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DeGrooth 1

Julia DeGrooth

Word Count: 1002

Mrs. Oliveira
29 November 2016
College Writing
Keys To Success
From a young age, most children aspires to be wealthy and successful. To be happy and
satisfied, surely one has to discover what generates bliss. Such desires help one achieve success
in regards to relationships, strong families, and social agendas. Satisfying these desires holds
great meaning in Mr. Burrs life.
Kevin Michael Burr had a difficult childhood compared to his peers. His mother worked
odd jobs to make ends meet. His father however, abandoned his family at the age of eight. Their
newly defined nuclear family forced him to work harder in hopes that one day he could have a
different life than the one he grew up with. Although born with little to nothing, he was proud of
what he had. His mother instilled life lessons, teaching him great morals. Such morals helped
him shape the rest of his life.
Throughout high school, Mr. Burr had a difficult time fitting in. He and his brother
would be two of the select few to bring in their own bagged lunch, while the rest of their friends
and classmates bought hot lunch. The two had the opportunity to receive free lunch, but their
proud mother would not allow them to accept it. Handing in a bright orange paper would declare
their financial state to the entire lunch room. Because of their homelife, a nickname was made
for the two boys; becoming the brown bagged fags(Burr). It may have seemed funny to others
back then, but such profanity enabled Mr. Burr to be that much more successful in his future.

DeGrooth 2
Stop complaining and just work harder Mr. Burr asserts (Burr). One of the many quotes
from Mr. Burr. His best attribute: determination. Going to college for engineering, he later
became employed in Milford, Connecticut. Here he used his technical degree and worked
extensive hours, from 12pm to 8pm. These eight hour shifts allowed him to conserve enough
money so he could continue to apply for new managing positions until a worthy opportunity
arose. Before finding his existing job, he never gave up and never walked away from an
opportunity that allowed him to further his career to the level he is currently holding (Burr).
Today, he works as a manager for a chrome plating business in Providence. Chrome
plating puts a surrounding layer around metal to form a protective barrier so the product does not
rust. Being a manager of such a successful business, he deals with employees who do not have
the same goals or mindset as he, which can make the job a daunting task. This can become a
challenge as the employees tend to have altering ideals than Mr. Burr. Although raised
differently, he believes no one will achieve success without working hard. Thus, people who do
not exceed expectations and work genuinely to the best of their ability in everything they do
aren't worth his time. According to Mr. Burr, in a moment when, you want something to be done
right, give it to the person that is already busy, because they already have that wavelength and
mindset, and thus complete the task properly(Burr). Optimistic remarks such as these, portray as
a hard-working man he proves to be.
Working to improve his company, Mr. Burr tends to spend long hours consisting of
tedious work loads that only a rare few dare to take on. Through the tiresome workload, he finds
a thrill when he meets a goal and achieves great and unprecedented heights for his company; not
just for the money, but for the excitement of achieving. Mr. Burr contributes countless attributes
which brings forth success in his company. Some of these characteristics include the use of

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systemic thinking to challenge his employees as well as himself daily. Additionally, he strives for
only the best work in every task he is assigned. These traits which Mr. Burr consumes results in a
successful company and career.
No matter that he success in his business brings him great financial security, he has raised
his family with similar morals that he exhibited throughout his life. Jackie, Michaela and Randi,
Mr. Burr three children, who as a father puts his family first. He teaches his children the same
morals taught to him by his mother. All of his well-mannered, athletic, and academically inclined
children, demonstrate how his hard work reflects onto his daughters. He instilled in his children
the importance of work ethic, determination, and never asking for anything for free (Burr). His
wife, Amanda Burr, even follows the same attributes as he, living within their means, not
having any debt, and making sure you pay for only what you need (Burr). The intellectual
adults share a committed and respectful relationship where they create strong role models for the
people who matter the most: their children.
All of humankind desires success, but only a select few can manage the task. Mr. Burr is
one of those men, who unlike many, can accomplish his dreams. Being happy and proud of who
he is holds more importance in life than any check. Mr. Burr uses his life lessons, morals, and
education to be the best person he can be. In fact, Mr. Burr compares himself to no one, saying
that he does what comes naturally and follows his own path, and following his own path is
surely what he does (Burr). By knowing his life goals, he stays true to himself, resulting in a
successful life and career. (Society may not have the same mentality nor childhood as Mr. Burr,
but the one thing humanity shares, is the ability to work hard, only if an individual challenges
themselves hard enough.) Along these lines, Mr. Burr continuously challenges himself. Recently
he decided to try to buy his current company. With this business decision, Mr. Burr hopes to

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influence the company by imparting his moral code and work ethic to his workers. This large
step in not only Mr. Burrs life, but in his family's, and employees. Given Mr. Burrs prestigious
attitude, he will likely leave all of the people in his life, touched by his dedication to be his best

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