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Samantha Aune

Critical Thinking Lesson Plan for Grade 12 ELA

What: Theme/Topic/Big Question for Unit

Big Brother is watching you
Why are we ok with that?
Dystopia, Censorship, Conformity, Ignorance
Why: Goals/Purposes
Inform, promote active awareness, initiative, empowerment

Questions to deepen understanding:

What information do we give away?
What is your limit?
How are we monitored? What is achieved?
Do you trust the government?
Do you feel safe?
Do we still have privacy?
What can we do about it?

Resources/Sources/Text Set: Terms and Conditions document for Apple or Google, app access lists on Google
Play, 1984 by George Orwell, excerpt from Harry Potter and
the Deathly Hallows, articles on government monitoring

Activate:Have the students read
Deathly Hallows aloud as a group.
Have them discuss the relevance it
has for them.

Focus for Teaching and Learning:

Through reading of articles and
having group discussion on
everything read, the following will be
part of the process:

Acquire: Explain that this excerpts

concern with surveillance is real in
today's world. Have them create a
list of information that they
commonly surrender when they want
to do something on the internet.
Then give each group a different
article to read and break down for
the class.

- Critical thinking.
- Access, use, build schema.
- Use a variety of strategies.
- Be aware and articulate ways of
sense making.
- Recognize, apply, and adapt rules
and conventions.
- Identify, analyze, and apply
- Interpret and integrate information.
- Manage information and ideas.
-Problem solve.
-Interrogate inequities and bias.
- Investigate moral and ethical
-Create actions, alternatives and

Apply: Discussion time. Debate what

is right in this context and what they
think is too far.

Unit: Critical Thinking
Lesson: Critical Thinking Through the Lense of

Closing: Reiterate what was taught

and explain that it will play a large
part in the study of 1984 coming up.

Assessment and Evidence of

This will not be formally assessed. It
is discussion based and therefore, I
am looking to make sure that
everyone is contributing to the
conversation and what they say
makes sense. (FOR)
Maybe give them an exit slip that
they can fill out about their personal
views, whether they think they will
change the way they approach the
internet, etc. (AS)

The Next Step:

This will lead up to the novel study of Orwells 1984, including how surveillance can contribute to dystopian societies
and continuous ignorance of those societies (ie Katherine Albrecht, what happens if we dont do something).