for each project below]

First Penang Bridge

Kuala Lumpur Tower (Remove this) Cayden please


The New Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of KLIA 2

Petronas KLCC Twin Towers

Whats Next?
Stepping onto New Grounds!
To ensure continuous growth and expansion, CSH has plan to
venture into other related areas such as sourcing and trading of
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CSH Web Content

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construction minerals such as limestone, quarry dust, dolomite and

so forth. In addition, CSH also plans to venture into providing
transportation services to e-commerce vendors.

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