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pork + chive: pork, chive, black vinegar and ginger broth (5pcs) $9
oxtail: braised oxtail, squash, onions, parmesan lace (5pcs) $9
kimchi: kimchi, glass noodle, cabbage, pork (5pcs) $9

straight a student: whiskey, root, becherovka,

cocchi americano, orange bitters $9



budae jigae army stew: hot dog, spam, ramen noodles,

tofu, kimchi, rice cake, cheese $13

miller high life $3

hite, korean lager $5
orion, japanese lager $5
fort george 1811 lager, or $5



ddukboki: rice cake, bulgolgi, peppers and onions $7

soondae: korean style blood sausage, chili salt $7
korean fried chicken: 3 wings, gochujang and tamarind paste $7

melon bar


20% service fee will be added to parties of 6 or more

*consuming raw or undercooked foods, may increase your risk of foodborne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions


future engineer: makgeolli, ginger, asian pear, apple,

jujube, meyer lemon, honey $9

sujaebi: hand torn noodle, beef and anchovy broth, potatoes

cooked in marrow and (optional: chili paste) $11



freshman year: vodka, yogorutu, san pellegrino aranciata


kalgooksu: hand cut wheat noodles, egg drop,

chicken broth, poached chicken, scallion soy dressing, nori

tiger mom: gin, apple, lillet, lime

house white $6 | glass

oloroso cruz del mar sherry $11|26
jean-louis denois classique brut languedoc-roussillon, france $12|46
les terres blanches anjou demon cabernet franc, france 2015 $12|46


yobo soju, ny, shot $7

non alc $3

topo chico | mexican coke | san pellegrino (aranciata | aranciata rossa)