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Conic Acknowledgment of the ‘Code of Ethics’ policy Dear colleague, Welcome to Qatar Airways! The ‘Code of Ethics’ policy outlines the standards and principles that Qatar Airways has adopted to ensure honest and ethical business conduct Asa staff member of Qatar Airways Group, you are required to be aware of the content of the policy and comply with its business, ethical and legal standards Please go through the ‘Code of Ethics’ policy, fill in the below acknowledgement and hand over the signed document to your recruitment coordinator In the event that you have any queries, please get in touch with your line manager. All the best! The HR Policies Team Name: Mohamnna Kahied Mohammed Sadia, thorny Staff number: AA 248616 Department: Date: 2ifor[rert | acknowledge that | have read and understood the ‘Code of Ethics’ polic hical and legal standards and principles | agree to comply with the busine: outlined in the policy signature: pois, Conflict of Interest Declaration QATAR "Pigas0 prt Book Telers Name: VioHammeb Zatiep CHORD StaffNo. _19 21 3646 Fiat Name 1 aarnane Felner ensae Job Title: STORES PSscmaleR LeveLa Department 1: Yes, | confirm that | have read, and acknowledge, the OR Code of Ethics Policy (HR - POL12) [Z1: Yes, | confirm that | don't have any Contfict of interest for Declaration | dectare the below Conflict of Interest: Cor for Declaration @ seit Co : Rel Flaase spec TaRTBTSAE 1: Others (Piease specity) ‘Explanation Sa ie Tera hero te Ou reo cht nae a a es mee pei st ana eer ee ah Ls a re ae | fate ae a a ies am ah ee wade Sscptnary acton, (err Name: _Hokompup Awe CHORUAY x! Fathom Tost oe Saat and date if necessary, to be escalated tothe next authorised level ie! Comments gain ante [ea Recruiter (nen cei deciare by a ‘ena Line Manager oO Department Head ° a HR Division 4 Committee (COE) Wola Tobe keptin employes fie \When actual or potential Coofict of Interest arises the Employes must submit the declaration form, cu filed, to te} Line Manager Jining candidates to submit he form to Recnilr. These declarations are also to be reviewed by the Departrient Hea and respective HR Business Support Manager.